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[pilot] i have talked with okie this morning--he is in bad shape after wreck--he told me to post and remind you that he said it absolutely difinitely positively will rv the week and he also said to let them know it is me say--nuff said---period!

[moto] Okie is having a difficult time sitting as he is slightly stiff from defying gravity along with his pickup truck which he says has been totaled... He is trying to get it together and says that as far as he can see, nothing has changed from what he was told on this week...if anything changes, he would advise all concerned and get the next word out, but as it goes now, "steady as she goes!"

[pilot] okie is re-cuperating at home-he went to emergency room and they wanted to keep him and he walked out-very sore and in pain--he sends his love to you all and says as soon as he feels better will be back on the board. he said if anyone seemed to be worried to stop as their r/v will happen this week

[pilot] okie told me he had new information and that if he felt like it would be around late this afternoon to make a post. he keeps saying to not worry that this is the week the r/v would happen

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I was wondering why we haven't heard from him in the last couple of days. I guess we don't have to put his picture on any milk cartons now. I hope he recovers soon, I enjoy the Okietainment ! :D

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