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KME (Know Moral Eyes) Post

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This is the latest from KME, a guy who used to post on this forum and somehow achieved guru status in record time. The question I have for him today (if he reads this) is "where did you get the information about Kuwait being "done and in the system for 10 days before cash-in"? Was that from official documents, a trusted source in Kuwait, or some dinar forum where pumpers post BS?

Most of you guys have been hitting me with PMs, wondering where I've been. I've been here the whole time. I've just been quiet. With everyone else out there giving you what they've heard, I felt no need to join in and clutter the boards further.

That being said, I will jump in and say something now. I believe we are very close to the end of this ride, so I want to share my OPINION with you.

As usual, I will give the disclaimer-- This is based solely on my OPINION. Some of what you will read is pulled from intel given by others, some will be from news we've read, and the read is just common sense being made from what we've been given.

I will start with the "Green Screen" that we've heard so much about. From some of the forex guys I talk to, the IQD does not literally turn from red to yellow to green. What is being said when someone says "IQD is now green," they mean "IQD is ready to trade." It is my understanding, from talking to forex guys, that the IQD has been "green" since last Thursday. What does that mean by way of seeing the RV? You tell me!! If it was "green" a week ago, you'd think we would have seen it by now. Obviously, that is not the case. There is SOMETHING left to do, and is probably something so small, it will make you throw your bowl of Cheerios at the dog!! It wouldn't surprise me.

If you read the CSC posts back in March and April, you'll know how set I am in the fact that Iraq has been ready since February. Someone else is holding this thing up.

Sorry, I am all over the place in this post. It was a spur of the moment thing!!

I won't even touch the IMF. I believe everyone here should see how obvious the events dealing with all that was!! DSK had more than a few issues, but rape wasn't the main one on the minds of world leaders.

Recent events otherwise have left everyone in a tailspin. How many of you don't know which way is UP right now? Ok, don't answer that!! We all have info about ministers, WTO, IMF, Wells Fargo, 5th/3th, Chase, Forex, multiple CBI sites, Chapter 7, HCL, contracts, oil, gold, silver, natural gas, Kuwait, borders, ICs, Lower Denoms, ATMs, the Green Zone, Mountain Dew, GOI dissolution, Shabibi, Maliki, Allawi, cash-in procedures, bank rumors, LLCs, attorneys, Bin Laden, and demonstrations blasting through our minds RECENTLY!! Ok, so maybe the Mountain Dew part was just me!! This is a lot to take in and piece together. Do you think it's been a horrible ride? Think about the guys and gals that bring this info to the table. They are the ones that hear "RV will be tomorrow" from highly respected world officials!! Do you think it's easy to stay grounded when you hear this from the "gurus?" Think about if a high society type of official told you this. THAT is the ride these guys are on. It is emotionally draining to the highest degree.

Anyway, let's try to get back on track.

I know you guys are getting frustrated with the "it's done" announcements and not being able to cash in. EVERYONE is. You are not alone. Truth is, when Kuwait RVd, it was "done" and in the system for 10 days before cash-out was allowed. Now on May 4th, most of the "gurus" (I hate that word) were told "It's done." Again last Thursday, most of the "gurus" heard "It's done." As far as I know, they are right. What you have to think about is the fact that this isn't a "3, 2, 1, Ok PUSH THE BUTTON" process. I believe what these guys mean is "all parts have agreed to what should happen." Now all that is left to do are the small parys that make this process flow smoothly. For example, the currency books at banks, having ATMs online and ready to go. If there are truly over 100 currencies about to RV, then there are at least 100 countries that have to have every tiny detail in order before this can be released.

It is my understanding that most of this has taken place, and we could see this at any time. We have dwindled down to bones in this process. Everything seems to be in order, EXCEPT ANNOUNCEMENTS. They will be coming soon.

I know you all will ask my opinion on WHEN. I guess I'll give it...

My OPINION on a feasible timeline would be anytime between 2 AM CST tonight and 5 PM EST next Wednesday. Again, JUST MY OPINION.

If I think of anything else that has been on my mind, I'll post it. This probably wasn't worth your time to read, but I did it to make you suffer anyway!!


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Hi Scooby Doo :)

Thank you for asking this regarding Kuwait. I often wonder when

the misinformation about Kuwait will stop being used to try and

compare to current day Iraq.

KME comment regarding Kuwait is NOT factual. Kuwait did NOT

have an "RV". I understand how easy it is to hype Kuwait because

it makes for good rumors, but it does not make them factual.

Here is a nutshell of what happened in Kuwait, then hopefully we can

better understand the errors regarding Kuwait. After Saddam and his crew

invaded Kuwait, they replaced the KWD with the Iraqi Dinar as its currency, THEN

Saddam and cohorts STOLE large amounts of the KWD. American forces entered the

scene and drove out Saddam, and we know how that ended. After these events, it was time

for Kuwait to deal with their peculiar circumstance. So to deal with all the stolen KWD, they

decided to RESTORE the KWD as the countries currency, and to deal with the stolen KWD,

they issued new notes. Old ones could be exchanged (cashed in) for new notes. There was a

certain manner they had to handle this in, and one was they had to make sure all the STOLEN

KWD would not be turned in and the proceeds go to the criminals, i.e., Saddam and henchmen.

