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Just wondering....

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I have read in the Iraqi news that officials will be getting 3000000 a month or more for being a govt official. It equals around 30,000 a year. Now how are they going to revalue and not pay everyone 3000000 for the month? is everyone going to be a millionaire? Thoughts... maybe a quick lop then move to the rv. that is more realistic? The ration cards are at some high rate also... I just do not see them rving with all the people getting those high salaries and welfare cards unless they lop first. just my opinion:drool:

I would say that YES, they will not pay them 3,000,000.00 IQD when they RV. I would also say, the ration cards are probably going to be adjusted or flat out canceled when it RV's. That is probably WHY THEY ARE CARDS...where's that button? Oh, yes, here it it's reset!

I think it will all be the same as inflation on ANY typ of products in Iraq. Now, a pack of smokes cost them 5000 IQD! After RV the same pack cost 5 IQD. Obviously, they can't charge 5000. Who would pay? No one.

After the RV the 3,000.00 IQD will be the same as the 3,000,000.00 IQD it was before the RV. I guess they could save all thier Dinar and wait for the RV. To be perfectly honest, with the majority of Iraq in poverty, I doubt they have too much to worry about when it comes to having an over abundance of milliondinars.

Just for fun...A LCD tv: $1000.00 at Sam's Club...Iraq price: $1,000,000.00 IQD

A BMW (used): $25,000.00 on Ebay...Iraq: $25,000,000.00 IQD

A double-wide: $100,000.00 in CA...Iraq: (a bad idea) but, $100,000,000.00


I wonder if anyone will buy something the day before the RV happens and try to return it the day after the RV! LOL

YESSSS, WE RV'd !!!!!!!!!

OH, MAN!! I just bought a coke for $1000.00!!!!

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I guess you can also look at from the beggining when they devalued the IQD. What happened to thier money then? Did they care if everyone lost it all then? POOF, you're all broke! If they have dinar now, if they have jobs now, if they managed to save any money with the cost of inflation up untill now, I don't think anything will be different than before.

But, more than likely, 90% of the Iraqi people are broke.

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