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What happened to Frank's site???


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I'm thinking, there must be an issue with his previous site KTFM. Didn't he claim some non-profit status while @ KTFM? I think whatever monies they pulled in, went to their missions work. However, since he left KTFM and opened another site, I was always wondering if trouble was brewing with government agencies and perhaps it caught up with him? Just a thought.

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Honestly, who gives a rats butt what happens at another site? why does it matter?

Easy bro I was simply asking if anyone knew what was goin on. I realize tempers are getting short, but try to relax...

they started a new site last week. won't give info here. pm.

A new one other than the new one he started a few weeks ago?

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DICTATED TO DebTarheelGirl 12:45pm Saturday


If you try to log on and you receive a notice saying your account is cancelled, please ingore it......

We are working on our site and things should be back to normal by Sunday or Monday

For those of you that copy and paste, please BUMP and share this information about the site issues with the other forums....

Thank you Family....


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Well... I was checking out what was going on in the world of dinar today, and it looks as if Frank's site has been suspended!!!

Anyone know why?

Well we have this note in jus for dinar. Maybe is nothing or coincidence. Announcement? Hmmm!!! Again, maybe is nothing but is interesting.

The administrator of this forum is processing a maintenance. You can't access this forum for the moment.

Please check back later for an announcement.

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