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Adam's Chat


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[Adam Montana] I did get an email from my CBI contact

[Adam Montana] he told me some stuff on wednesday about the budgetr

[Adam Montana] you all know how I am... I'm not spouting off rumors until I confirm it

[Adam Montana] I expect to hear confirmation next business day for the CBI

[Adam Montana] that's what, Sunday morning for us?

[Adam Montana] no

[Adam Montana] yes

[mac lightning] confirmation of the budget???

[Adam Montana] early Sunday morning

[Adam Montana] mac lightning that and a couple of other things

[mac lightning] cool thx

[shanny] confirmation of RV?

[Adam Montana] So.. if you don't hear a rate by Sunday morning, I'll come into chat and explain the rest

[mac lightning] awesome thx Adam

[Adam Montana] that's it for now. Stay calm

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HA! HA! Adams old post resembles OKIES every day post!!!!!!!!!!

:P thanks for the insult :lol:

We all know there has been a lot of hang-ups and delays in this investment... I remember this chat, they were struggling with the same things they are struggling with today!

Luckily for us, it's a year later and a lot of wrinkles have been ironed out. Let's hope for a rate by THIS Sunday, right? :D

(closing thread to prevent further confusion!!!!)

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