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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!



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So at least one person identifies who will be in charge of monetary policy if the FED is abolished...the treasury. Oh wait thats right Timothy Geithner is the secretary of the Treasury, who happens to be the former president of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Please realize the average American's life will not change if the FED is abolished. There will still be bankers and individuals who try their best to make the best choices for monetary policy. And being that they are human they will make errors. I wish there was no interest charged to those with great business ideas, looking for homes, etc...but the world has never worked like that way.

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Scooter - Always appreciate all of your work and watch for anything that you post. VERY interesting set of proposed legislation - but as mentioned before, much of this will die in committee and never reach the floor for a vote in either the House or the Senate. Thank you again for all of your hard work & please continue to share your insight and knowledge as to this investment and the crazy ride that we are currently on!

God Bless!


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+1 for Scooter and +1 for Proteus which was very very enlightening. That is something you will never learn in school which now explains why my taxes are so high. I am a doctor and Belize or Costa Rica looks better every day I am pi##ed now :angry:

Well, don't bother to leave the states as long as you are a US CITIZEN the IRS will track you down and shake you down for any taxes they can get from you. So be sure about your standing before you make the trip.

well we watch and wait on these proposed bills

fed and irs absorbed (now part of) treasury - fed private corp irs private corp (previously) maybe we shall see FRNs backed by substance in the near future after all - it would be fabulous to have our money printing and regulation back where it belongs and with a flat tax system - we shall see!

Thanks Scooter and all for your posts there is hope for us afterall!


Sorry, the flat tax is just as unconstitutional as the one you are stuck with now. The USA lived and thrived on the three lawful taxes for many years, in fact many of those years the Congress fought over what to do with the surplus.

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