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FBI investigate - Oakie Oil Man / Tommy Styles / Thomas

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Oakie is a fraud a professional scam artist. I have sent many posts building a case against fraud in the dinar investment with goal to peel away those illegally preying on people's money and investment. Below s the contact information to add any any concerns or comments about fraud/pumpers. F these folks were not making money and prolong the process they could never afford teams, websites, summit meetings, phone time... This Oakie / Tommy Styles This guy is everywhere scamming. His is also accused of internet hacking. Does he have a way of getting our data? Who knows.

More scam from Oakie / Tommy / Thomas...

Religious Scamming as well.

Has anyone ever been burned by Oakie / Tommy Styles?

FBI Fraud Investigation Units

450 Golden Gate Avenue, 13th Floor

San Francisco, CA 94102-9523

Phone: (415) 553-7400

Fax: (415) 553-7674


Write or Email the FBI before he strikes any further.

We are safe!

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Not sure what your agenda is here.......don't really see anything with any substance in the links youv'e added......I am not an "OKIE" fan.......however I wish everyone invested in this could just get along.......if what ever he posts bothers you so much.....just step away........spend some time enjoying the remainder of the summer.........or the storm coverage on TV...or is just too short.........

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Unless you are willing to send me your full name and address so I can direct legal inquiries directly to you should any arise out of your posts, I'm going to request that you lay off the "Guru Crusade" while you are a member here.

I have no way to prove or disprove your posts, but I do know I don't want this site to revolve around topics like this.

Thread closed. If you have any concerns or comments on my decision, contact me directly at

Read more:

Dinar Buddy,

Adam addressed this issue in the first link you referred to in your post. Above it what he said. Do NOT bring this here. Please follow Adam's instructions above if you have issues.


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