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Maliki calls to unite against terrorism


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Maliki calls to unite against terrorism

Monday, August 29, 2011 14:13 GMT

On Monday, Iraq Premier Nouri Al Maliki called Iraq Security forces to increase their operations against terrorists and their partners stressing on the necessity of standing altogether to face these groups. Blasting Um Al Kara Mosque will not affect the Iraqis march towards constructing their country, Maliki added.

“Terrorists affirm once again that they do not care for the lives of innocent Iraqis as they commit the most repellent and coward crimes during the holiest days and in places where people are meant to get closer from Allah”, Maliki said in a statement published by his office and a copy of which reached Alsumarianews.

20 people at least including Iraq’s Al Wassat Alliance MP Khaled Al Fahdawi were killed and more than 30 others were wounded including the head of Sunni endowment Sheikh Ahmad Abdul Ghafour Al Samarrai as a suicide bomber wearing an explosive belt blasted himself among people praying in Um Al Kara Mosque in Al Ghazzaliah region west Baghdad.

Maliki also presented his condolences to the families of the victims, notably, MP Khaled Al Fahdawi and asked Allah to heal the wounds of those who were affected by the blast.

Maliki called the citizens and security forces to be more strict with terrorists and their partners and to follow them everywhere stressing that unity and supporting police and army is the only way the eradicate this danger which aims all Iraqis.

“The fact that these terrorists are infiltrating among the worshipers will not prevent Iraqis from carrying on their march towards constructing their country”, Maliki added.


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