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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

SMALL DENOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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lol Those are not the new denoms, they do not look anything like the larger bills! Where did you get this? Lol no no ... let me guess.... from a okie or terry k website! If your right though I would be lovin it but do not se this as a real iraqi dinar low denom

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Ill look into these new bills .. Im in Iraq now working for KBR Ill ask one of the local nationals to try and get me some. and ill also go to the bank here at JBB (Joint Base Balad) they may have the new bill on hand.

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They are not the current smaller denoms. You can go to a lot of the dinar dealers web pages and the lower Denoms, 500, 250, 50 are available for viewing. not supporting other sites but here is a link to view the real ones. I bought an investor's kit that has all of the lower denoms and each denom looks different by color size and picture.

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