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But everyone has got their own manners... The fact we don't like them doesn't necessarily mean they're bad or awful.... You yourself HD (or myself, or anybody else) have your own manners some like and some don't as they could appear as coming on strong at times. It's only a matter of perspective and basically accepting that one is the way one is.

As long as there's no insulting, offending,or anything objectively bad and wrong going on towards others.... Peace.

Now i agree with you on the bottom line and peace to you also. also let me point out that i am HD053 not HD.

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Tom you couldn't said it any better because Heavy likes to go and tell everybody

that they shouldn't post this or post that because some people don't agreed with it.

But I'll say this I've a lot more people are liking what I'm posting than those who don't like it.

Post what ever your heart desires rtrusty and anyone else for that matter. I was only trying make people think instead of getting banned because of their comments. If you're banned you will lose all the news and comments that are helpful, so let your heart be your guide.

I fully know you're not HD but HD053....Smile......Since I was talking to you here I didn't feel the need to write the entire ID.Peace.

sorry after last weeks id thing just wanted to make sure

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I understand you're simply saying that 'people should play nice' but the use of the term 'respect' needs to be challenged. In my opinion- people EARN respect, it's not freely given nor should it be. If someone says something that is ridiculous and I read it- then, if I'm in the mood, I'll sign on and say I disagree. If they persist in cramming the stupidity down my throat, then I'll tell them point blank that I believe their comments are stupid and they should educate themselves on the subject at hand. Simple rules for a simple game. Earn respect by giving sincere, fact-based opinions, and you'll never hear a harsh word from me; however, waste my time by insisting you're right and others are wrong and... hey, what else is there to do but call it out? I won't give anyone respect without them earning it, I will be courtesous until I can't be anymore.

Concerning negativity... that's a matter of perspective, isn't it? If you want things to happen in one way and I want them to happen another... either argument could be construed as negative to the other. For example, you might want it to RV and be willing to wait another year just to get it to do so, while I simply might want to get it over with, be willing to accept a LOP tomorrow and earn my 100-300% return. You talking a year to me would then be negative, my talking LOP to you would certainly be negative... just a matter of perspective.

Anyway, it really doesn't matter- because one of the members touched on the main thing... people should be true to themselves, say what they believe, and not worry about being 'banned' by over-zealous mods. After all, ultimately, it's just an online forum. Oh well, I've spent more time than I intended on this- just wanted to point out that soldiers on the front line deserve my respect, veterans who served deserve my respect, old people who made something great out of this country deserve my respect, but people who simply want to grab a moment by stating factless assumptions don't. Courtesy but not respect. There is a difference.

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Anyway, it really doesn't matter- because one of the members touched on the main thing... people should be true to themselves, say what they believe, and not worry about being 'banned' by over-zealous mods.

You can disagree all you want, I don't really care about that part!! It's when name calling (stupid,idiot,moron etc.....starts getting thrown around is where we step in)

Most of us (mods) have been doing this long enough to see where a thread is going to go and that is when we step in as I did a few post ago ASKING that everyone PLAY'S NICE!!

That means it is okay to disagree with the poster but keep the post respectful!!

I don't think that that is asking to much!! smile.gif

Thanks Again


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You know very well what i meant by the posting. Disagreement and negatism have two different meanings, Disagreement is the art of having opposing opinions and negatism is adding unnessasary comments for spite.

Please add this word to your vocabulary : NEGATIVISM. Not trying to be rude, but there is a spell checker, and you can just type a word into GOOGLE to get the correct spelling. Don't leave yourself open to derision or make poor impressions for misspelling.

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