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GET Team CC Transcript Monday Eve. Apr 25, 2011

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GET Team CC Transcript Monday Eve. Apr 25, 2011

« on: April 25, 2011, 10:44:46 PM »

[mangiabuona2] Good Evening and Welcome to the G.E.T. Conference Call ~`~ We Appreciate Our Members ~`~

[TamRon400] waiting on

[TamRon400] Rodney?

[TamRon400] Steve being 3-ways by Ray

[kktwahoo] Steve?

[kktwahoo] Janna is getting Tk on

[kktwahoo] Rodney will not make - family things to take care of

[Agent 007] I got disconnected

[TamRon400] Ray, Steve, AL, Janna and ?? waiting on TK

[kktwahoo] Comment by Steve about saving his soul!

[kktwahoo] sorry folks having a little bit of trouble getting TK on

[sweetvirgodinar] Al, I have Janna

[mangiabuona2] YAY

[kktwahoo] TK is on!

[kktwahoo] Ray

[kktwahoo] STeve

[kktwahoo] Janna back on

[kktwahoo] Sorry running a little bit late

[TamRon400] Roll Call

[TamRon400] Janna is back

[kktwahoo] TK

[kktwahoo] Opening prayer by Sam

[kktwahoo] Looking for Sam now

PRAYER 4-24-2011 “An Awesome God”

Dear Heavenly Father,

Glorious Saviour, Resurrected One, Comforter, Redeemer and Friend

We come into Your Presence and praise You for who You Really are.

You are Awesome, You are Beautiful, You are our Creator, Deliverer, and our Eternal Friend.

You are God Almighty; You are Honorable, Immortal, Just, Kind, Loving, Merciful and Never Weary.

You are Omnipotent, Powerful, and Quick to answer our prayers.

You are our Redeemer, Our Savior…You are Trustworthy

You are Undying, Victorious, and Wonderful

You cancel all our sins

You are Jehovah Jireh, our Provider

You are Alpha and Omega…The beginning and the end…

Heavenly Father, we come to You,

For Your Faithfulness is a mighty shield.

When the enemy comes to whisper fearful thoughts and an uncertain future, may we claim Your promise that Your faithfulness is a Mighty Shield and we can hide in the shelter of Your Presence.

We pray for blessings

For You are the Source of all blessings. Help us each day to draw from the blessings that You have for us. May we be blessed from that Source that never runs dry. Whatever our circumstance may be we know that You are there for us, ready to reach down and touch us with Your Blessings.

We pray for peace

Father God, troubles and trials and fatigue devours us each day. Our minds are restless and caught in a whirlwind of confusion and turmoil and uncertainty. Draw near to us Sweet Holy Spirit and give us the Peace that passeth all understanding. The Peace that only comes from knowing You, the Author and Sustainer of Peace.

We pray for comfort…

many of us have lost loved ones. Among us are the sick, the poor, the destitute, the old and the fearful who have clung to this investment. For in this investment we have found the much needed comfort and hope for one more day. Give us the assurance dear Lord as we trust in You to keep us centered on You …For only You can provide all our needs!

Father God, we know that You hear each spoken need
. Not a single request goes out of our mouths that You are not aware of.

Not a silent tear escapes our troubled hearts that You are not there to wipe it.

You are our Divine Comforter.

You are the Rock that we cling to when all around us the waves of fear and desolation threaten to engulf us.

Amidst the anthems of the celestial choir, You stop to hear the faintest, weakest whisper of a prayer.

How precious are Your thoughts towards us Father God.

How priceless we are to You.

All heaven would have been emptied for just one of us…

Such knowledge is too wonderful for us to comprehend…

So tonight Father we come to Your Holy Presence.

We commit this Conference call into Your care.

Be with every person that is tuned to this call. We request Your presence among us. Touch us, comfort us, assure us ..

Fulfill all our requests and reach out and visit us. Give us Your Peace, Your Comfort and most of all give us the assurance that however dark the road may be, however windy the path, however rough the course, You are our Leader and all we have to do is follow You as You gently lead us through this dark maze of this investment

Bless us Tonight, Dear Lord

We Pray in Jesus Name Amen!

