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Dinar Banker is down?


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I may sound ignorant (been called worse) but is Dinar Banker different from the Dinar Bank that was issued a cease and desist order recently? Sounded like one or more states took issue with the word "bank" in their name. Just wondering. So many gurus are accused of fraud in the past week I'm questioning almost everything.

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They now have a new web site. So, my question is, Why would they create a new site to sell Dinar if it is going to RV soon?

I was thinking the same thing. But though Dinar Banker probably has more sources and "intel" than we do as just speculators/investers... They still don't KNOW when its going to RV :rolleyes: so why not build a new website if they want to? as far they are concerned it could be next week or next year.... I hope its next week B);) ;) ;)

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Dinar Banker is down and has been for about an hour and a half ... not a good sign!

Angelina, why is Dinar Banker being down not a good sign? If the RV had taken place, a trader would take the site down (possibly) to revise the retail prices, since they would increase. That would be a good sign.

I am interested in your reasoning. Always looking to learn.


They are back up now. I wasn't wanting to read anything into the site being down. But there's alway hope that the first domino has been pushed so we're always on the lookout for clues, right? One of these moments, we will spot the beginning of some very good news!

Go RV!

First domino? Traders will be the last domino. They will probably know when we do.

Why are they still selling dinar and now they got lay away plans so you can aford it IF WE ARE SO CLOSE TO AN RV ?????? This is my biggest question to anyone !!!!!

There are threats of a military coup taking place, some in the Parliament are calling for Maliki's resignation, the Parliament may vote on the 3 zeros tomorrow, the HCL law is going through the Parliament and may be rejected, the citizens are demonstrating, and your biggest problem is a layaway plan?


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Mite have something to do with Parlament in meeting giving the order to drop the 3 000s off , now we just have to wait to see if they post a rate soon.


I sure hope the first move is not to remove the 000s. Let's RV first, then remove the zeros. I hope this bill does not pass if it removes the 000s alone. If that is the case, we are dead meat.

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