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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

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The time of the revaluation could be approaching quickly and this loose brotherhood of dinar holders will be disbanding. I wanted to drop this little tidbit on the lurkers of this site before then. I hope that this sinks into your heart and spirit and refuses to leave you.

People around you have been scoffing about the dinar situation. You can find references to this investment opportunity as being a scam all over the internet. If people really believed this was going to happen, everyone would be jumping on the band wagon. Many people have believed though still only a small percentage of Americans truly have faith this will happen. So we wait and hope as our friends and family raise their eyebrows and sometimes their voices to question our trust in the Iraqi dinar. You know what it is like. The belittlement. The questioning of your intelligence and even your sanity. But your study and research show that this has to be true. Right? And so you press on in faith.

Welcome to the world of a Christian. You who don’t who don’t know Jesus Christ have perhaps played the same role as the dinar doubter on a much broader scale. You question the intelligence of those who embrace an unseen God and a savior who lived 2000 years ago. But my friend, you see, Christians have done the research. We do not hope idly. Wishful thinking is not what drives our belief system.

And we believe that Jesus is coming back again soon. The return of Jesus corresponds the revaluation of the dinars in this parable. We’ve had the false gurus who have told us when and how and everything else, but their inaccuracy does not shake our trust this will happen.

If the revaluation comes about as hoped, your friends and family will be amazed that this came to pass (and jealous). And they will wish that they had believed and invested. Too late!

And when you who don’t follow Jesus cash in your dinar, I hope you remember this parable and realize if the story of Jesus is true in the same way this unbelievable tale of the dinar was, that you too will wish you had believed in the son of the living God who died on a cross 2000 years ago for mankind and embrace His love. And I pray that you will realize you want to be a part of the group who waits for that event to happen with even more zealousness than the revaluation of the dinar – before it’s too late.

I like your thoughts.

Peace and much love to you.

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What an awesome post! Your gift of words and the courage to share will possibly lead several down a path they might never have ventured: to develop a personal relationship with Jesus, our Lord and Savior! Now that is food for thought with nourishment for the soul!

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