[kktwahoo] Amen

[kktwahoo] Steve - so proud to be associated with a group of guys and gals who are openly Christian and proud of it!

[kktwahoo] Hard to hear Steve yes

[kktwahoo] TK - couple of things

[kktwahoo] Some news out there, some negative news out there

[kktwahoo] Medic saying .86; others saying 1.00 $

[kktwahoo] A lot of smoke

[kktwahoo] Wanted people to go into panic mode

[kktwahoo] Spokesperson from IMF - rate not like S wanted not what IMF wanted either $4.25 to $5.27

[kktwahoo] Call today from Washington - said could go as high as $8.00 plus

[kktwahoo] For the last yr we knew there was going to be a lot of negative stuff dispersed right before the RV

[kktwahoo] Has seen a lot of negatives the last couple weeks

[kktwahoo] it is close

[kktwahoo] Lots of things happening - not up to S or up to M - will be world reboot currency

[kktwahoo] Whole currencies throughout the world

[kktwahoo] S will make the announcement

[kktwahoo] Hearing between now and Thurs

[kktwahoo] Do NOT go out and buy more and do NOT buy more than you can afford to lose

[kktwahoo] This is not an investment you get rich overnight

[kktwahoo] TK been in 7 1/2 yrs

[kktwahoo] Comfortable with Iraq

[kktwahoo] At any moment

[kktwahoo] Lift the poverty level off

[kktwahoo] Go around the room now

[kktwahoo] Tina not with us tonight - vacation over Easter, etc.

[kktwahoo] Ty Janna and Al for putting call together at last moment

[kktwahoo] Ty for the Easter wishes

[kktwahoo] Apologize for not being on site much lately - needed to reboot my batteries

[kktwahoo] Will be on more and get more information

[kktwahoo] Instead of getting a lot of peeps hopes up

[kktwahoo] Thanks for those that understand

[kktwahoo] for those that don't understand sometime in your life you will learn to smell the roses

[kktwahoo] Al

[kktwahoo] Info received today $4.86 on back screen Thompson Reuters - still showing processing

[kktwahoo] Anytime between now and Thurs

[kktwahoo] Same at TK

[kktwahoo] Doing good

[kktwahoo] Sam appreciates your prayers and prays for Tina to perk her up - at end of call

[kktwahoo] Ray

[kktwahoo] Calls Tues and Thurs - Trust Presentation calls

[kktwahoo] Homepage - twice on front page - click on one - nine downloads

[kktwahoo] Educational material - research it - all u can

[kktwahoo] Invites you to calls – write to

[kktwahoo] Sales people - as all of you know by now - thanks to u getting your trusts early now - less than 48 hours

[kktwahoo] thank you

[kktwahoo] Steve

[kktwahoo] Steve is yelling now

[kktwahoo] Home alone - a new movie

[kktwahoo] As you all know from my past research - the numbers by TK and Al are within the range

[kktwahoo] 86 cents does NOT make any sense

[kktwahoo] Reading today

[kktwahoo] Happily pleased with #

[kktwahoo] $4.00 range

[kktwahoo] Anything could happen at any moment

[kktwahoo] Almost every domino is set and ready to be knocked over

[kktwahoo] Expect to see it this week personally

[kktwahoo] S said very soon

[kktwahoo] Enormous complex issue

[kktwahoo] Fed Res being involved - possibly introducing UST notes - backing currency all over the world with assets

[kktwahoo] Cannot just have US currency backed by assets

[kktwahoo] Cannot just have US currency backed by assets

[kktwahoo] Two days to a week at the outside

[kktwahoo] $4.00 range is viable and reasonable

[kktwahoo] enough

[kktwahoo] Janna open up for Q & A

[kktwahoo] Skype caller - why do you think there is a difference in theory mid $4.00 or a 3 tier revaluation - why such a difference of opinion?

[kktwahoo] A - Based on sources we have - seeing real numbers, what we are being told they are going to be

[kktwahoo] Royals first, then governments, then peeps

[kktwahoo] What happened with Kuwait?

