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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

You ask us to pray??

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Well, I do. Every day, and about everything!! Especially health.

Now, I do pray for this r/v, and the windfall that ""might"" be realized by those of us that have taken this risk.

I pray for the new wealth that may be created, every bit as much for those that I will be able to help. if in fact this comes to fruition.

One of my most desired goals is to sponsor my church in opening a homeless shelter,(and they don't even know it's my idea) only for those with "special needs", not for able bodied homeless that are in their situation simply for bad choices in life, but for those that never had an even chance, and never had a break.

Then' it will also be fun to hand random gifts of a car, or a trade school tuition or some such thing, to people one might barely know, but just a little help could make a big difference in thier lives.

I will probably give half of my after tax proceeds to these needy causes. I won't be rich, by most people's standards, but I am already rich in God and family and friends that love me.

Best of fortune to all of you. FT

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