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Adam's Post-giveaway Chat, March 16 2011

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Hi gang,

this is the majority of the chat from last night, after the majority of the people left.

4 VIP memberships were given out, 1 copy of Adams book RV Intel was given out... and we had a high point of 639 people in the chat room. That means Adam is donating $639 to the Red Cross as a result of YOU spreading the word. THANK YOU ALL!

Chat below:


Adam Montana: I don't think it's 2 years out!

billy goat: Adam Montana I know exactly when it will RV

Adam Montana:billy goat lol thanks please let me knowsoon

Adam Montana: :P

2bks: Is Chase opening in Iraq or at least tying with a local likeCit/Warka?

bigrocks85: Adam Montana lol

baldeagle: It'll happen when it happens

billy goat: Adam Montana when the Vikings win the superbowl

jon29: don't worry about the Rv the main thing is we have each other inhere.

Adam Montana: 2bks I can't release the names of the banksI'm working with

Adam Montana: but

Cosmicndn: same bat time? same bat channel?

Adam Montana: absolutely 100% guarantee

Adam Montana: that two of the three major banks

Adam Montana: that have BLATANTLY told investors theywon't be dealing with the dinar

Adam Montana: have told me the opposite when we sat downto discuss the spread our VIP members get

Adam Montana: it's like a joke among the CEOs

easyrider: wow

Adam Montana: they say one thing to the press

Adam Montana: they know EXACTLY how untrue it isthough

Adam Montana: they HAVE to lie about that though!

easyrider: im so sick of these banks

SailorDave: Adam Montana Sounds as if they live in Iraq

easyrider: yea i guess youre right

easyrider: but still

Adam Montana: 4dinarnow you're getting the last freebieof the night

2bks: Thank you sir. I apologize for the childish behaviorhere tonight

Jimsdandy: Adam Montana they talk like the CBI

Adam Montana: email the address I listed earlier

Adam Montana: I'll buy you a copy

Adam Montana: Jimsdandy all bankers do

Adam Montana: they're just like lawyers

easyrider: wow adam you are very giving tonite

Adam Montana: think about it though

easyrider: thats aesome

Adam Montana: they can't tell you everything they aredoing!

stevewatts: i see

4dinarnow: Adam Montana. Thank You very much. You don't haveto do that. Thank You

Cherysh: 4dinarnow that was cool grats :}

Adam Montana: it would be IMPOSSIBLE to do business ifthey were completely transparent

stevewatts: yes

2bks: right

Adam Montana: example: ABC bank will take the Dinar afterRV

Just-Waitin: Other than cash in what is the benefit of joining VIP?

Adam Montana: they announce it to be honest with their clients

Adam Montana: all of the investors start calling

Adam Montana: tying up the phone lines

Adam Montana: ABC Bank can't do business

Adam Montana: they go OUT of business

Adam Montana: because they tried to be honest

Adam Montana: just be realistic about this you know?

Jimsdandy: Adam Montana good to know

Adam Montana: they can NOT tell you or the rest of thepublic

easyrider: adam do you still feel confident about theministries being donee by monday?

Adam Montana: it wold drown them!

easyrider: and possibly a complete GOI?

Adam Montana: easyrider I think we will be 75% completeon Monday

Adam Montana: i don't think it will be complete bythen

Adam Montana: by

Just-Waitin: Other than cash in what are the benefits of VIP

easyrider: ok well thats better than nothing

jon29: there is such a thing as too much money

jon29: for a bank to handle I suppose

Adam Montana: monday I mean

Adam Montana: end of next week is more realistic

easyrider: ok

easyrider: thanks

BBK: adam...IYO how far is this?

Adam Montana: jon29 there is such a thing as too manyphone calls!

jon29: TRUE

Happy Man: each time I hear end of next week... I start toget sick

Just-Waitin: Adam other than cash in what is thebenefit of joining VIP

easyrider: but i think everything is falling into place

Adam Montana: Just-Waitin one sec

Just-Waitin: ok

jon29: I wonder if it would be better to set up an LLC or aCRT before the Rv or if this could be expedited after the Rv

Adam Montana: jon29 let me answer yours and Just-Waitin

Adam Montana: I'm going to do it now

Adam Montana: mods can you put a notice up top?

Adam Montana: I think most of the trouble makers aregone

ronpriv: Thanks Adam. You are the man! Now I understand whythe banks can't say anything positive about the dinar or everyone would buythem.

