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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Just sold another 1 million dinar

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To those that are bashing him for getting out, find something else to do. He wants out and thinks his money will do him some good elsewhere. That doesn't hurt my feelings because his participation will not trigger an RV.

Very well said grappler64. I enjoyed Networth's speculation. Those who became emotional, ridiculed him and quick to bash people at sharing news of an exit or dinar reduction IMO...may have invested merely on "Safety In Numbers" theory instead of speculation. I've never seen investors participate with a mindset that its a flippant no big deal, if they take a loss...and seek to criticize those who work the market. They don't reassess and adjust their position continuously? Thats a true understanding of investing?

Isn't that why there are resources such as ForEx and Trading sites, Daily World Investment News, Smart Phone Updates.. monitored by those who really understand and make adjustments. Why be on a speculation or any investment board, if bragging that money is no object and more passion geared toward insulting different approaches vs assessing options in a potentially changing interest?

I enjoyed Networth's sharing his personal speculation as well as some others who productively responded with their own. Now those are true and responsible investors who will most likely exceed financially .

but hey as some scolders say its no biggie they're prepared for a loss from the beginning...but if they're haters/bashers now before their investment results,....good grief what happens later. :blink:


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I'll never understand posts like this. You guys just don't understand investments. You whine and complain about a $3k investment like it's the end of the world. Get a friggin life man.

You better have a hundred times that amount invested by retirement age or you'll be working until your dead and on welfare. $3k in the big picture is just pocket change, one months pay!

Millions of people drop $3k everyday on TV's and home theater systems. It isn't really a large amount of money unless you are unemployed, and if you are unemployed you shouldn't be investing in exotic currency.

Read drox's post from another topic. It can't get any clearer than this. Please do sell your dinar and move on. I could have sold a million dinar on ebay for $35-$40 per 25k note and made a tidy profit.

Dude, you hit it squarely on the head. You just put it all in perspective. I spent over $5K for my home theater system: I've spent more than that on the craps table in Vegas and never thought a fricken moment about it: If you can't afford to be in this thing til the bitter (hopefully sweeeeeeet) end then get out of it, but don't look for any sympathy from me.

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