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Guru's Riddle Me this

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If all is a done deal, nuff said and all things are in place:

A: Why have you been preaching for the last month Iraq is out of Chapter VII.... Where and what intel did you get that from?

B: If all is done with the UNSC and the IMF and the R/V has happened on June 30th, 2011 why is Iraq not listed on these two sites?

CIMF–Representative Exchange Rates

UN Operational Rates

C: Why has the CBI not posted any articles?

D: With all your Intel, why can you not document the articles that you find that you claim you have? I don't care for names of intel///// I want the facts in hard copy

E: Send Me the name of the bank that is cashing out..... I will fly there the next day and be the first to scan my deposit slip.......

F: Why is it now all your 100% cash in guys on Monday are now just the messengers and not the big mouth pieces that you were?

OK here is what I do everyday for my own sanity

1. I google arab bank currency converter. If the R/V happens in country.... I think the Arab banks would post it first

2. I type in and see if anything has changed there

3. I type and see if it changes there

4 I type in and I look at all the currencies...... and no the Dong has not changed either

5. And for laughs I go to Bloomberg and check their currency converter

6. It will not show up on 4X first .... I am betting the CBI who is going to push the button will have it 1st. There will be a big Iraq press conference to announce to the Iraqi people that they have money that they can spend and go back to a rate that they had in 1949 ( Check that out) you will be in shock.

Was $4.04 and reduced to $2.80

It Would be safe to say that when it stays at 1170 dinar to the US DOLLAR the rumors, intel, nuff said and cash in Monday is just fabrication

It proves the ignorance of the Guru's that just want to keep pumping the dinars. The Dr, Feelgood post brings false hope and aggravation. Do you own homework and make the decision for yourself. Go to currency news hound .com and read the articles...... no rumors there. That is where the hard fact articles are gotten by the gurus. See if the WTO, IMF and the UN have posted anything of value.

In Parting: The only smoke and mirrors we are getting is from the wannabe Goooo roooos. Write a post if you need their names.

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The gurus are simular to PeeWee from the old Popeye cartoons..."give me a hamburger today and I will gladly pay you on tuesday"...they have lost all credibility. Yet sadly as there are many criminals behind bars claiming innocence, so these have convinced themselves they are doing good service.

Peace and Go RV!!!

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In all rrumor! There USED to e a hint of truth.

On the subject of Wim-pee!

DID You ever see him actually pay popeye for even one of those hamburgers?

Ironically it sounds alot like Iraq.

AND to think that our parents always told us "Watching those silly cartoons will never get you anywhere. LOL

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