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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

HERE IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Yup, I agree! Thats what I would say, maybe 86-1.17. Thats to start (just a guess) and it will slowly go up. Heck it could come out like adam was saying and be under .50

Adam didn't say 50 cents! He said 10-30 cents and has always thought it will come out low and build. I wholeheartedly agree with him. Whether or not we can hold on to our dinars during the rise will be the big question, but as smee said, "we can sell, and buy the new revalued/redenominated dinar and ride it up" (paraphrased).

These people with pie in the sky ideas of an instant rv over a few bucks are dreamering. It will never happen that way! I wish it would too, but not likely. We will make a tidy profit here, but instant multi-millionaires, I don't think so. Not unless you own tens of millions of dinar!

The big money making will come when we start to invest our new found wealth. That will be a much better ride than this one has been! If you are just going to go off and blow your cash on boats and cars right away, you'll be poor and selling them off in just a few years. The rich don't stay rich without proper investments and spending habbits! Whether rich or poor, a budget is always key to keeping your head above water!

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Nope sorry this isn't happening right now... I know for a fact that the Iraqi Gov't isn't even taking their dinar.. At the borders of Kuwait and Iraq, every semi hauling goods into Iraq from Kuwait use to pay with the dinar,, they use to pay 25000 dinar to get into Iraq it is a fee just like the fee the Iraqi Gov't charges the contractors to get into the country..,,.. But now the Iraqi Gov't is not taking the dinar instead they are only taking $100.00.... So what I am thinking is that we are a long long ways from this RV

Neg me all you want but the truth is the truth.. If the truth hurts and you don't like the truth..I suggest you keep on reading the BS that these guru's push your way..

but still

Go Rv

God Bless America

So somebody gave me a negative for this.. I don't mind my positive to negative ratio is on the positive side.

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I'm soooo excited for NEXT Friday! The rate will be 1,589.98 pegged to your anus. And that's a lot!!!

Obscenely off topic:

Alex, without saying too much, i'm proud to see a person of your stature, someone of notability is in this investment along with us common give me hope! Ok, that was a little gh ey, but i get kinda star struck when i read your posts

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Obscenely off topic:

Alex, without saying too much, i'm proud to see a person of your stature, someone of notability is in this investment along with us common give me hope! Ok, that was a little gh ey, but i get kinda star struck when i read your posts

B) I'm a common man with BIG dreams! :D Plus 1 for uuuuuuuuuuu!!!

Donny - check out this episode - it's a good one ;)

The King of Queens

Eddie Money (#4.23)

Mon. Oct. 3 6:00 PM on MyNetwork

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found this on another site.

WOOOOOOOOOOOOO TMonday states the rate is $8.47 CONFIRMED SEEN ON BANK DOCS = It is pegged to the GBP -The hold up was with Kuwait due to the rate being so much higher than theirs and they did have the argument with the IMF and they wanted their rate to come up to this rate- when this does take place do not be surprised if the Kuwait Dinar will come up to the $6 - $7 range for the Kuwait Dinar - All major banks and CEO's have gotten this and the banks are to start RVing tomorrow -

BGG says I am not going to argue with this I thought it would be lower and its shocking for me but I will be wrong anytime and be happy I am wrong - So I am so appreciated that you came on the call with the Erbil agreement announcemnt confirmation and your RATE and BANK info that is confirmed...

TMoney says that this will take place tomorrow and if not this will be ready for us on Monday -this is all a go now completely... ALL this is confirmed...

Poppy2 says that he is confirming that the Erbil is finished and sent for publication. BGG says TMoney and when we met long ago he has always been a NON believer - and NOW with what he has found out today - HE IS A REAL BELIEVER as he has seen this with his own eyes now...This is real and complete now

US MILITARY 13 million dollars of equipment is now going to stay in Iraq and the US Military is fixing to pull out - Tmoney thanks so much for you info.

