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Frank and Deltas CC 7-7-11


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copied this from Franks website and brought it over in case some wanted to read it:

Thank you HOOTY for transcribing the CC for us!

Frank opened with a song and a prayer

Roy Strong discussed investments post RV.

Frank: Back in February, Titus said that nothing would happen with our blessing until July 14. He then left the site and has returned to share some information with the family. Titus you and I have been friends for a while and in March you called me and asked “did you move”? I said yeah kind of, sort of, why? You said I can’t find you. You came and joined us and you were quiet and you watched everybody and reminded us what you said last year. The time frame I was looking for was June 28-30 because I thought that was when it would come together and I believe that’s when it all began coming together. I believe that June set up July because without June you would not have what is about to happen in July. Now Titus, you told me last year and two months ago you asked to resign from the forum because you knew about “July 14” Explain to the family-tell them where the information is from and why you feel the 14th is important to you. Then I want you to invite Nadia to come on in. She speaks Caledonian, a very ancient language in the Middle East but she also knows the ancient way of life.

Titus: A couple of months ago I was looking at 7/14. I came on the cc and explained why I was looking at it and also one of the big reason was an article was saying 7/15 is a new area in Iraq and I started seriously looking at info from May 2009 that it would happen July 2011. No one wants to believe it will go 2 years. Then we got into this year, the govt is working in Kuwait and July did have a lot to do with it and a lot of stuff got done, but not everything I had hoped. I think they were in a position to flip the RV and move forward. I did some studying in July and in 1953 they had a revolution and if you look at that compared to what’s happening now, it’s the same thing in the middle east today. Egypt and Libya were going down, a lot of uprising and now the same thing is happening, and July14 is coming and it’s a big day for Iraq. This Thursday coming up is a holiday Friday, Saturday, no work. Coming into Monday coming into new rate, new denom. I’m crossing my fingers and I feel like we’re there. Some say no some say yes. No one really knows, so July 14 to me is a big day, big holiday. CBI is closed down so I say we go for it. I’m going to be disappointed if it’s not 7/14.

Frank: The 14th day by the way, who told you to pay attention to 7/14/11? July 2011 came from one person in may 2009 and we thought 09, no way does it go past this – my family is invested and we got information from somebody I can’t say who, but female, non military and yeah, in Iraq. I want to clarify your source. I know your source, I respect it and I bring to you that there may be validity to it. We have always looked at a holiday with a weekend. The July 14 holiday is called Bastille Day – extremely important in Iraq.

Titus: I thought October last year, April this year and then July, and nothing yet, so I don’t know.

Frank: I found it interesting – I was looking for a weekend with a holiday and we had these in the US, but none of these in Iraq. Now I understand the value of the holiday in Iraq. If this is the one, on the 14th that is their national Bastille Day, their Independence Day, on the 14th day do their thing – the 14th, nothing, next day nothing, nothing and then something!

Nadia: Hi Frank, Titus, how is everybody. I want to reiterate about 71/4. Back in the 70’s and 80’s I used to do paperwork for my father. He was illiterate so I did paperwork for green cards for people, and I was dumbfounded because all these birthdays said 7/14 and Iraqis would say why does it say 7/14, when they weren’t born on that day. And they were told this is what was chosen to go on legal paperwork because it’s Independence Day. 1986 was the first time I visited Iraq as an adult and I was there on 7/14 when they had all these fireworks and guns would go off and we celebrated. I started reading and I realized the importance of 7/14 not only a Thursday, but also happens to be the biggest holidays of Iraq as Independence Day.

Frank: Thank you Nadia it’s important to recall children in Iraq always wanted to have their birthdays on that day because it was special?

Nadia: No the parents wanted all these kids to show they were born on 7/14 but they weren’t really born then. That was just because of the Independence Day.

Frank: Did you know that Delta?

Delta: Yes, my father in law and mother in law, they both have birthdays in July.

Nadia: A few years ago when I was as doing paperwork for people in the US, I couldn’t believe it, but here it was again, the 7/14 birth date! There will be a big “bing bang boom” on July 14!

Frank: With that in mind, what is the most important holiday for USA? July 4!!! It represents our Nation, our pride – we wear our colors – its Independence Day! We even made a movie about it. Independence, freedom from the British colonies. Same thing in Iraq – very important holiday.

Titus: The taxes, tariff’s there was a postponement of that I don’t remember the day, but it was before July 14. I don’t remember the date exactly

Delta – they’re going to implement that on the 15th.

