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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Things to do after the RV.......

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Here are the top 7 things from my to do list after the RV

1. Call family and say I told you so

2. Make post on DV and Say I told you so (to all the skeptics)

3. Contact TK and the other two amigos and say you got the date wrong! Nice intel NOT!

4. Call Mr. Rich and say let’s go to the bank!

5. Go to scooter roast.

6. Stay far away from San Francisco and Phoenix dinar investment seminars.

7. Fall to my knees and pray for guidance!

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That would be a great gesture if you can please find out that information for me. There are no words that I can say except "THANK YOU!" for the things you and your church do based on your statement. I'm from Angeles City and there are many kids there that are just lurking around the city hope to get a bite as a meal. When I go to the philippines for vacation; I usually look for those kids and take them to Jollibee (Like McDonald) and feed them. My family in the Philippines are not well off but they are able to eat at least three times a day and they are content with that. This is why I'm thankful for having such people in my life. Which allows me to focus more on the people that really needs it.

Bless you brothers...This is GOD's work working through you. I will also do the same as I also see hungry people around my area. In fact, the other day, my wife passed a few bucks to a rough looking man while I helped to wind down the car window. Let us not forget those who are less fortunate than us.

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Ok so I figured it out..

10% goes to God

than I have taxes to pay

Than pay off my house and buy another one in my son's school district

buy my son a car

give to my brothers,and parents

give to friends

give to the exwife

give to nieces and nephews

than the last thing is buy me a truck


but what the heck

Go Rv

God Bless America

oh ya forgot

Leave Iraq

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It is good for me to think through the things I want to do after the RV so I'll be ready to spring into action more quickly. I also want to thank all of you who shared your special thoughts regarding this. My list is as follows:

1. Set up a trust for myself and for each of my two daughters and their families.

2. Buy another house--I had to sell mine, one I loved, when my 401K crashed.

3. Buy all new furniture and household furnishings. I had to sell things I loved and had collected over a lifetime when I sold my house. (They were just "things,"

however, and with the RV, I can buy other nice things. . . . and I love to decorate, so . . . as Shakespeare says, "All's Well That Ends Well").

4. Set up an education trust fund for Wounded Warriors and their children.

5. Volunteer to make resumes for Wounded Warriors and to teach college level writing skills to Wounded Warriors and their families.

6. Volunteer with organizations that help women (and their children) who have been in abusive relationships.

7. Travel--see more of the world--places I have studied all my adult life and whose history and literature I love and know well.

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I still think telling the government to shove their taxes up their butts is the best way to go... because for me their is no capital gains on most of my dinar I have had only a little of it for over a year... and part of that is what I am going to use to buy a plain ticket and pay my way out of the army...

Why Switzerland? the next poster was right... Asset Protection... That is what field I worked in before I came into the army and the one I know the most about... but I did it for other people.... now I do it for mebiggrin.gif

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McFlyyy all put out some great ideas, the only thing i have to worry about now is when i practice the pipes, just how much land will I need as to not bother the neighbors? And Im not sure if I can develope the depth of breathing required to keep the bellow full of air so I might have to connect it to a 25 gallon air compressor.

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I have dreamed of buying a ranch big enough to hunt on for me, my family, and my friends. Of course trucks, new house that will hold all our kids and grands at once (like at Christmas and such). Many other ideas too but it will all depend upon the rate of the RV. My heart was warmed by reading all ya'lls lists. I was impressed with how many are planning to help others. Congrats, my dad would say "You have gotten it!"

Priorities will be as follows (I think):

1. Give to church (for local work and for work in foreign countries)

2. Give to charities (already have several selected to receive various amounts. Some are local and some are not)

3. Set up scholarships at a Christian school to honor both our sets of parents

4. Help our kids (pay off college loans, reduce debt, etc.)

5. Set up some college funds for our grand children

6. Take my wife on a dream American vacation to see this wonderful country

7. Help our extended family as well as some dear friends with financial relief

8. Maybe buy some new home furnishings

9. Buy my wife some clothes without even looking at the price tags

10. May be time for a new boat and truck to pull it then

11. Take a fishing vacation and maybe fish with some BASS fishing pros

12. Continue retirement. I find I am quite good at it after nearly 11 months of practice


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AkinNAUY, I tried leaving you a post on your profile page, but it wouldnt let me. I promised you I would find out exactly what we do there. I was a little messed up with my "intel". We have a seminary school set up in Manilla. Time to time they call on our church to bring a crew there to work on old run down buildings, like churches, office buildings, etc. It is my understanding that Manilla is a huge city. A lot of poverty in certain areas. I guess that is where we do most our work. I was wrong on the combine. We sent that to the Ukraine. There we have built an orphanage, church, and a few homes for some of the people that where on the streets. Sorry, had my details a little mixed up. Next time I will provide a "link" with my intel. :rolleyes: We did have a family stationed in Manilla, from our church, but I was told that they where moved to Singapore. One of these days I would like to join them on one of those trips. The only one I have been on was the trip to the Cherokee Indian Reservation. I was in charge of roofing a schoolhouse/comomunity center for the children there. It was an awesome experience and also put things in perspective. We really dont know how good we have it sometimes.

Hopefully this investment gives you the opportunity to do those things you wish!!!

Oh, and everyone, sorry had to post this here, couldnt figure out PM. (Im just a Contractor, not a computer guru!!)

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Pretty happy with my life situation.....probably keep everything the what I do for a living.......have not told many of this investment....the ones that know are invested too......will continue with my non profit project group........which is electricity and clean water for less fortunate in other countries.....but in a bigger way after RV/RI.......probably purchase 12,000 acres of land adjacent in the Wind River Mountain Range...(Wy).....adjacent to the Wind River National Forrest area where I spend many weeks every summer.........enjoying what God made..!!!!!....Guess that's it.......nice thread.......thanks!!!!!

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Motivate & Educate even more kids, teens & young adults off the streets to get LIFE SKILLS & CAREER MOTIVATION.

My program puts students on a real movie set, giving them organization, understanding of COMPLETING a task, a feeling of belonging, team work, career motivation while realizing their talents.

Students will attend their movie premier after all that hard work and look up at that BIG SCREEN they THOUGHT was only for FAMOUS people, and now they realize IT IS REACHABLE! ANYTHING IS NOW POSSIBLE!

We are still going door to door to raise funds for our Christian based movie, to put these kids through the program.

I invested to help these kids REACH A DREAM & turn out better citizens for our communities.

Pre-production training cost no money at all, but the Equipment is what cost the big bucks. I want the students to learn how to run cameras, edit etc... (great careers to get them into, And off the streets!) GO RV!smile.gif

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