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Al-Maliki's Lawyer: Note the arrest of Al Saidi, cannot be challenged بدليلها and his immunity needs of the majority of the House of Representatives

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Al-Maliki's Lawyer: Note the arrest of Al Saidi, cannot be challenged بدليلها and his immunity needs of the majority of the House of Representatives

Ali Al tamimi -21/09/2011 ad-12: 20 | readers number: 130



The prime minister's lawyer confirmed the arrest warrant on the Sabah Al Saadi, "he could not appeal the case before the last," he pointed out that " the lifting of the legal immunity of Al-Saadi requires the approval of a majority of deputies present at the session of the House of Representatives, regardless of the."

Said Tariq war in a statement in the whole of Iraq [where] today, Wednesday, that " the prime minister, Nouri Al-Maliki, the judicial proceedings against the Sabah Al Saadi in his personal capacity and not public as prime minister has been the evidence is submitted to the court, the CD-ROM [CD], who spoke to Al Saidi, that the fate of Al-Maliki, the prime minister of the former regime of Saddam Hussein والفاظ on the other."

He added that " the court after he was briefed on all first والالفاظ, to inform the Complainant decided to issue a warrant arrest against Al Saidi, in accordance with the rule of law because the accusation of a crime which is one of the serious crimes have been the approach of the court, which, in turn, light of the House of Representatives to lift the legal immunity of deputy in accordance with article [63] of the constitution."

He said that war, "according to this article of the constitution would be a lifting the immunity of the Sabah Al Saadi with the consent of a majority of deputies present at the session at the vote if the number of attendees for example [200] Deputy, the [101] members will be enough to lift immunity and not by a majority of all the members of the parliament, but those of the session", indicating that " it is not possible appeal by the CD-ROM, which is that the deputy had made باتهاماته to the media as well as documented بالقرص."

He pointed out that "in case of not lifting the immunity, Mudzakir was to be carried out after the end of the session الانخابية in 2014, to become deputy complained to an ordinary citizen after the end of parliamentary capacity," noting that " the measures taken have been in accordance with the constitution and the provisions of the Code of Criminal Procedure Law in Iraq."

He added that "the deputy sabah Al Saadi a court review and self-defense وتوكيل a lawyer even without the approval of the lower house" and called for " a culture of apology and reconciliation among the components of the Iraqi people and the political class in the new Iraq."

The attorney was a coalition of the rule of law on الشلاه revealed the issuance of an arrest warrant against independent deputy, Sabah Al Saadi on charges of insulting the government without evidence.

الشلاه Said in a press conference held yesterday (Tuesday) in the House of Representatives and was attended by correspondent [where] that "the Supreme Council of the judiciary issued an arrest warrant against al Saidi, on charges of insulting the government and insults against the prime minister without providing evidence, pointing out that" the memo arrived today in the House of Representatives to take legal action against the Sabah Al Saadi."

الشلاه Added that " measures include lifting the immunity of Al-Saadi."

It is worth mentioning that the independent MP sabah Al Saadi had earlier accused Prime Minister nouri Al-Maliki of trying to fabricate corruption charges against the National Alliance, the representative of Ahmad Chalabi, the Iraqi list member, Gawad al bolani, as well as Al-Maliki described as a dictator, as he said Al-Saadi in a press conference he held on the background to the president of the integrity commission Rahim Al-Okaili his resignation that "the integrity commission rejected a request submitted by the ruling party to open corruption files up to deputy Ahmed Chalabi on commercial bank and another on the former interior minister, Gawad al bolani," he pointed out that " the ruling party insisted on the opening of the files, while not true."

He added that " Al-Maliki called on the integrity commission to submit his resignation, after the latter refused the opening of the two files." Ended

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