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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Revalue the remaining foreign currency denominated balance sheet items!


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LOL....see there's a "neg" already, although no post to go with it, or to dispute what I wrote.

I know, it's because I'm raining on the "parade".....but guess what?'s my parade too, and it's likely I hold more dinar than most (for 7 LONG years come Aug.), but I can't base my speculations and expectations on what I believe are misconceptions.

Maybe just trying to cast a shadow? This was a good post, no need to whip it out and tell what you have unless you carry a tripod, or a huge wheel barrow to carry all the dinar or DONG! Oh, and if you have had dinar over 7 a doctor! :lol:

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Thanks for the posts BBalls and MrHappy.

It's good to have an intelligent views to base an oppinion on.

Anyone who gives a NEG, just because they don't like it, is just ignorant.

The negatives should be reserved for the blatently stupid comments. IMHO.

Go RV!!!

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Pretty much says it... hang on tight!! RV is a must do!! SOON God willing!!

Every time I see a post from you I can't help but notice the big fat cigar in your picture. If this thing ever does RV, I am going to buy one of those bad boys and smoke it!

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I'm gonna pin this one for the time being so everyone gets a chance to see it

Thank you, BB for the post and thank you Woody for

pinning. This is certainly promising news! Excellent reading


God Bless America!:D

Edited by Jac
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This is an older document that has been posted many times. I am sorry folks, but it's not talking about revaluing the Dinar.

It is talking about revaluing the foreign denominated balance sheets.

In Iraq, the Dinar is NOT considered foreign currency. This is talking about accounts that the CBI has in other currencies from other countries.

Please hang on, the RV is coming, but this document is NOT talking about the dinar rv.

Bash away if you dont want to listen to the truth, but that is what this is. Truth.

Rich in TX

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  • 2 weeks later...

15. We will continue our efforts to resolve outstanding external claims under terms that

are consistent with the 2004 Paris Club agreement. Bilateral agreements with thirteen non-

Paris Club official creditors have already been signed and are being implemented. Regarding

private creditors, most of the commercial debt has been restructured and is serviced as agreed.

We also are close to finalizing an agreement with the United States government to settle

claims of private US citizens and the Oil-for-Food program has been brought to a close. We

expect that the proceeds of the liquidation of the London branch of Rafidain bank will be

distributed shortly.

Does this mean the US governmment will finalize an aggrement with Iraq on US Citizen's claims (To include currency exchange)? If so, then maybe we will make out better than the three Zero deletion from the currency? Internal versus External? <_<:D

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It's funny I don't see any Lopsters in this thread commenting, because this kills them and their theories....woohhhoooo GOOOOOOOO RV $4.16 is what I thought we should see somewhere around that! No I have no date and that is just my best guess humbly I might add!

This article refers to clearing the balance sheets of bad debt in the two largest state owned banks, then recapitalizing to make then stable.

This one has made the rounds a number of times; each time with the same result.

I don't know about your fear of lobsters, but the DV members that keep up with the news commented earlier in this threat to point out what you missed...

Edited by Dalite
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I am a newbie, so bear with me.

From what I read in this document.. one thing seems to make sense to me. It seems, to me, that the reval won't happen until the finalize the computerization and electronic banking infastructures. Then again, opinions are like .... we all have one.

RV! I'm more than ready!!

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