Adam Montana: it's amazing how much the room changes

Adam Montana: when the people who only want intelleave

rmac1966: thats a good thing

BBK: i agree

Bumper64: 4dinarnow yw

Cherysh: Adam Montana slickster.... lol

dinarokie: MillionaireMommy <~~~~ another good ole boy !!! :)

BOBBY ROMERO: Adam Montana Adam Montana sorry but i didthink we were going to ask questions

brencorp: i agree

Anon Ymous: Yep mostpeople don't know how to be respectful and let you have the floor.

bethune2911: What was the final you gave away Adam? Theyneed the $2,000 plus

Adam Montana: bobby romero we will

Adam Montana: bethune2911 $629 to the Red Cross and 4 VIPmemberships to the members here

okiea&p: dang okies ! lol

sassyk: Adam Montana and most of them probley dont read the news--lol

baldeagle: It has quieted done quite a bit

[set Topic] Capitalstack: Q& A there is a limited timeso please type your questions when your name is called

easyrider: now adam what do you think about all the ratethat are being thrown around like 3+ out the gate?

easyrider: does it seem a little unrealistic to think?

Adam Montana: ok I want to do this fast

Adam Montana: please don't interrupt for a fewminutes

Adam Montana: look up top it's a moderated chat now

Adam Montana: thanks

Adam Montana: a couple of people asked about VIP

Adam Montana: and

Adam Montana: mods: kickers ready?

Adam Montana: ok

Adam Montana: couple quick points

Adam Montana: someone asked if there was a benefit to VIPother than cashing in

Adam Montana: and another person asked if it wouldn't bea good idea to set up an LLC before the RV

Adam Montana: to answer the first

Adam Montana: after this chat please go to the Opinionssection. There is a thread there

Adam Montana: it was started in the VIP section

Adam Montana: so ONLY VIP members posted in it

Adam Montana: and it was 99% positive feedback on theservice information education and much more that is available in the VIP section

Adam Montana: one of those things

Adam Montana: is information and a service to help peopleset up a corporation

Adam Montana: to help reduce the tax liability after theRV

Adam Montana: I've been told by many that VIP is worththousands even before the RV

Adam Montana: ok now moving on

Adam Montana: you all saw how crazy i mean STUPID.... people were actingearlier

Adam Montana: those were the people that thought theywere here at 9:30 to hear something revolutionary... something amazing.... likean RV announcement

Adam Montana: that's not what tonight was about (althoughI will do a Q&A session in just a minute!)

Adam Montana: the truth is if you go from site to sitelooking for news you're going to end upbitter

Adam Montana: invest what you can afford to lose and no more

Adam Montana: if you believe in this investment join VIP

Adam Montana: if you like what there is to offer in VIP -STAY in VIP!

Adam Montana: and if you don't like monitoring it everyday - don't

Adam Montana: I'll send you an email when it happens that is MY job

Adam Montana: now people usually go for the chat roomsfirst

Adam Montana: then the forums

Adam Montana: then VIP

Adam Montana: and then they understand it better and stophanging on every,tuesday

Adam Montana: so with that in mind we all understand that the majority of thechat rooms are probably 'newbies"

Adam Montana: let's do a Q&A on the basics

Adam Montana: no intel or top secret information

Adam Montana: I want to help the newbies

Adam Montana: mods can you take questions or call names?

Capital stack: BOBBY ROMERO is next in line if you stillhave questions

Adam Montana: THANK YOU ROOM for being so polite!

BOBBY ROMERO: hey adam pal. what do you think is the lasttwo hurdles we need to cross to rv?pal.

Adam Montana: BOBBY ROMERO thanks for being here bud

BOBBY ROMERO: im no new be either and i am VIP

Adam Montana: in my opinion it's GOI (Government of Iraq) and Chapter 7

Adam Montana: I think the number ONE thing is GOI

Adam Montana: once that happens and it could be as soon as end of next Iraqiweek or start of the following

Adam Montana: they have an incredibly strong case to liftChapter 7

Adam Montana: then they can carry,their,own,weight

Adam Montana: I know people get tired of hearing aboutthe GOI

Adam Montana: but let's be honest

Adam Montana: they haven't done it yet!

Adam Montana: when they do it

Adam Montana: if there is no RV

Adam Montana: well then we go home and try again

Adam Montana: but until then

Adam Montana: we can't say this is over

Adam Montana: thanks Bobby

Adam Montana: next

Capital stack: pluMmet you are next

BOBBY ROMERO: ok thks adam

Bumper64: np

Adam Montana: members please wait until you are called onunless you want to be kicked. I'm only going to answer when the person iscalled by a mod tonight Capital stack isrunning the show

Capital stack: easyrider you are next so Adam please readhis question

Adam Montana: easyrider please post it again

Adam Montana: thank you Capital Stack

redbaron: How do I get in line for a question?

Adam Montana: redbaron just raise your hand

Adam Montana: if that doesn't work raise both

Adam Montana: if that doesn't work wave themfrantically

redbaron: i am

easyrider: ok

Capital stack: redbaron I already added you pl wait your turn

redbaron: k

Adam Montana: lolkidding thanks for being patient :)

Adam Montana: easyrider

redbaron: np

easyrider: i have seen articles saying there is about 27trillion dinar in circulation many believe ehy cant support a high rv rate butmany have said that they have 85% back in the cbi hands do you believe this istrue?

