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****Frank26 Conf. Call***


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Play black recording;0OTc3NDYwNjg=0

Text transcript

Shelly- worshipgirl opened with a beautiful song

Roy Strong shared with the folks about his financial services.

Be prepared for the still of the night- Nothing, Nothing, Nothing then SUDDENLY its going to come

AKNEWS says – Iraq Banks are well established and ready and in position…Chapter 7 was the last remaining Chapter and it was subdivided into pieces – banana peels we called it and the monetary policy is one – another is banking systems – another is for the GOI sit – and they improved this – and the World Bank says now they are completed in all legal requirements and now they can merge a recognizable currency to be put on Forex - that’s beyond BIG - once they get on FOREX there are “trader vultures” ready to start trading immediately. If the rate does come out low – the FOREX will have this rate going up so fast you can’t keep your eyes on it – THIS IS HUGE…

There are more computers not in Iraq than in the US where the banking systems are concerned and the currency has more safety factors on it than our dollar does…Its about to come an important factor in the world stability- its an antibiotic that will cure the sickness of economic situations in difference countries that hold dinar…

The two state owned banks – the IMF received the letter from the GOI – the LOI (letter of intent) – they sent it back to the IMF and it stated that a benchmark to reconstruct the books of state owned Banks= Rasheed Bank and Rademe Bank (sp?) were cleared – then the CBI was restructure and they cleared their books – and the same LOI said once these two banks and CBI are done then they have to RV their remaining currencies… yes currencies - so they have completed the cleaning of the books and now they have to RV their currency….They are on track for this RV to happen any time!!! The stock exchange people are going nuts – and FOX flash announcements today they announced that the Iraq stock exchange will be closed for a while they restructure their currency – re-evaluation or increase or improve the monetary status of their currency.

Notice all the oil contracts being signed family-

Notice who is retiring folks

Notice that Maliki and Talabani is opening all files of the GOI today

Shabibi is not a liar – he is an honest man and was put in position of last year that Jan 2010 he would introduce lower denoms and it was clear and Oct they changed it to MAY in the year 2010 cause Maliki didn’t seat the GOV – do you see the rate now and the GOI? Shabibi is not a liar and this year he stated we were going to introduce the rate by the end of June 30th – Shabibi is not a liar and IMO the rate was there and it will be seen to the world anytime…

Frank States - Talks stalled and faulted on US Budget. The only thing the President has now is a deficit ceiling = you have no choice Sir to lift it – every other president before you had to do this – so please Mr. President do your thing and let the Authors of the Plan do their thing - Shabibi is not in control of this but the Authors of the Plan are and the granddaddy Author of the Plan – who is former VP Mr. **** Cheney is in control and if the Authors choose to tell the CBI and Shabibi that they cannot announce the rate then they won’t announce the rate – we are in control they say- always… Mr. President I respect you highly but you must seek your money from another source – God bless you and our Country.

R-Man found out at the bank today – Wells Fargo – the officer told me today that as soon as the rate is released we will cash out for you… They are ready – they are waiting as we are. R-Man says he expects to see a rate tomorrow….

We believe it will take 2 days for a rate to show once the FOREX shuts down….

Delta states: Erbil Agreement will bring forth the GOI then the RI-RV….Delta states that it is all done except for position of Allawi – no constitution in place for it before now, so they have to write a new law as this is a new position to satisfy Allawi…NOW LISTEN FROM DELTA – THIS NEW SEAT I tell you I am sure 1000% this has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE REVALUE OF THE IQD….The Erbil Agreement will make Iraq more stable for the future…BUT NOT NECESSARY FOR THE RI-RV…

Frank states that a Stable GOV is necessary and Allawi is making all kind of issues and HE is the one that has delayed the formation of the Government and this RI-RV could have been done last year – Shabibi never said he is waiting for the GOI or Erbil agreement – he only mentioned he wanted Security and Financial minister to be legalized… that’s it…

Delta and Frank states – not every movement that occurs in Iraq or posted in articles has to do with the RI-RV – so just study everything…

Frank says again that the IRS has hired over 16,000 employees as mentioned last week… Its logical they are hiring them NOW as this RI- RV is about to happen so they prepared them so they can harass us…regular taxes are over with = why do they need this many new employees in the middle of the new year with this mentioned windfall coming? If they could they would be open on Sundays to get our money before we can protect it….obey the law and pay what is due but do what you can to protect your money…

Frank states this one thing I will tell you: I will never own my money – I talk about the foundations etc – I will only control my money…

Delta stated that Shabibi came out and said 2 weeks ago – and he told a reporter about mixing with international community’s so they need new money … they have done everything and they are about to do this…

Delta states: When Shabibi said 7-10 days he can’t control everything- the two state owned banks were to finish by June 30th so the article did come out this past Friday that they are restructured now and are ready – it’s a benchmark required by the IMF and they completed – they handle 90% of GOI business – now its counted and completed…. Then the revalue of the currency can happen…

