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New puppy need name

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" TNT " Dynamite

Shyt Stain or Puddles for the first 12 weeks, after that you'll know their personality and can better name them.

How about Joshua it means Chosen One 'Joshua fought the battle of Jericho' lol or Gideon fought with only 300 men Fun times:D

I just named my new puppy Ellis.

Ha! That's my last name. A strong one too. Ellis island. Where my greatgrandfather arrived.

I was thinking others have mentioned...but when people ask why that's the name you chose--you might let the cat (or dog) out of the bag that you are a Dinararian. :)

*********Anyway--I say name him DEVGRU.**********{as in Seal Team 6)

Or "Tillman" (as in Soldier Pat Tillman) who gave up his NFL life to fight for our country & made the ultimate sacrifice. He was a machine!

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Still thinking about your little dog for which you would like a macho name. Idea ... just and idea ... name him a big dog name, like Doberman, Dobby for short. And when you go out to call the dog you holler out "Doberman, here Doberman!" And people look around to see this gigantic dog and woof woof here comes Dobby, all 6 pounds or so of him. hahaha ... well I thought it was funny.

(Had a neighbour when I was growing up who had a Doberman that was the biggest dog I had seen at that time, and we, our family that is, had a kennel club registered St. Bernard, So he was bigger than our St. Bernard (Bronco) and bigger than another neighbour's Great Pyranee (spelling?). Dogs ran free in those days and so here we had these three gigantic dogs cavorting about and what does another neighbour get but a Chihuahua ... about two pounds of bark.)

You could use any big dog name but I wouldn't name him Pit Bull ... Pit for short ... cause of their reputation. I know they can be good family dogs but here were I live we have had so many go brutal and attack kids.

I did like the Gulliver suggestion ... little in stature but big in attitude ... what other name would be like that? I am stuck now on this naming of the dog thing. You should have seen what I went through naming two cats at the same time. And I still don't care for the names they ended up with but, hey, they answer to them and they are good companions.

Oh, Oh ... old age, I just now remembered the real name of the little fluff ball my sister called Killer, it was Sissy ... very sissified and with a bow in her hair. hahahaha

Well, it is getting late and I am getting too silly so ... good luck. Think about the big dog name, I like that idea. :)


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OK heres another sorry if someone else came up with it but I didn't read all the suggestions. Since you seem to like the 44 mag. Name him magnum then depending on how hw grows into his name he could be 22 41 357 or 44 alot of growing potential there lol. Have fun with nameing him .

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