[kktwahoo] Steve - might have 3 tiers - come out around $4.00, then in say 2 weeks jump up, maybe $6.00; then in maybe 90 days jump up again

[kktwahoo] Longfellow said later IMF rejected that idea

[kktwahoo] Extreme speculation

[kktwahoo] S does not want to lose control

[kktwahoo] Iraq could afford $6 or 8 rate but dealing with over 100 currencies - have to have some sort of parity

[kktwahoo] Pending strength of the economy, other factors, oil deliveries increasing as we speak - all point toward a higher rate in the near term rather than the long term

[kktwahoo] World coordinated event

[kktwahoo] Steve said 2 months ago could afford $14

[kktwahoo] Heard a couple weeks ago it was $8.10, $8.20 etc.

[kktwahoo] AC 863 - Had trouble getting on - heard last of what Steve said - what did I miss

[kktwahoo] A - Not much, waiting, any day now, anticipate opening around $4.25

[kktwahoo] Secondary #

[kktwahoo] TBA until 45 minutes before the call

[kktwahoo] Trying to give Intel???

[kktwahoo] *6 to ask Q

[kktwahoo] AC 217 - quick question - why is IQD in English

[kktwahoo] Both English and Arabic on notes

[kktwahoo] Individual than ran the UST at time of invasion also wrote plan

[kktwahoo] AC 301 - Greg - if Fed Res is like combining with UST - seems to me like that is not the end - should get rid of Fed Res completely - why cannot get rid of them?

[kktwahoo] Steve - does not know enough about it - IRS and Fed Res going away - Wed am first press conference in 97 yr history - ominous

[kktwahoo] probably tell us 100+ currencies revalue, etc.

[kktwahoo] I heard today Fed Res is on 100 yr lease - tenure is NOT indefinite

[kktwahoo] maybe get a renewal - I do NOT know

[kktwahoo] We will find out - have to only wait 2 days

[kktwahoo] AC 252 - Ben - trying to help out - the cc number was not available until after 9 pm

[kktwahoo] wanted to pass it on

[kktwahoo] ty for all u do

[kktwahoo] ty

[kktwahoo] AC 763 - John - To see RV follow Hillarious Clinton and ministers - do you believe Hilary will make another trip to Iraq?

[kktwahoo] 2d private to S - connection to RV and GOI? Nothing

[kktwahoo] ty

[kktwahoo] AC 801 - What time will FED RES be giving announcement Wed

[kktwahoo] I heard 2:15 Eastern

[kktwahoo] Al heard 2 or 2:30 eastern

[kktwahoo] TK - we verified we did not change # on homepage but changed in chat room - that is our fault and TK apologized

[kktwahoo] Skype - After RV will GET team being getting together for celebration and investment help and advice?

[kktwahoo] TK - post-RV party in Vegas 30 days post RV - investment firms, including one from Iraq - we do NOT make anything from it

[kktwahoo] Couple of other individuals will be doing things on investments

[kktwahoo] Ty from DB will be speaking

[kktwahoo] Don't want to put too much out - peeps mimic it or copy it

[kktwahoo] Post RV - about 20 seats left for millionaires row - 501©(3) up and running, registered - taking commitments - sit at $$$$ table - recognition, gifts, know your donation is going to the vets

[RonTam004] Money is going to vets

[kktwahoo] Plates are $12,500 each - expenses coming out of TK's pocket - 3 1/2 million budget

[kktwahoo] All geared to vets

[kktwahoo] 45 foot RV given to raffle off

[kktwahoo] Everything we raise goes to TCB Caring Hands and vets

[RonTam004] all is geared to raise money for the vets. We have a guest speaker that is giving us a 45 foot RV which we will raffle off

[RonTam004] at the party as well as a viper and other things

[kktwahoo] Looking at 7½ % overhead

[RonTam004] we are excited

[kktwahoo] Driving down highway looking at 600 acres of property - wanted to see water runoff - border of ND and Montana - land in both states

[RonTam004] we are looking at 600+ acres setting up for the vets, on the border of North Dakota

[kktwahoo] 7,600 acres NOT 600 acres

[RonTam004] it is 7600 acres

[enorrste] 7600 acres

[kktwahoo] quite a big spread

[kktwahoo] 500 homes up to 2,000 homes at peak

[kktwahoo] we cannot get there unless we have the help of everyone involved

[kktwahoo] they are keeping us free

[kktwahoo] At Starbucks - guy had Vietnam hat - talked to him - brought tears to my eyes - thanked him

[kktwahoo] Hotel for Vegas?

