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Currency Expert says Iraq RV is a scam

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This is whats called a "catch all" page, it is used by internet marketers to catch all emails of visitors to the site, and a pretty good one at that, i must say. Anyone that reads this either invested or thinking about investing will want to be on that newsletter. It draws on your curiosity. They feed you just enough to make you want to subscribe. Try it and see what emails you start receiving :) I will bet he is selling a book or service in the very first newsletter you get. If not more will follow, with yet more sales pitches...

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have any of you checked this out, thoughts? is this old stuff?

I still get Sovereign Investor though I seldom read it. They have some wild and controversial predictions. Some are good investments. But SI is going to make money from their recommendations. Therefore they will promote things which are to his advantage. The IQD must not be to their profit.:D

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