Classified info - NO ONE KNOWS THE RATE not anyone else

Delta States: Two days ago article from CBI denying lifting the 3 zeros – to clear this up – the advisor came on Iraq RV – Deputy of Financial Minister – they are insisting they will lift the 3 zeros this year and it will be gradual – he doesn’t even know the date nor rate and he is even confused… not referring to the revaluation which will happen but its two different things – the lower denoms and high denoms will co-exist – not take them that’s what they meant to co-exist side by side…even the deputy of the Financial Minister doesn’t even know the date or rate…Shabibi has this plan the CBI will do this according to his words on the 20th of the month…

Delta states: Last 3 months we check the CBI site for the M2’s to see if any indication of what they have done with their currency – last two hours it dropped down to 12% they moved more dinars back to the CBI –in March it was 15.7% and now it’s down to 12% and if they drop 3% each month - this update was for May and I do believe they are around 7 or 6% and they means they have retracted higher Dinars back to the CBI – smaller and smaller in the amount of currency they have to use now so they have to use the lower denoms SOON….

Delta states: that Inflation over 20% within the next year will be a problem - its now at 7% and it is going up 1% per month- if the IQD does not revalue soon its about 12% added to this inflation and in 12 plus 7% is near 20% inflation – so they won’t let this happen – if they get inflation to 7 this is the danger mark – they have to revalue the currency- the CBI announced that they didn’t want this to go to 7% in an article two weeks ago… now this is a problem… the financial indicators will not be shown by the CBI – you see trillions now but the M2 is the real money gauge…

Joe asks when is the IFX closing – This week states Frank for a 2 day period we feel it will happen Tuesday and Wed the 12th and 13th… Delta states that Thursday is a national holiday in Iraq…for Iraq to revalue thenit has to happen on a Tues Wed or Thursday so window for tonight – through Wednesday night due to Thursday is a holiday. Thursday thru Sunday they will be closed and we will be ready to cash out on Monday- if this takes place…

The Iraq stock exchange has been attacked…

BlueStar states what is the final domino the must fall prior to the RV – what is the piece of the puzzle that is missing – Frank says banking systems – Delta states that 7-10 days Shabibi does not lie so the two state banks had to be restructured and finished two days ago it was announced. They are very slow and the World Bank did work with them- the 2nd reason is the USA – not the Erbil 1000% it’s good for the government but has nothing to do with the revalue…. If we assume that it could be – then it won’t be finished 6-7 months – inflation is killing the country so they have to go International – so the restructuring of the banking system are done now reported 2 days ago so this tonight through Wednesday night we could see the Revalue…If the USA is part of the hold up – the potentiality of the Frank Dodd kicking in – the USA owns the World Bank- they are telling Iraq what to do in the banking restructuring and the two state banks are finished now – Erbil Agreement has NOTHING to do with money- so we still have tonight through Wednesday to see this – on the 15th new things and policies will begin and taxing products at borders being on the 15t- so the banking system and the USA is the holdup – money and taxation.

Why would they announce they would RV in June when they knew the GOI was not seated – and Frank says all can fall in place all in one day or one week – they can come together all at once to make this work…

10,000 troops will stay in Iraq but does not have nothing to do with the RI-RV – Delta states the banking system is funding by the USA – Maliki knows now this has to happen now – they are in the back ground and not all things have to do with a revaluation that we see in articles and hear… Again its the banking structure and the taxation that is holding up the revalue – the banking systems are done with the two state banks – all deals with money – right now no one knows how much we are going to be taxed on yet… Now PHYSICAL cash is not decided upon and right now technically they can’t tax you on PHYSICAL cash – the capital gains tax is for electronic forex or stocks – but this currency exchange is totally different so this plays with the delay of the re-evaluation of the IQD…

Delta states - One team says we may see this RV in next 48 hours or less – taxing starts on all goods on the 15th – the vendors will have an increase then on taxes and their prices will have to be raised so something has to happen with the RV… the whole Iraq tax issue begins on the 15th – Delta states two companies were hired one was French and another one to handle the inspections to states what the borders has to bring into Iraq is ok to come into Iraq… BlueStar says if they RI –RV tonight then Iraq would have to start taxing at the borders on the 12th… Delta states that the 14th -17th they will have off for holiday and the weekend - THEREFORE it looks good for them to RV before they implement those taxes so this next 48 hours is a great window… Frank states the 14th is their independence day and its their most important day – if they RV on their day of celebration on the 14th then the taxes can start on the 15th… Frank says now there is NO MISSING LINKS to this RV – RI taking place…

Frank states: The CBI is who we pay attention …also we pay attention to the IMF and last month we tell the people about world banks and now all the banks are ALL DONE…ALL BANKS are done and waiting Now this week the ISX says they are qualified to be up on a FOREX and now the GOI is not a place to get intel – we do NOT go to the GOI now to get any RI-RV intel… Franks states there is NO other banks to be sterilized or restructured - there is nothing else pending left to be done to release this rate to the world – Delta states it’s all done – 100% - now on the financial bank site within the CBI you can see the new banks that are added now also… they are ready and linked to Iraq now – all systems are ready…Frank says now there is NO MISSING LINKS to this RV – RI taking place…

Secret meetings in DC about raising taxes on all those making over $1.0million…meetings are happening says Frank.