[kktwahoo] mgm Grand

[kktwahoo] Janna is heading this up

[enorrste] Janna is VERY professional!

[kktwahoo] AC 863 - TK Q - wonderful idea but $12 grand a plate - what are you serving?

[RonTam004] we are looking at 500 homes initially and want around 2000

[RonTam004] we need the help of everyone involved

[RonTam004] Terry talked to a Vietnam Vet at Starbucks and the individual explained what he had gone through

[RonTam004] hotel for Las Vegas, MGM Grand

[kktwahoo] Money going to vets - anything you want on buffet

[RonTam004] what better way to spend some money for the Vets

[kktwahoo] Caller says - they deserve it, we cannot give them enough

[RonTam004] we are going to have .....

[kktwahoo] Al - who is going to be there?

[kktwahoo] VA?

[RonTam004] we are planning on having the secretary of veteran’s affairs

[RonTam004] depending on date of party

[kktwahoo] Al - planning on Secretary of Veterans Affairs - depends on date whether or not he can attend

[RonTam004] then the commander and chief of the DAV

[kktwahoo] cc of VFW, DAV

[kktwahoo] Over 40 non-profit groups - A to A+ ratings

[RonTam004] We have 40 non-profit groups coming on board with an A A + rating

[RonTam004] they have been doing it for a while

[RonTam004] each have their own entities

[RonTam004] we have to get with our attorneys to see how to structure this

[RonTam004] if someone has a disability they cut through the red tape

[kktwahoo] Pretty heavy hitters, exciting - will be the largest non-profit out there for vets

[kktwahoo] 3 that are donating over $100 USD - great jump start - post - RV funds

[kktwahoo] Another group working on donating 100 m IQD pre-RV - putting group together now

[kktwahoo] Al - several celebrities will be showing up if fits in their schedule

[kktwahoo] previous presidents or their staff members - depends on date

[kktwahoo] AC 352 - Still planning on office in Orlando for TCB?

[TamRon400] A. Yes we are, we have 3 buildings that we are looking at

[TamRon400] all 3 are still available, once the RV we will secure them, they are new buildings and never had been occupied so we could finish them out the way we would like

[TamRon400] We plan on having property in all 50 states TCB caring hands

[TamRon400] TerryK- Clarify, we have 3 properties but one has really peaked our interest

[TamRon400] it is 54,000 sq ft and close to 2 of the hotels that we are buying

[TamRon400] 1 hotel 164 bed unit, set up for a 4 night stay just for vets

[TamRon400] they will also received meals and VIP tickets

[TamRon400] the 2nd hotel will be vet/open enrollment

[enorrste] Free stay for 4 days

[TamRon400] it has 500 bed hotel

[enorrste] FREE tickets

[TamRon400] we are going to split down the hotel, it will generate revenue to help support the other hotel

[kktwahoo] In close proximity

[TamRon400] for those that can pay some towards their room

[TamRon400] the largest has a restaurant, bar, conference hotel, pools

[kktwahoo] AC 301 - what is the potential possibility of lower rate at first?

[TamRon400] A. it can't happen because china would own them

[TamRon400] the reality of remove the 3 zeros has only to do with removing the large denomination notes

[kktwahoo] Geared up for 3.22 rate five months ago

[kktwahoo] implement and institute plan that is almost six years old now

[TamRon400] don't think for a minute that this is going to come out that low

[TamRon400] Iraqi will become the largest economy in the world in the next 10 years

[TamRon400] Rodney is on whoooohooo

[RonTam004] TerryK is going to develop the property in North Dakota

[kktwahoo] AC 610 - Magic balls - if this does not happen by May 1 - what problems will they have?

