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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Mark 2:00 pm April 6th, 2011


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Hey Rich in TX - HERE IT IS...

[rcsugar] Tony can not give too much information

[rcsugar] everyone should know everything he knows

[rcsugar] they have all had many calls....try to decide what to share because they do not want to let people down

[rcsugar] we are in holding pattern

[rcsugar] wanted to include us in what could be an exciting event

[rcsugar] Mikki said we decided to do this because info if from sources who are right there looking at it....we are on top of it......we might have to do another call in 5 minutes to say it has happened

[rcsugar] It is very close.....

[rcsugar] Histortic time to be alive

[rcsugar] historic

[rcsugar] Q and A

[rcsugar] Mikkie is still hearing any moment .... mikkii let's visit with our friends

[rcsugar] they are debating whether to have question and answer

[rcsugar] calls are are recording call.....waiting on possible announcement

[rcsugar] Q and A

[rcsugar] 1st caller is just making a statement

[rcsugar] Q: thanks all of them for all they is singing.....Come on get happy

[rcsugar] They enjoyed it...quite good

[tasot1] ill do answers

[rcsugar] Q: Guy was watching Iraqi TV and they were all sitting around table voting on something and they all seemed happy...does this have something to do with it

[tasot1] he is watching 3 stations and understand anything

[tasot1] cant

[tasot1] caller expressing appreciation even with all the critisism

[jazzmama] mickey is saying that it's okay to say verified that it was locked in at 2pm and that's why they are doing it

[ohioguy43534] Mikki just got word it is ok to tell members it was verified and was locked in at 2pm EST

[ohioguy43534] ty jazz...ill let you have it from here

[jazzmama] They believe in it 100% what they have been told so relaying it.

[jazzmama] They are seeing this on a Foreign Exchange window and say that the rate is simply going crazy and they've never seen the screen do this, and now it's frozen up for 5 min. and they feel someone is doing something.

[jazzmama] They were just told in an effort to let people know what is being told is fact and to say it was lock in at 2pm. - This is 100% accurate!

[jazzmama] Tony said this is what the call was for becasue they were told that 2pm they could make an annoucement that it would be locked in at 2pm.

[jazzmama] Dan just received a call - greatly respected - it can be locked in, but we may not see it for 24-48 hours for the public even though it's locked in.

[jazzmama] The screens are going crazy, but this caller has it from multiple sources that 2pm EST there were to be things locked in, BUT IT'S OVER

[jazzmama] Q - IF IT'S LOCKED IN - Does Dinar Banker and Dinar Trade know it's locked in?

[jazzmama] Dan says - askede them if they get notification what will happen and both men said they sites would go down and we would know it's over.

[jazzmama] Both would give people time to pay off reserves so everyone is okay.

[jazzmama] Dan and Tony have had multiple sources tell them that IT'S OVER - BUT know that Ty and Ali may not have this information

[jazzmama] Saying that they will not change Sites until Ty and Ali do get the official confirmation

[jazzmama] What Dan and Tony feel that they have advanced info that many don't get this early

[jazzmama] Mickey answering questions about DT and DB - answer is that they will get a call from Treasury

[jazzmama] Q - can this be stopped - NO< NO< NO, began Friday and can't be turned around now - it is expected any moment.

[jazzmama] Tony - says person Mickey's talking to and has been all night is in a good position and has followed PTR site, told them they were passing along solid info and he is in fact the one that told them to have the call and be the first ones to announce this.

[jazzmama] Mickey just got the word to tell everyone that this is going to show up very soon and the rate is locked in - very soon in real time.

[jazzmama] Mickey say's we're getting the in real time and they are excited.

[jazzmama] Tony's thanking the fellow for being on with them all night and allowing them to be the ones to announce this.

[jazzmama] The fellow's telling them they are doing great and handling very well.

[jazzmama] Dan's giving validation as to validity of person giving them the intel.

[jazzmama] Says they are sources they absolutely believe in!

[jazzmama] Tony says the fact that they have a Banker online and they are verifying this is a good addition

[jazzmama] Tony's still waiting outside of Chase Bank in Auburn

[jazzmama] Talking about their event post RV in San Francisco

[jazzmama] Tony's standing there at the bank for a reason - he says. When it goes through the computer system he's there with a Dinar Note in his and and expects to take everyone through a live event

[jazzmama] Mickey was just told that the euro was left behind and the IQD is moving

[jazzmama] Tony's asking to speak with the Banker that's on with this call.

[jazzmama] Mickey's being told by her contact that they need to let the Banker talk right now!

[jazzmama] Trying to unmute the Banke

[jazzmama] It's fluctuating from 1158 to 1150 - doesn't know why it's jumping back and forth

jazzmama] Mickey's contact is acknowledging that this is part of it and it's not normal -

[jazzmama] Mickey's waiting for info back from her contac

[jazzmama] Mickey's man is saying that they're seeing this working and they are expecting it at any moment

[jazzmama] Trying to bring Banker back for further clarification.

[jazzmama] Banker say 1170 to 1160 is very unnormal, he watches it every day, daily and he constantly checks it for the past 6 months and he's never seen this before and he feels the currency dept is messing with numbers, attempting to check and ping between numbers so they can be sure it will work correctly when they enter it.

[jazzmama] Mickey is being told the computer is looking for a place to stop!

[jazzmama] Dan says they are looking for a ping back from all servers then they can ping within a certain time frame then they can go live.

