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* Kissabella Rumor: don't promote other sites 4/2/11

APRIL 2ND, 2011 06:16 PM · POSTED IN RUMORS (DINAR REVALUATION) [Mikki-RN] I was asked by a friend to get this info to you, don’t know why, but here it is. Two pieces of information i found exciting considering where i live. i do have permission to post what is next, however, due to the sensitive nature of the source…thats all i can post. This is a small island community and the dinar investment hasnt reached the majority, those who live here will know what i mean. so… i get a call this morning from xyz and he tells me that his mate in the XXXX (a world bank) bank has been getting ‘alerts ‘and ‘memos’ all last week on the Iraqi dinar. This person has no clue what its about and doesnt pay much attention to it — until — xyz says today ‘ hey let me tell you about this great opportunity…’ to which the banker say ‘yes i have heard about it through memos all week, and just 2 days ago (Thurs) we get an alert/ wire that it revalued”.

ok. wow. no big deal to him because he is clueless, and xyz calls me right away to tell me. now because we do not live in america and have no american banks here, IT WAS A BIG DEAL. He was not comfortable talking to me – and i understand that and am ok with it – he did pass on some more info that i am allowed to share….and here is where it gets weird. I havent heard anything about this part yet on any forums and hope this isnt gonna be trouble. but I AM a somebody where i live and a nobody in here — so here goes.. apparently the bank (the world bank) has been getting information about how the certain nations that are united wanted to tank the usd and create a new dominant world currency. and until the dinar came about that may have been the plan, but now (or very soon) that the dinar is all mighty powerful it is slated to be the #2 world currency. the implications of this plan are huge and at this moment i am not sure why he told me this. the conversation was not makiing any sense to me. so maybe this is something and maybe it isnt. either way you gotta love it. (should the memo reach me i will be back)



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