[RonTam004] A. Shabibi has made Maliki realize he is serious

[kktwahoo] Entire economy will not make it two more weeks

[RonTam004] Something has to be done

[kktwahoo] AC 352 - Randall in Orlando - curious - 5/3 bank stopped selling dinar - 22d of April - figure out why they did this?

[kktwahoo] Getting ready to RV - told by employee in 5/3 bank - someone was told

[kktwahoo] The bank does not want the exposure to this large return in a few days - create more trouble - customers will say "Why did you NOT tell me about this?"

[kktwahoo] Employees are not stupid in banks - will know if they are selling dinars - something is going on

[kktwahoo] Most Employees own IQD

[kktwahoo] AC 352 - me again - is the bldg in Orlando on ?

[kktwahoo] yes, that is one of them

[kktwahoo] AC - Reverb

[TamRon400] computer acting up some

[kktwahoo] AC 608 - quick Q - TCB Caring Hands - know state with highest % of veterans?

[kktwahoo] No

[kktwahoo] West Virginia

[kktwahoo] County with highest - Marion county, WV

[kktwahoo] Be great to do something in state/county that has done the most

[kktwahoo] TK - anticipate doing something in all the states - happened to be up in ND - stumbled onto 7,600 acres

[kktwahoo] Will donate a million dinar?

[kktwahoo] looking for 2,500 acres

[kktwahoo] talk to Real Estate peeps

[kktwahoo] TerryK has family in WV

[kktwahoo] Only thing with that many acres will be remote and mountainous

[kktwahoo] Email Al at: webmaster@**********.com

[RonTam004] caller please send info to AL on contact info regarding West Virginia

[kktwahoo] TK - sat next to director of VA for WV - convert downtown properties for residential areas

[kktwahoo] Consolidated and Patriot and United Mineworkers connections

[kktwahoo] TK -any member of GET team - if you have contacts to help us get 2,500 acres - email Al - what is good for the vets

[RonTam004] putting out any member of GET team, if you have contacts where we can get 2500 acres please contact AL at webmaster@**********.com

[kktwahoo] Caller gave permission for Al to call

[RonTam004] whatever is best for the vets

Part 2 ------------------------------------------

[RonTam004] Comment - lives in North Carolina

[RonTam004] had severe tornadoes, Camp LeJeune

[RonTam004] Loss of life, loss of vehicles

[kktwahoo] AC 828 - comment - NC - tornadoes - Camp LeJeune, Ft. Bragg both hit - vets have lost their homes, vehicles, loss of life, etc.

[kktwahoo] Q - asking for donations

[RonTam004] looking for donations

[terryk] loss of life. Ft Bragg was also hit and had damage. >Cash or clothing donations can be sent to the USO in Jacksonville, NC: > >USO of North Carolina, Jacksonville Center > >9 Tallman Street >Jacksonville, North Carolina, 28540 > >Phone: (910) 455-3411 >Fax: (910) 455-1341

[kktwahoo] Most of plans for vets are in the future - clothing, diapers, 30 homes destroyed, 30 more severely damaged, one elementary school damaged

[terryk] LOOK ROOM

[terryk] loss of life. Ft Bragg was also hit and had damage. >Cash or clothing donations can be sent to the USO in Jacksonville, NC: > >USO of North Carolina, Jacksonville Center > >9 Tallman Street >Jacksonville, North Carolina, 28540 > >Phone: (910) 455-3411 >Fax: (910) 455-1341

[kktwahoo] Families are lower grades of Marines - not paid that well

[RonTam004] clothing, diapers 30 homes destroyed in Camp Lejeune, one elementary school destroyed families are lower grade marines, now living in cafeteria in school

[RonTam004] this information is now posted on the site home page!!!!!

[RonTam004] if you have the availability to contribute/donate etc, info is on the main page

[RonTam004] this happened to some families whose marines are deployed

[RonTam004] anything donated is a tax write off

[RonTam004] there is power in numbers folks

[RonTam004] this is something that TCB caring hands can go in with the Red Cross and help out

[RonTam004] there is nothing we can't do

[RonTam004] Today we are a family of dinarians, next week we are a family of millionaires

[kktwahoo] AC Skype - reserves with Ty - switching banks - min. 5 m on layaway - why?