Nadia: How can they do that with worthless currency?

Delta: They give stuff to vendors and they hire international companies that have to be checked by those companies if you don’t have this stamp from this company, their goods won’t be allowed to enter Iraq. They gave 10 days for those vendors to enter with their goods, but after 10 days they have to have the stamp or they will not be allowed to send good and today they gave those vendors another 10 days all indications coming up to the 14th/ 15th for that time.

Frank: I love the fact that it’s Right after the 14th . Delta, share about the 20 banks in Iraq using ACH

Delta: Yes, this was one of the delays and they’re trying to hook up all the computers systems to be 100% linked inside and outside of Iraq. The CBI and others in 2009 were connected to a system called ACH – automated clearing house which means all the banks will setup in Iraq and the banks will be linked to each other. Today they announced that the 20 banks, starting today, started the new ACH system. Warka weBlue Starite went down 2 or 3 times trying to get hooked up to CBI. If you notice, if you go to all banking in Iraq weBlue Starite, there are totally new banks that have opened in Iraq.

Frank: There were 20 banks that joined this new system? Correct?

Delta: Yes, private bank because all banking was done and they were waiting for the 20 banks to complete this system. Now the significance of this is this will eliminate the cash. The CBI did train the bankers that did not have this program. They will have a check reading device which will clear a check so they don’t have to send the check. For example to Wells Fargo bank, you go to your bank and deposit a check from BoA. WF doesn’t mail the check to BoA it’s done electronically. It’s called ACH.

Frank: These are private banks because the CBI has dealt with state banks for 3 or 4 years. Now private banks are electronically ready. Right Delta?

Delta: Yes. This is one of the important steps of the CBI to make sure it’s ready before they go international.

Frank: This information was announced on Iraqi TV today, Right Delta?

Delta: Yes sir

Frank: Anything else of significance that was announced?

Delta: Not really. This is the only thing that got my attention. I’d like to give some more info about CBI. I would like to make it clear I got a chance to talk to my CBI contact today, and none of us knows the date or the rate. We only bring you what we can and trying to give a window of opportunity. Iraq is saying they’re out of Chapter 7. Chapter 7 that deals with money is DONE. If you read the article that says the progress towards accepting Chapter 8 that means that Iraq is agreeing they will accept it when they RV their currency. Iraq moves to that. Not the IMF or the CBI. To go International they’re out of Chapter 7, but you cannot have recognized currency until you change the value of the currency. Today’s announcement about 20 banks looks like they’re ready to do it. There’s a lot of activity going on behind closed doors. Sunday they had an audit for banks which was weird and unusual because they’ve never done that before they paid interest. We know it’s done, we’re waiting for the last of the systems. Shabibi’s advisor stated that we cannot hide it anymore. Everybody knows about it. The value has to go up. It’s time for them to pull the trigger. Time for Shabibi to do it. We don’t know the date or the rate but there’s a good chance that they might do that before the 14th. As Nadia explained the new tax will be implemented on the 14th . If they don’t RV the currency, they’re going to have a lot of big problems. How can you tax the goods if you have a worthless currency. Products are expensive and if they tax it the price will be higher. They have to increase the value of the dinar to increase the purchase power.

Frank: Delta – you said it should have been done in January? What you said about these tariff’s that should have been done there was a delay. And now is the time to do this. That is encouraging it reminds me of the rumor about Obama signing off on the tax rate for the Iraqi dinar. I don’t have any knowledge of that, but that’s the reason why Obama and our govt still has not given us the tax rate. But they hired an additional 16,000 tax agents. If we do hear that Obama signed off on the tax laws, we will know

Delta: I don’t think that’s the reason for the delay. We all are going to have to pay taxes in 2012. I was talking to my contact in Iraq and he did say that if CBI was ready they could recreate the rate. Either way, all indication is that they have to do it Right now. You have to use your own currency to get to Chapter 8. When they RV their currency they can pay everybody in dinars. For them they have to go international.

Blue Star: I have to tell you that an actual Condor is the name of two species of new world vultures. They are the largest flying birds in the western hemisphere in some circles known as secret beings. This individual is a wise one who is well known who doesn’t want to come on the call but is with us via Skype

Frank: Let us continue and the first thing I want to ask is there was rumor or talk from Iraq that they are considering pegging the IQD to gold standards not to the American dollar. That would not be good for me and you. We don’t want them selling their oil for gold. We want it done in US dollars. That’s what we expect them to do. In the process, there seems to be some info that was leaked by unscrupulous people or by the CBI itself. When they brought out the calculations of the gold they showed figure in the 3 plus range. What is Condors opinion that the IQD might actually be pegged to the gold standard and not the dollar and if it’s true these numbers might be true, they might have accidentally given us the rate. The IMF gold also shows numbers in the 4 plus range. I’m confused and need help from Condor.