That was the reason for issuing new notes, and rid the system of the stolen notes and deem them

worthless. What Kuwait DID was what is called a REinstatement of their currency, and then they issued

a new series of notes, while getting the old notes and the actual target...the stolen notes out of circulation,

but only after a REinstatement of the countries currency.

It was not a revaluation, it was simply restoring the KWD back as their currency, followed by the issuance

of new series of notes. Some made really good profits from this, but they HAD to have proof of how they had

received or purchased, acquired the OLD notes before an exchange was allowed so there were no thieves profiting from

from their crime. This is another reason why recently, some have stated concerns about needing receipts, all the

special procedures, mountains of 'proof' of ownership,etc., due to the comparison of Kuwait exchange, when there can be no comparison.

If I am incorrect in what I have learned then please correct me, but as far as I can tell, this is how it actually occurred

and so for KME to make a comment about "Kuwait RV", it is simply not accurate nor factual. Now was it "in" their

system 10 days prior? I cannot answer that, but even if it was, why does that mean that it must mean the IQD rate

is also already programmed? There is no connection that I see, other than what KME stated...opinion, but the part

of his opinion about a "Kuwait RV" is not what they did.

I think the more we all understand actual details and the circumstances surrounding what happened in Kuwait, we can

stop trying to compare the two different situations and a lot of stolen KWD currency.

So I agree with Scooby Doo and would love to hear KME back up his comments about Kuwait in regards to Scooby Doo question.

Again, if i have missed something regarding Kuwait, please correct me. I am just trying to help with so much constant

confusion every time someone tries to make it sound like Iraq will carbon copy Kuwait actions. it sounds good, but it

is not comparable from what I have learned.

Thanks Scooby Doo for taking the time to address this :D

All my best!



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Thanks Jim. I just feel that it's important to remind people that many of the things that are presented as fact in these dinar forums are in fact misrepresentations or complete fabrications. By saying that it was "done" for ten days before the rate went public in Kuwait he's suggesting that it is in fact "done" now in Iraq and we're just waiting for it to appear. I think it's pretty obvious that the reason the RV doesn't appear yet is that it isn't done yet.

The KME guy is getting his thoughts posted all over the internet like he's some sort of expert when in fact he was posting here last year that he is an oilfield worker and has a total of $40 invested in the dinar. He's one of those guys who thinks that anybody who doesn't believe in an imminent $3+ RV is just negative or a basher. People like that are drawn to pumper BS like moths to a flame.

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I am sometimes entertained by the pumpers, and I believe the RV will happen soon. I would love a high RV rate like everyone else, but probably will not pan out that way. I can see the likelyhood of an RV from roughly .30 to .50, as in reallity the IQD is worth about .10 now if my memory serves me correctly.

This amount does not add in the value of Iraq national resources.

GO RV .... :):)

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I have said it before... been bashed for it, but have said it before and will say it again. Look this is a different animal the likes of which we have not seen... a RV may happen or it may not but rest assured it can't stay "Toilet Paper Money" forever.

I believe that this RV will happen over time so if you are in this for a short and quick buck then please cash in your chips at the front desk and kindly leave, this is a marathon not a sprint. Do yourself a favor and stop listening to all of the pumpers and "GURUs" out there because they know about the same as you do right now about this investment. Most of them are just pimple faced nerds sitting in their mother/ grandmother's basement trying to get someone to listen to them for the first time in their lives. They have no real job, hobbies, and if they have a family it is their pet and grandma.

Please again, don't listen to these guys they are just trying to get you to believe their nonsense and get your heart rate up every Friday and Sunday trust me just hop off the site and message boards and go fishing or what ever you like to do... we will still be at 0.00085 when you get back no need to watch this every day.

Thanks Jim and Mr Rich for bringing this topic to the forefront and Jim great researchth_smiley_two_thumbs_up.gif

Every one have a great weekendemot-wave.gif I am going on leave to be with my family and it is a Military 4day weekend so see you all on Tuesday... if I am not fishingbiggrin.gif

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Iraq must do something with the dinar. It's really simple. The dinar is only valid "in country" and not an internationally tradable currency. In order for Iraq to do business with the rest of the world, that must have a currency that is recognized to have some value. At present it does not.

IMO, the "lifting of the zeros" has been going on for some time by the CBI removing those notes when they come into the bank. It has resulted in some businesses not having enough dinar to conduct commercially viable trade. I suppose the US$ is the backup, and the CBI auctions are about buying dollars, not selling dinar.

Shabs says he wants to make the dinar worth more and is on track by removing the large notes. Now when the RV happens, the dinar will be worth more and be internationally accepted.

I have read about this on DV and a few Iraqi websites and believe that's what will happen.

That's JMO and I'm sticking to it. I'm sure from my research I have at least equal footing with all these gurus and maybe more insight than they have. No contacts or any of that stuff just many, many hours of study and research.

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