[kktwahoo] Walking away from 5/3 and going back to BBT

[kktwahoo] Ty will give it about a week and then go back to the old system pretty much

[RonTam004] A. there was confusion with 5/3 banks with the amount of wires that were coming in and the confusion

[RonTam004] there was a 2 M limit for a wire reserve

[kktwahoo] AC 404 - Atlanta - Dan - wondering if you have any info on DONG?

[RonTam004] TK will post on site once we have answer

[RonTam004] Last caller

[RonTam004] A. TK has not heard anything on Dong in almost a month. They were going to come out high but neighboring countries were having a fit

[RonTam004] they are concerned about a mass exodus from other countries

[kktwahoo] TK - Steve - anticipating RV this week, I am done

[kktwahoo] Ray - expecting a flood of trust apps this week, ty in advance

[kktwahoo] Al - I am working on new website - still has temporary TCB site -

[kktwahoo] New one will be a good surprise for everyone - should be up this week

[kktwahoo] Also have bank TCB Caring Hands bank acct open this week

[kktwahoo] - will be able to check it out

[RonTam004] - Steve anything? Anticipating the RV this week

[RonTam004] Ray - expecting a flood of trust applications this week

[RonTam004] Rodney - ??

[kktwahoo] Janna – no

[RonTam004] Thank you Janna/Mods/Admins

[kktwahoo] TK thanks everyone - mods, admins, members

[kktwahoo] Last ten days - TK been gone pretty much

[kktwahoo] Scribers too

[kktwahoo] partners in crime Steve, Rodney, al, Connie

[kktwahoo] Sam closing prayer

[RonTam004] Sam closing prayer


As we close this conference call,

We present before all our dreams, ambitions and aspirations.

We give to You every thought that troubles us for You have

asked us to present them before You

We long to be In Your Presence and walk the streets of Gold and live in the Mansions that You have prepared for us.

Until then

May the Lord bless you and keep you

May He make His countenance to shine upon you and be merciful to you

And give you peace

Now and forever


[kktwahoo] Amen

[RonTam004] Let's go RV

[kktwahoo] Go RV!

[leo] We Thank You For The Time That You Spent With Us Tonight For The G.E.T. Team Conference Call ~`~ GO RV Good Night

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They sure seem pretty jumpy about an 85 cent RV. I noticed the same thing with some of the people on Franks call last nite. I would be estatic with 85 cents. I would take my 1st dinar and buy rsskelton a cup of coffee. I'm pretty sure I owe him one. ;)

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They sure seem pretty jumpy about an 85 cent RV. I noticed the same thing with some of the people on Franks call last nite. I would be estatic with 85 cents. I would take my 1st dinar and buy rsskelton a cup of coffee. I'm pretty sure I owe him one. ;)

people never made real money in their lives and are griping about a supposed .85 cent revalue... hahaha.

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GET Team CC Transcript Monday Eve. Apr 25, 2011

« on: April 25, 2011, 10:44:46 PM »

[mangiabuona2] Good Evening and Welcome to the G.E.T. Conference Call ~`~ We Appreciate Our Members ~`~

[leo] We Thank You For The Time That You Spent With Us Tonight For The G.E.T. Team Conference Call ~`~ GO RV Good Night

Usual utter BS from the GET idiot sales team, don't be fooled by any of rthis crap. $8.00, 3 staged RV yeh right Iraq is going to have a currency worth more than any other on planet earth, this war torn, ripped up country with no infrastructure where hundreds are still being murdered monthly yeh right.

These guys are out to sell dinar and pray on the weak minded.

There not even funny anymore

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The GET CRAZIER every time they say something GROUP

They will be just like Lottery Winners

They will smoke through that money like drunken sailors

They will not be able to spend it fast enough

Some People Make Things Happen

Some People Watch Things Happen &

Some People Wonder What The HE?? Just Happen - This will be the GET TEAM

After they SMOKE through all their MONEY

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