BLUE STAR- Condor said why is this not good? I understand that they will have asset backed currency after doing the math. 1 IQD to 3.65 USD your question is did they give us the rate? I would say so but pegged to USD not gold. They do want asset backed currency.

Condor’s statement – this is a theory of events that have taken place and what might be holding up RV/RI. Shabibi said RV before end of June. Iraq was ready and prepared 28-30 June why did it not occur? Since we know they were ready the next in line has to be the US. No other country has the power to hold this RV. China, UN and IMF want it done. US Treasury came up with an idea to make additional income from this RV. Banks buy currency, then banks sell the currency. The US Treasury returns the foreign currency to the country for additional cash. Put together with major us banks WE, BoA, Chase, where these banks could offer cash and be competitive with the dealers. Cash in for $150 per mil at the CBI rate. US Treasury makes a deal with the bank, offer CBI rate. Banks will make money and get new customers. UST has new currency in return. I might add now we know that our govt did not debate for taxing us new millionaires. This is adding a week on RV date. Obama wants a tax burden on anyone making 1 mil or more per year. One can only assume that since it is not April, tax season, this is for the new millionaires who choose to pay up and get the taxes out of the way. This is Condors theory from gathering news and info and putting the pieces together in a logical way.

Frank: Thank you Condor.

Delta: That makes sense because Shabibi said 7 to 10 days. He would do it, but nothing happened indicating he’s not in control. That really makes sense. There’s a Condor airline too, right? In Germany

Frank: Condor, I bow to you.

Delta: None of us know the date or rate but in Condor’s opinion, does he think that this is the month?

Frank: Condor can hear us and then types the answer to Blue Star.

BLUE STAR: Condor believes that it is happening next week. (Blue Star tells a joke…snickers on the call….) Condor says that he, she, it, they think next week because the world will not wait much longer. They have been given 2 weeks don’t think they’ll wait much longer. Too long for Iraq to wait in a holding pattern.

Frank: I agree with that too. The tariff was paid with DFI funds. First payment was paid with American dollars. They need to start making their own payments

Delta: The reasons I asked Condor about his opinion is because when Shabibi said the 7 to 10 days and nothing happened, that gives you the indication that he didn’t have the power. That he is being controlled.

Frank: Question for Condor – not trying to pinpoint a date or rate – for letting us know how you feel about the next week to 2 weeks, but as you know Delta reports that he feels the rate is .86 to under 2. I believe between 3.22 and 3.86 what does Condor’s team feel rate will come out at?

Blue Star: Mid 3.00 range . Blue Star states that Phoenix has said about the same thing 3.58 and putting that in place he said to replace Bremmer law. I’m not sure what that is.

Frank: I never thought about that.

Blue Star: Delta, you said something interesting 250 billion dinars received from DFI so you felt 1.00 to 2.00 so from your calculations anywhere on the realm of .10 to 2.00 Are you still holding there?

Delta Yes sir. I don’t believe they will give us the 3. All my friends and the newspapers say they can support up to 1.30 but it’s up to the IMF.

Blue Star: The IQD is controlled by the CBI and certain very powerful forces. Could there be a situation where a large amount of the dinar in the hands of the general populous, individuals, could it be a situation where they could be given a time frame to trade in at a rate in accordance to Delta’s ideas, a trade in period so they can get the dinar out

Delta: Not with the money supply that they have right now. The only way is to give you time limits because you cannot coexist 2 currencies and the highest being 25k, over 3.00 it does not make sense. On the 20th when Shabibi came on TV and said 7 to 10 days he mentioned that they cannot support more than what they offer to their own people. The economy will collapse

Blue Star: Condor said their pride is too big. Does Delta think they will lose faith if it comes out at .86 when it was 3.22?

Delta: No – it’s coming back from 1170 to .86 is a big return. Keep in mind they’re not thinking about us. They’re doing it for the sake of the Iraqi people. It will be a shock if it comes out over 3.00 I would love to see 3, 4, 5. support wise they can, but it would hurt Iraq more than it would benefit them. If you go back, the minister of finance, knows what’s going on he did say the official rate was 3.22. He did say that they have to start at a low rate before going back to the old rate. There will be a gradual increase. Shabibi said we wouldn’t see the 3.00 Rate until 2013.

