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Allawi is trying to prevent the completion of the government and keep things in the political arena is concerned

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Follow-up - and babysit - Deputy for a coalition of state law that "the existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi is trying to prevent the completion of the government and keep things in the political arena is concerned, as well as he does not want to complete the National Council for the strategic policy."

Alfalh added that "Iraq wants to keep the case on what it so they can appeal Bstmrar the government and the implementation of what has been agreed upon."

He said "We are convinced we know that Iraq in the past blocked all the solutions because it does not already believe in it not for the national partnership that some parties in Iraq to have this national partnership of faith."

Alfalh said, "There are parties in the Iraqi view close view of the state of law and know that the project Allawi, a personal project and not a national project."

And see the political situation in the country strained clear because of a dispute between a coalition of state law and the Iraqi List, on the implementation of the terms of the Erbil, especially with regard to the Council of strategic policies and file the balance and others called on President Jalal Talabani held a meeting at his residence on the ninth of this month, gathering the leaders of the blocks political in order to resolve the differences between the two lists and select as well as next Saturday a new date for the meeting of leaders of political blocs to continue the dialogue on resolving contentious issues especially between the coalition rule of law and the Iraqis, but the death of the mother of Kurdistan leader Massoud Barzani has prevented so as to postpone the meeting until further notice

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WTF!!!! What happened to the security files and the arbil agreement being sighned off on as reported? If it was misinformation and ALLAWI is holding this up because now he doesn't want the nat'l partnership policy that he has been crying about he needs to be shot between the damn eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BTW,our government can still disassemble their government if they continue to fail and start over!!!

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Our GOVT cant get past who is gonna blame who for the fall of our economy and downgrade Credit rating.

How on earth are we gona take thier govt apart.

(Oh wait, thats what we are doing to ourselves now)

Go completed GOI ,


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It's very possible this could be a translation thing. Need to wait and see what happens or is said Saturday.

No worries yet.

Stay grounded, calm and be happy


As we have seen as a clear trend and a mysterious strategy, watch what they do, and not what they say............

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