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Well Scooter if you were playing Baseball This would be a homerun---AND ITS OTTA DA PARK AND HE IS RUNNIN FOR HOME FOLKS -DID YA SEE THAT ONE? WOW--------what ya gave us was fantastic. where did you find this info ? What we DONT or alot of people dont know is that we rent our money. There is no money until we sign our names on that dotted line. The FED prints the money and then we have it Thank you very much Mr Banker. When the gold standard was taken away form us and here in Canada when we went to Charter Banks is when we lost ALL ownership to our ourselves and country. They are stealing left and right and no-one has stepped in and tried to stop it without getting whacked. Kennedy comes to mind . These people who run this SCAM dont care about you or me .They are a BACTERIA that you cant stop growing because the tenacles reach out and grown in all directions. The only way to stop them it put them all in PRISON for stealing and High Treason to our countries. Other countries are doing and we sit by and say ----well we live in the best countries in the world-----WHILE THE STEALING IS GOING ON AND THE WORLD WATCHES AND LAUGHS. WE DO HAVE GREAT COUNTRIES BECAUSE WE HAVE WHAT THEY DONT HAVE. we have cars and houses and school and lots of food and we have a DOCILE life style that we dont want to loose. Yes we live in Great countries in our minds and that is what they want us to believe and we have. WAKE UP people . Whe you are free then and only then will we have a GREAT country but under TYRANNY we wont .. It is sad when we wake up and realize that we have been SCAMMED. It really hurts. We have to understand it but at one time we were on the other side of that wall until that day came when we happened to look thru that window and saw the Truth.......Remember ---THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE------GOD Bless our countries and or homes ---GOD said when a Nation will get on their knees and pray I will Bless that nation. Have we done this? Blessings my friends---Vern :) :)

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Incredible post as always. Hats off to you again Scooter. I guess, I am left with just one question. It's a big one. Post RV, where the heck do we safely invest our money. I'm thinking metals, commodities, and realestate. What do you think Scooter?

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does no one recognize the irony of this post...on this site...on this subject? everyone on here is trying to make a mint (pun intended) with a manipulated fiat currency held and controlled by a central banking system.

I've been trying to figure out 'who's on first' since the day I invested... Do we pray for the Iraqi people to get ensnared by the same fiat system we are trying to extricate ourselves from? Between the FED, IMF, WB, UN, USA, RusA, IRS, CBI, I'm sure can you think of some more financial alphabet agencies... ok, throw in the elite power families, then stir in some millionaire ~ sorry, Billionaire Politicians, controlled media, mis-information... :o

I ~DO~ know that I Don't Know is on second! :lol: Hay..........Abbott......

The only way to stop them it put them all in PRISON for stealing and High Treason to our countries.

I Agree - Only... Once Again.... Please.... help me Identify.... WHO are "THEY" ??????????????????

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As usual scooter you are right on target. You raise a good question. Why is it that the people who run the Federal Reserve Have not been arrested? Why are they not in Jail? To understand the answer you got to go back to the beginning of this institution.

I have been without a party for a long time. There is really not much difference between the republicans and the democrats. It is like watching The WWF. In front of the news cameras the republicans pretend to be against the democratic policies. And the democrats pretend to have their own agenda and oppose the republicans. But behind closed doors they are shaking hands and making deals that are not good for America.

This is why Ronald Reagan can start something like NAFTA and bill Clinton signs it into law. This is why when republicans get into office they wind up outspending democrats. This is why Obama can make campaign promises about withdrawing the troops as soon as he gets in office. Then he puts more troops on the ground in Afghanistan, and then he does not fully withdraw the troops from Iraq. This is why the republicans cave when it comes to standing their ground on cutting 100 billion dollars from the budget. My point is these politicians campaign and say

one thing and then do another as soon as they get in office. Be it democrat or republican it really does not matter. Both parties are corrupt. I like what the tea party is attempting to do. I like what they stand for. I really wish them luck with the political reform they seek. Sure there are a few good republicans, but there seem to be a lot of RINOS too.

The problem goes higher beyond our elected politicians. The Federal Reserve was started in 1913 the primary families responsible for the fed are the Rockefeller’s, the Warburg’s, the Aldrich’s, and the Rothschild’s. Around 1921 the Council on Foreign Relations was started. The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) is an American nonprofit nonpartisan membership organization, publisher, and think tank specializing in U.S. foreign policy and international affairs. This is basically a Rockefeller institution. Every elected member of congress is also a member of CFR except

three. Ron Paul is one congressman who is not a member.

These guys are not in jail because most of our elected officials are bought and paid for through globalist organizations. The same people who are behind the Federal Reserve are behind CFR, the Trilateral Committee, the United Nations and the list goes on and on. This is why there are 150 central banks in the world just like the fed. This is why Iraq’s constitution declares the CBI independent from the Iraqi government just like the fed is independent from the US government. The truth is the people in Washington are part of the same pack of foxes in the Federal Reserve guarding the hen house. They act as team players dividing the spoil after the hunt. All this happens while American citizens get ripped off and pay the price.

Keep digging it goes deeper. I could spend hours reading the posts you put on DV. once again great Job!

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Buddy, I'm going to zero ya out. Scooters intent is awareness only. Nothing more. Somebody has to do it! I'm glad he has the the guts to get it done. Like it or not, the word is out! As for the other guy, I can't help much. I only have a few green ones to go around. Scooter speaks the truth!! Do you think these people sit around and dream this stuff up? Join the NIA. You will be appalled. Hometown USA is not what it used to be. Have a good 1! Slay.

oh no! you've gotten me completely wrong. i am well aware of the inverse pyramid system called fractional reserve banking and its redistributing effects. i've read murray rothbard, mises, hayek, peter schiff, ron paul, etc. i'm just amazed by our own hypocrisy sometimes, especially when we throw around words like "free enterprise". free markets can't exist when the money supply is controlled and interest rates are fixed by a central bank. at best, we live in hamiltonian worst, some weird form of socialism.

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