Blue Star: Condor said if they retrain their people, will they retrain them after each increase?

Delta: No. The reason is all the stores have divide by 3.22 and adjust your market accordingly. A high rate will hurt Iraq more than help it. The us govt knows a lot of people here. They don’t want you to be that rich.

Blue Star: Condor asks wont’ that create a market for people not cashing in?

Delta: Could be. Right now let’s say they RV at 1.50. They won’t say anything. But what they’ll do is before they increase it back, they’ll let everybody cash in. They won’t say anything. They won’t increase it till they void all the 3 0’s dinar Right now you can’t buy more than 3000 of currency. Everybody is going to make money but not at the cost of the Iraqi people.

Blue Star asks Frank: You had made a statement with relation to the US holding almost exclusively the lions share of the dinar. Were you talking about the country or citizens?

Frank: The country. Once we get more info I will try to give a better report on it. It’s a high possibility that the US is the only country that holds dinar. If that’s the case that would please me. Do you realize the power we would have? Not only being in bed with Iraq’s oil but also with the potential growth of their money.

Blue Star: Condor believes that Great Britain may have some due to the intense alliance between George W. Bush and Tony Blair. That it would stand to reason that Great Britain would have a great amount as well as Germany and China.

Frank: I don’t know about those because they did something else for us. If there are others, it would be Britain and Israel. Once I get more info I will bring it to everybody.

Blue Star: Condor believes that citizens holding dinar would be Canada, Australia, Great Britain and Germany.

Frank: Oh yeah. At least 67 countries. Obama has not been a delay IMO, he says he wants some, but the authors say no – pay for the war.

Frank: Question for Condor. Do they think that the US banks will give US citizens the CBI rate?

Blue Star: Condor said tax at15% first 30 days. At 45 days being 18-22% and 6 months at 32%. He thinks that they want the money asap and this type of tax set up is legal because it would cause a delay and be heavily protested. Bottom line is there would be a delay and it would take too long to play out. In answer to your question, yes, if the UST is backing the spread, that’s Condors answer.

Frank: Does Condor agree with my team that there is no rate on the bank screens from the east to the west?

Blue Star: Condor says yes

Frank: Excellence, excellent. These are excellent responses, I really appreciate it.

BLUE STAR asks Delta – what is your time frame?

Delta: All indications are that this coming week should be the week. Too coincidental. It’s all over the news in Iraq. Everybody is waiting for the rate to be released. It should come up any day.

Frank: Too coincidental. Cancelled in February and brought back now? On Japanese TV they said that Iraq is going to be dropping the 0s and on Japanese TV they said they are pulling out the new bills, lower denoms and increasing the value of the dinar. The whole world knows. It’s no secret anymore. I am pleased to hear that they believe like I do. When they came out and started talking about the gold, it’s not like they did a Freudian slip and gave us these numbers. Somebody went on the site today and posted 0.2474 was 1 IQD rate to 1 USD. But that is a rumor, but where did it come from? All rumors have some sort of truth, it’s just exaggerated. Condor, I’m pleased that you agree that the calculations actually spilled the rate to us and the attitude in which they did, so arrogant, so pompous….that’s the way I feel and I’m glad Condor agrees. They slipped and gave us the rate. According to Delta, that’s not the rate that Delta supports.

Questions –

Titus – can I ask delta something. On the tariff, the article I read said they are going to implement the tariff and lower the prices for people.

Delta – If they do that if they don’t increase their product. It doesn’t make sense to do the tariff and not increase the value of the IQD

Titus – The article said they are going to put a tariff on, put a 5% tax and lower the prices in the country.

Delta – they’re going to have taxes on those products if they keep the rate at 1170 the prices is going to increase which doesn’t make sense unless they RV. All imports will be taxed. They have to increase the tax. If the govt doesn’t RV there will be a problem for the people.

Titus – the pirce of the products TO THE COSUMERS will be cheaper. No matter what come Sunday, the 17th, the prices will be lower.

Delta – 7% inflation right now in Iraq. The value has to increase.

Frank –Zeke says we’re moving forward. Train people, Smaller denoms are in place and ready to go. Jerry says it may take 12 days to complete the process. Look around, you are actually witnessing history. How many have told of Apollo 11. We can tell that story because it’s in our memory. Look around Family, History is happening right now.

