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he's resigning??

I can't imagine calling our president an ass or saying he hopes to be a dictator when he is a collaborator by nature. The forum becomes so disrespectful sometimes and this is one of those times. I be

Probably wants the rest of the CHANGE we are left with in our pockets due to his idiotic policies and lack of leadership. Congrats Jimmy Carter, you are no longer the worst President in U.S. history.

Did he crown himself King of America?

NO....HE PREFERS DICTATOR!!! I would not be surprised if this ass clown declares marshal law and tries to be another hugo chavez!!!

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"Don't talk about my momma like that!" said Obama....not.....your Momma!" "Sorry!" "I don't always listen to what politicians I won't be listening to Barack!"

BTW....."Stay thirsty my friends!"

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Friends, please remember Obama has no real power. There are 38 levels of secrecy above him just in the U.S. government alone. Obama is a puppet just like every other past president.

Really? Seriously? My wife is wondering what person really believes this nonsense? You don't really believe this do you? Santa doesn't.

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