Poppy2 says YES I agree on Erbil Agreement 3 hours ago and the Kurds were this this AM and it was approved and the Gazette will show this when they print i t- it is in the hands of the Gazette- and the money is moving the last 3 days the paid 3 billion dollars on F16 fighters and their budget was based on a lot more money than what they were showing... We will see this RV at any time

Poppy2 States - they were going to announce this last Tuesday and the assassination over there on Monday held up the announcement and they bury dead in 24 hours then they got back on Track and its all done and ERBIL is out of the way done now and the HCL is not holding up the RV ever and they had one since 2004 and only amendments were added so that did not hold up the RV - I say we will see this starting tomorrow up to Tuesday of next week -

Poppy2 states Remember Ali and Bill and Dusty in your prayers and we want to keep them in mind...

SimplySaid on call states - heard for last 10 days 2 weeks that the rate was locked in and not changing and it formerly was bouncing and went into a locked mode just on the last day or two and we felt it would go live and yesterday our bank source was at the main corporate bank on Currency Exchanging meetings... She mentioned the rates of a window of what he THOUGHT it might be then this week we heard $4.40 but $8.47 is fine with me...

Mr. White heard from a friend today - A Wells Fargo Bank today with a bank manager and he inquired of the Iraq Dinar Swift Code for the CBI = and the Manager found the code - it is now online with FED RESERVE/UST and as of today you can wire money from the USA to the CBI in Iraq - and their Swift Code is CBI RIQBA and here is the Swift Code for Warka - WAIVIQBA and that means you can wire money to Warka and both are online with the FED RESERVE/UST - He also asked the WF Bank and the bank said no he was not cashing out the Dinar but the 5/3 Bank will be the clearing house - but we know they are a private bank with securities and commodities - (even tho we know Wells Fargo/Wachovia will be one of the main 4 to cash us out...

BGG states that the Kurds and M and S got together and it seemed they were dragging their feet. THEN this all got done and today is when all this news came in to confirm this...We have seen the articles late yesterday and today to confirm this - and those we needed to see... The Security ministries and the Erbil is most important - Shabibi is on his own time frame and that ERBIL was critical to him and the rest of the stuff can take place as normal GOV procedures - he guards the CBI reserves an the ERBIL is the main need for this RV to happen - and today they came to terms on the ministers and this will be sorted out as time goes on....

BGG states he has to say this - I have 3 scenarios about the RV etc best to worst case scenario- THIS RV COULD HAPPEN TODAY _ TONIGHT _ TOMORROW - the rate shocks me but this can happen anytime...all these announcements will be at one time... and the next stuff will come out in the news and not hidden on the tickers on the screens of our news - this COULD happen next week with an RV tagged to the ERBIL agreement - then there is a possibility that the Iraq has some division that can't be fixed but again it could take a month - at worst case scenario - BUT BUT WITH THIS NEWS COMING OUT TODAY I have to say I am excited about how this RV can happen anytime...

Lost part of the call -

DONNIE R - comes on the call and I am astounded with the INFO about this - THE INFO I am receiving that all is done and its all winding up and Erbil is done and going to be in the Gazette and finally this is it.... YES I am getting the same news we will see this. (Can't hear call good)

BGG says his site is nor for chat its an inquiry site for you to have as a portal in how the banks are going to treat you how - there is no motive in this new site = information purposes only...



Why does Poppy2 say to keep Ali, Bill and Dusty in your prayers????????????

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ok, so here, the thing........

I went to my bank this morning to pick up my Dinars, and do you know what the bank teller told me???????

She said...................Have a nice day!!! That means that she knows SOMETHING, right??

THEN, I went to the grocery store, tried to pay for my groceries with Dinars and they WOULDN'T TAKE THEM!! Wow! Now i KNOW something is up!

be patient, be kind and it will happen.

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More typical Thursday Friday BS from the pumpers to draw in some more cash. This one being targeted at those who get paid at the end of the month. :angry: Oh don't get me wrong, I would take 8 bucks any day but the realist in me says we are looking anywhere from a nickel to 80 cents. I would be extatic with anything over a buck. :rolleyes: Let us just hope I am the wrong one.

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