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Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia Joint venture to implement free tade zone.

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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Iraq, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia, joint venture to implement the free trade zone ...

July 5, 2011

A joint venture to implement the free trade zone between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and Iraq

Baghdad, revealed a government source Kuwaiti joint venture between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia and Iraq to establish a joint free trade zone on the borders of three countries, and the dialogue is based heavily and fast to prepare for this project.

The source told Kuwait's Al-Dar: The free zone will be established on an area of 585 km 2 between the areas of patchy and Salmi on the Iraqi border, pointing out that the goal of the dotted region is to serve the Persian Gulf states, as well as Yemen, Iran and Turkey.

He said the region is an important tributary of free trade in the three countries, and keep pace with the economic development of the region, and can be used in the long run.

He pointed out that the idea, proposed by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia, is expected to be an important factor for the exchange of trade between the countries in question.

He continued: The next stage will see the start of official talks between the three countries to agree on the implementation of this idea on the ground, and provide all necessary facilities for this region in terms of the cost of the project establishment and approval of its system and take advantage of it, pointing out that the three countries have the desire for a project like this giant, which is expected to positively affect the economies of many other countries.

Posted by Kel at 7/05/20

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