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Security measures!

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Out of curiosity I was trying to get everyones input on what type of security measures we all should take once it does revalue. I'm referring to protecting our family and ourselves from criminals looking to cash in on our new wealth. Who will you tell our not tell? How will you protect yourselves from all the criminals ready to pounce? All input is much appreciated!

I all depends on whether you are feeling like an Almond Joy or a Mounds.

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My son in law is a trusting investment advisor. I'll have him invest for me in tax free or tax deferred.annuities. Annuities are safer than the markets. The potential to grow is not there but the risks are minimal. Annuities also also better returns than guaranteed fixed investments. You usually stay up or ahead of inflation. The banks are only giving .025% interests. Also consider city & utility bonds.

I will diversify into Life Settlements (been paying around 12% for 10 years average and are NOT subject to market, oil or war swings) then some split annuities with the option of being able to annuitize, so money can be turned into a guaranteed income when I want it, and the capital is totally judgement proof once you annuitize. Start a small business for which I already have a proprietary invention for, etc.

Safety is not having a home address listed on ANYTHING. I use only a local PO box.

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