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ptr call today


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2:00pm time frame - PTR CALL TONY brings a caller on the

line with DAN as that left the call to confer with this caller - THEREFORE with DAN AND TONY on the line

together LIVE on this conference call, this guy states his name is TONY ALSO –

CALLER TONY states Direct source from Kuwait called in that the RV TOOK place

about 20 minutes ago and the rate is $4.41 and we should see this anytime with

cash out tomorrow- this was a FOLLOW UP call and HIS CONTACT IN KUWAIT said this

had RV’d at $4.41 ----and all banking institutions would be told today and we

should start cash in tomorrow - held off

from yesterday due to 911…Also spoke to Ali yesterday and within an hour or two

after the RV takes place the Santa Monica, Bakersfield and Tennessee offices

would be open and remaining offices open within a week…THIS IS WHAT WE GOT…

Just posting news from the call we all heard this man come

on the line. and TONY and DAN were in a 3 way with this source and they allowed

him to give this info LIVE ON THE CALL - but they want to verify this - so now

we all need to pray just like the other info in here the has been posted in the

past and they promised to verify this with everyone when they do…

who knows????

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Just thought I would drop you all a quick note.I am currently in Kuwait and am as anxious as anyone for the rv. After reading all these hopeful post the last 2 days,my co-workers and I decided to

stop at the local currency exchange and try our luck. We hoped that we would not be able to buy any more dinar but that was not the case. I purchased more dinar at the regular rate and so did fellow

workers. Maybe we will have better luck on Tues..

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