[jazzmama] Mickey's contact just said Dan is very correct on the above.

[jazzmama] Mickey's contact is saying the IQD is with other currencies, but not the Euro. Tony's questioning why the Euro isn't included

[jazzmama] Q - knowing it was locked in at 2pm - any speculation on how long it will take - Eric say's doesn't know whether they are just testing Brances individually or what is going on.

[jazzmama] Mickey is being told this is the first time it's been separated with the Euro, but the IQD is now going continually with the other currencies.

[jazzmama] Also saying this could hit at any moment.

[jazzmama] They do know that something tremendous is happenng as they speak!

[jazzmama] Mickey's friend says believe it or not, even through disjointed and nerve racking this is a good call

[jazzmama] Tony says how many times can you be on a historical call receiving the live feed from those who are there and a part of the changes.

[jazzmama] Going to take more Q & A

[jazzmama] Mickey's saying not only is it important to hear this from her Contact, but that Chase Bank told Tony to come on down

[jazzmama] Texas Guy is saying that 10 min. ago, a chatter in their room posted, given him the authorization "gembox" - a friend called their sister who works for MI6, said RV'd US rate is 6.17 -- 10 minutes ago. Dan just said that's an in country rate and he just got also.

[jazzmama] Tony say's that's the rate they were given a week ago - 6.17 here and 5.27 in the Bank.

[jazzmama] Just verified that they have re-confirmed the 6.18 rate (6.17)

[jazzmama] The 6.18 is the CBI rate, not the Bank rate!

[jazzmama] Caller saying account at Wells Fargo and they've totally ignored her, yesterday she received a call from Wells Fargo asking her to meet with 10 investors who want to meet with her.

[jazzmama] Member - 5/3rd Bank, they advised him that their system became unavailable 40 mins. ago and they can't access it. Mickey's been told to send Tony back into the bank and have him tell them to call Foreign Exchange as things have changed.

[jazzmama] Tony's headed into the Bank right now.

[jazzmama] Q- is there a time limit to cash in - NO per Dan.

[jazzmama] Dan says these people are a proud people and they deserve to have things and not have a set time.

[jazzmama] Dan doesn't believe we have 2 weeks to 90 days to cash in.

[jazzmama] Banker is back on -

[jazzmama] Results of his call to corporate currency dept. - told him that the rate is 1170 and hasn't change and their systems won't refresh until in the morning. They are saying that we can still buy at 1170 because they only update twice a day and they've done the second update for today. Banker doesn't know if she's saying that because they are sitting on things.

[jazzmama] Tony's back in the Chase Bank and being told that nothing has changed at all.

[jazzmama] Tony's putting Chase bank lady on phone - he's asking her to tell callers when currency updates

jazzmama] She's calling to find ou

[jazzmama] Dan says they have people at different levels of security knowledge on with them and is saying the Bank Teller will be getting what they want the public to know

[jazzmama] Dan reminds everyone - we won't know until we know - at the end.

[jazzmama] Chase Bank updates daily once in the morning and they won't update again until tomorrow

[jazzmama] Tony say's he's leaving the bank, because nothing will change at the Bank now

[jazzmama] Looks like they are going to conclude the call. Mickey say's she's been told this has happened. Rates will not show right away, back screens have it. Level of experise they were trying to explain - timing is just right - may not get the announcement we wanted for timing - but whether or not we know it we were a part of history, we were there when it actually went down.

[jazzmama] Tony says - didn't get 'go run to the back info' but we were a part of the actual control of the button telling what was going on at the time

[jazzmama] YES, IT IS DONE, system accepted it and Banks will update tomorrow. Iraq is telling people they will be paid on Monday. WTO needed to have this done today. We should enjoy the rest of the day - relax and have fun. Dan says this is very positive.

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Forgive me for being a pessimistic old buzzard... I've been let down so many times no matter how rosey the info is I always detect the smell of a rat. Here's hoping for the first and last time this info is legit.

OLD? Man, if you are your avitar, you don't look a day over 20! :lol:

.....I'm afraid not.....

LINK???? :P

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Done Deal...multiple confirms.

Should show at Bank Tomorrow.

One rumor, hauled from site to site,

does not qualify as a confirmation.

A video of Makili and Shabs,

making the announcement in

front of Parliament?

Now THAT would be a confirmation...

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I hope for all our sakes that this "rumor" is true...however, I have a sister who is with Chase Bank in Denver and her husband works for the DOD and they have not heard anything...let's hope this is it. The thing that excites me is that so many people have written of a confirmation. This is the first time since my beginning with the dinar that this has happened. It will be a looooong night. GO RV!! ( I am holding my breathe).

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There was a little confusion on the call (understandably) and there has been talk recently about a 6.19 figure. The confusion is coming from whether or not that is ties to the British pound. If it is, then the US rate would be 3.86. Once again, we shall wait 24-48 hours and see.

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Forgive me for being a pessimistic old buzzard... I've been let down so many times no matter how rosey the info is I always detect the smell of a rat. Here's hoping for the first and last time this info is legit.

That's sad . . . but I've gotta admit I'm feeling the same way. Let's hope we're both proven wrong

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Well folks, if this is really done, yeah right, someone might what to give Ali a call as he still is selling it at $1220 per million. Honestly folks, when this actually happens, the sellers are going to be the first to know, they have a much larger vested interest in it than any one else.

Take Care,


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