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I know he hosted the Newly Wed show ... but what was his "question"?


If I remember right, it was either.....

"Where was the weirdest place you made whoopee?"

or else

"Why was your husband standing there with his discharge in his hand?"

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wow MovieMaker, that is so cool! When I play Adam, I get banned on here.

I hope not, I'm broke and can't afford to buy anymore vowels.

Dinar_Eddie U R correct Sir. I was referring to the "Whoopie" question. Idk if that's an Urban Legend + I can't provide a link (What d'ya expect from a dumb Newb?) but another supposed question was, What is a secret about you husband? To which, she replied, That he is embezzling from his company !

Thanks for posting The Newleywed Game clip Bleacherman53 !

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