Titus states – asks Delta anything in Iraq talking about interest rates going down – Delta states its still 6% at CBI no change yet…

Frank states: Iraq is not on the verge of a Civil War….Everybody is busy looking at Maliki and Allawi and behind closed doors they are pumping oil – its all about money – in Egypt they are doing the same thing – as soon as they revalue it’s a one way street – it’s a done deal and the fighting will quit…they average $7-8 billion dollars a month….

Frank says when the blessing occurs – get in and get out because I have no future plans to invest in Iraq but to only invest on GOD – if you are a young investor then you can invest in Iraq but I need to get my funds as the rate has a dependency on how fast – if the rate is a $1, I say cash out slow and wait – if the rate is high such as $3+ and do not trust the GOV.. Make right decisions – be prepared with your lawyers and CPA and family and it may be wise to let a few days go by to see what happens right at the RV….

Frank states: there is solid proof and evidence that the rate will go up and be revalue and have an international currency- they will now be a part of the rest of the world.

Frank states: The triple zeros dinar notes in Federal Reserves will stay there for a long time – we have an initial start = contracts will have oil coming in soon as Pres O released some recently – and the currency we hold will be locked up for at least 10 years and eventually slowly give it back to them for more oil or take it at a low cost by selling it to South America etc…but not for 10 years – why 10 years – cause the Marshal Plan takes 10 years in a middle east country… study the next one coming…

Frank states: Does the debt limit have anything to do with this process – yes re-listen to this recording to understand – and there is no timing factor – but we know this all is done we feel at this time with the two banks being completed according to the policy of the LOI.

Frank states: The sequential order or serial number orders are not important now so they will take any order of Dinar notes to cash out…

Frank states: The way the tax structure is now – if you purchased your dinar one year ago with a receipt you may be in the 15-20% tax bracket - less than a year a higher tax bracket- at this time the government will be letting is know that tax structure.

Darline – Angelquest I Miss you and Love you…


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Slade is above the rules on DV. One person told me they think Slade is Adam.

It must have been Slade that told you that! And he is sadly Mistaken!

So! If any of you out there don't like what Frank has to say, then you can just skip over any thread that deals with Frank. I'm sure that he is not worried one bit about your opinions. Matter of fact! He would probably feel sorry for you and put you on his prayer list. You most likely need to be there!

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no worries slade i thought that was funny as hell...all you guys need to chill out and have a sense of humor....and for those guys bashing a guy for posting something they disagreed with in his first post for only having one post get a life. You arent some highly regarded patriarch because youve wasted countless hours eating boogers and typing on a computer get a arent that important.

go rv

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no worries slade i thought that was funny as hell...all you guys need to chill out and have a sense of humor....and for those guys bashing a guy for posting something they disagreed with in his first post for only having one post get a life. You arent some highly regarded patriarch because youve wasted countless hours eating boogers and typing on a computer get a arent that important.

go rv

well, i guess that speaks volume for how low of standards you have for comedy hey maybe you should go see one of those circus circus shows in las vegas ill bet YOU and the rest of the little kiddies will enjoy that.hahahahaha.

By the way...where IS my post on this subject????

Are my posts that don't fit certain personal agendas being removed now????

Would be a great attempt to censor if the post hadn't already been quoted rolleyes.gifrolleyes.gifrolleyes.gif

when you TROLL you get removed Fact of life.

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So are you a Mod now???

I didn't think so.......go copy/paste something kid....your audience awaits... what you just did to me not trolling????

Talk about different rules for different members......WOW wink.gif

I am sure I will get put on "mod watch" again for addressing seem to have carte blanche AMUSING laugh.giflaugh.giflaugh.gif

"Do not feed the trolls" 200px-Trollface.png magnify-clip.pngThe "trollface" sometimes used to indicate trolling.[1]In Internet slang, a troll is someone who posts inflammatory[citation needed], extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response[2] or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.[3] The noun troll may refer to the provocative message itself, as in: "That was an excellent troll you posted". While the word troll and its associated verb trolling are associated with Internet discourse, media attention in recent years has made such labels subjective, with trolling describing intentionally provocative actions outside of an online context. For example, mass media uses troll to describe "a person who defaces Internet tribute sites with the aim of causing grief to families."[4][5]

Slade please tell me am i right or wrong?????

do i troll on your posts?? nooooooooooo... i didnt think so.

Edited by easyrider
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no worries slade i thought that was funny as hell...all you guys need to chill out and have a sense of humor....and for those guys bashing a guy for posting something they disagreed with in his first post for only having one post get a life. You arent some highly regarded patriarch because youve wasted countless hours eating boogers and typing on a computer get a arent that important.

go rv

I see you are another that falls from the same basket, let me predict your future........You won't last long here::::::::

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