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1000 to 1 (In country RV)


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I was talking to a lebanese business man last night, we always touch bases on dinar news as it unfolds. He has family in Iraq and heavily invested in the NID. He tells me(in his own words) they take three zeros off everything you buy, you buy a loaf of bread for, say a 1000 fils you pay only 1 fil, people are very happy. I told him, looks like the purchasing power of the dinar has went up. he said yes I'm very pleased this has happened but I am waiting for it to reach here in the USA

Umm, unless your getting 999 Dinar back change from that loaf of bread....This is EXACTLY how they discribed the RD would happen....Things are priced in both the Old Dinar value of 1,000 dinar and the New Dinar value of 1 Dinar....and you can use either to purchase a product that costs that

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