Area code 305 – Frankie Frankie – I have two questions for Frank, Titus and Delta. How far can Iraq go into the year without activating their budget and will the democrats and republicans continue to fight.

Frank – the democrats and republicans are not fighting. The authors of the plan are dealing with it. IMO the budget has been activated at the beginning of the year sir.

Delta – they cannot go that long because they’re out of Chapter 7. You cannot go international unless you RV. I don’t see it going further than that.

Frank – Iraqi leaders have proven to be very greedy and selfish toward their people. I can tell you this with great authority, these government officials are salivating to become rich again, but, if you know this person and you know that person, etc., do you realize that it’s not about just you making money it’s all of those people making money. The politicians of Iraq want the rate to go up badly Kurds are in control of the currency and USA is in control of Iraq.

Area code 850 – when Ali was on your call he said we could trade in our 25k notes for lower denoms has that changed?

Frank – call him sir but I would venture to guess that it hasn’t changed.

Area code 850 – question for Titus – you said last night that it was the date after the 14th, what is the next time frame?

Frank – Titus is gone but we don’t know the next time frame. On Tuesday I will be able to talk to you more confidently about Thursday.

Forum question – Delta can you say in Arabic….SHUT THE FRONT DOOR……

Sure, no problem…..

For Condor – would you have an opinion as to how many times the IQD will revalue again in the next 12 months immediately after its RV that you expect next week?

Frank – did you understand that Blue Star?

Blue Star – Frank previously said when the Lord blesses us don’t be surprised to see 1 or 2 RV’s in that year.

Blue Star – Depends if it’s a managed float it will go up slower, yes. It will RV several times says Condor.

Area Code – 843 – In the Carolina area – concerning dropping the 0s – the lop –

Frank says – I say lol.

Area code 843 – I agree, but since this came out from Iraqi business news I wanted to ask Delta how accurate does he think that would be?

Delta – if you go to the Arabic version, they’re not talking about lop. What they’re doing is to educate their own people. The 25000 will become 25, but it’s not a lop. They’re not trying to confuse people, it’s just the difference in the translation. There will not be a lop. A lot of recycled articles come up all of the time. They don’t have new news, so they just go back and recycle old news.

Area code – 918 – I’m trying to find where the IQD went international and I can’t find it.

Frank – the IQD has int’l status because their money is one of our American accounts. As soon as it has a little value to it, it will then be tradable all over the place.

Delta – you cannot go into the bank and exchange it because even though they’re out of sanctions, they cannot go int’l w/o the rate. They can only trade within their own country.

Area code – 407 – the circulating vs. non circulating bills are they the same value?

Frank – yes – one has never left the CBI and the other has left the CBI. People like to buy the brand new uncirculated bills, but there’s no difference between them.

The banks are acting dumb but when the rate goes up, you will see the Jed Clampett and Mr. Drysdale syndrome to the inth degree.

Blue Star – Ending note of appreciation for what you Delta, Je’sus, Tink, and all of your team have gone into making this call such a great source of information and inspiration to a lot of people. When I started listening, with the time and with what Delta said before, just expressing love for everyone, it touched upon a personal experience of near death experiences, and I could have died, but what has really hit me after listening to Delta and you express your love is the concept of “I am third”. There was a book written by Gayle Sayers, former running back of the Chicago Bears that God is first, my neighbor is second and I am third. When I did some research on this from the bible, it says: But understand this, that in the last days there will comes times of difficulty. For people will be lovers of self, lovers of money, proud, arrogant, abusive, disobedient to their parents, ungrateful, unholy, heartless, unappeasable, slanderous, without self-control, brutal, not loving good, treacherous, reckless, swollen with conceit, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power. Avoid such people. 2 Timothy 3:1-5. For among them are those who creep into households and capture weak women, burdened with sins and led astray by various passions, always learning and never able to arrive at a knowledge of the truth. 2 Timothy 3:6-7. That’s an indictment of where we are right now. As we are given the blessing of the RV after this occurs, this blessing has a unique common denominator. Many people that I’ve met are Christians and really good people that will internalize the concept of “I am third”.

Frank – those that apply proper stewardship will help the work of the Lord and those who do not apply proper stewardship will pay taxes.

Frank thanks Blue Star and Condor.

Blue Star thanks Frank and Delta

Frank ends with a song and a prayer

Mahalo E Ke Akua No Keia La

(Thanks be to God for this day)

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