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Wael Abdul Latif: the role of parliament has been considerable development positions والايفادات!

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Wael Abdul Latif: the role of parliament has been considerable development positions والايفادات!

On Tuesday, 28-06-2011 10: 03 am

Baghdad (News). Description/coalition member, Wael Abdul Latif, the work of the government, the parliament and the بالمتعثر for their inability to manage things in the right way, accusing the House of Representatives to develop managerial positions is a waste of public funds. He said-in a statement (the news News) today (Tuesday) that: " The political process have because there is no way to build the authority in Iraq,

He said that the construction and the Iraqi constitution but political forces turned it to محاصصة does not lead the purpose or the goals that sought by the authority. "

He added that "the House of Representatives was a product of the government, is stumbling since its first meeting (Open) because of the political blocs that controlled every anything in Iraq, and the court's decision, the Federal لبقيت meeting (Open) indefinitely," he said, adding that the presidency of the council membership was set up بالتوافقات before the elections and will not rely on efficiency. "

And that " the House of Representatives so far is to the rules of procedure of the previous parliamentary session because of differences in views of politics."

He added that: " legislation that was issued by the council, a few did not meet ambitious, and was disappointed in the work of the legislature, as well as weak oversight role which did not provide anything since the meetings only to question the commission. "

Lukman that " administrative role of the parliament was great through التعينات by the council اروقته in the development of management positions and الايفادات This is a waste of public money. /End/2.. M.

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I like when you leave some sort of comment. The whole THANKS K98 is getting over redundant. Are you trying to get your post count up or are you really thankful?

wow...and posting this exact same thing on every one of his posts isn't redundant?



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