Adam Montana: letme break it down in the simplest manner I can think of

easyrider: could there be so truth to this?

Adam Montana: the amount of money in circulation is veryimportant

Adam Montana: but if you look at the US

easyrider: yes

Adam Montana: or Great Britain

Adam Montana: or any other civilized advancedcountry

Adam Montana: "money" doesn't just refer topaper currency

Adam Montana: you see

easyrider: yes

easyrider: so basically your saying money is all forms

easyrider: just not currency

Adam Montana: we have AT LEAST 50 times the amount ofmoney as we do paper money

Adam Montana: Iraq - not so!

BOBBY ROMERO: its digital money

Adam Montana: Iraq is 90% or more PAPER

easyrider: wow

Adam Montana: which means YES they have more papermoney

easyrider: didnt know that

Adam Montana: but the amount of money in circulation isn't actually higher

Adam Montana: their culture is much less advanced thanours

Adam Montana: they hold money in their hands

easyrider: right

Adam Montana: and if you want to trade them their moneyfor your plastic

Adam Montana: they are very hesitant

Adam Montana: that is changing

Adam Montana: and it is changing fast!

Adam Montana: ATMs are going in etc

Adam Montana: "most" is an unfair term. I havebeen told by local and Iraqicontacts that the CBI has a plan inplace that controls all of the banks in Iraq to QUICKLY pull large denomsout

Adam Montana: if there was no RV

Adam Montana: or no large increase in the value

Adam Montana: why would they need that?

Adam Montana: they wouldn't.

easyrider: i see

Adam Montana: westernizing - yes. A TRUE westernizationis a long way off but the skeleton isvery well laid

easyrider: yes i agree

Adam Montana: thanks for the question easyrider

easyrider: well i apprecaite your time

easyrider: thanks

Adam Montana: happy to help!

Adam Montana: next, please

Capital stack: Alexyn1006 is next

Alexyn1006: Today Isaw on the AU Forex site that the IQD had climbed in value (small butnoticeable) any comments on this (theIQD was not previously listed on the AU Forex currency line up prior to thispast week)? Thanks.

Adam Montana: Alexyn1006 thanks for the question

Alexyn1006: thank you:-)

Adam Montana: i hate to say this but I have seen that happen on that siteseveral times

Adam Montana: more than any other

Adam Montana: I don't know why it happens on the AU forexsite

Adam Montana: but I don't trust it

Alexyn1006: ok

Alexyn1006: thank you

Adam Montana: I wish I could say that it's a goodsign but I've seen it too many times inthe past

Adam Montana: thanks for the question :)

Capital stack: TruthSeeker2 is next

Adam Montana: next please

Alexyn1006: again thank you

TruthSeeker2: sorry bout the send...Didn't mean it tobe. I wanted to know if we join in yourVIP to cash out how will that work? I read you don't take possession of our moneybut where does it go when we cash out? Will it ocme directly to ourcking/ssaving accts or do we have to open a separate account at your bank? Also since the IRS is going to tax 35% ON shortcapital gains would it be best to cashin small amt and hold rest for 1 yr. 1 day?

Adam Montana: TruthSeeker2 thanks for the question

Adam Montana: let me read one sec....

Adam Montana: ok that's a two part question

Adam Montana: 1st is regarding cashing out as a VIP

Adam Montana: I don't want anything to do with yourDinar

Adam Montana: the only person who should touch your dinarafter the RV is someone no more than 5 steps from a DeLaRue machine!

TruthSeeker2: yes Iunderstood that...but does it go to our bank here in US or another accountfirssst?

Adam Montana: the VIP partner banks I have worked withwill all be given a current list of our VIP members and their CertificateId

Adam Montana: when the RV is announced I will email THEMand the VIPs.

Adam Montana: the VIPs get the list of banks and thecurrent rates / spreads

TruthSeeker2: So we would need to open an account therefirst? We have a trust that we would putit in.

Adam Montana: and also which banks have a DeLaRuemachine and which plan on having themsoon

Adam Montana: TruthSeeker2 hang on please

TruthSeeker2: I understand that is 5/3rd bank at thistime. None in our state I am awareof

Adam Montana: you don't need an account there. They don't want you calling them pre-RV sothey don't want any extra attention but they will definitely be offering theirservices :)

Adam Montana: now

Adam Montana: regarding the second part

Adam Montana: that's a tax question and I'm not a taxadviser (or an attorney) but I did pass the Series 65 and my wife is a CPA

Adam Montana: so I will talk from personal experience andin my opinion

Adam Montana: if you hold the dinar for over a year

Adam Montana: that doesn't allow you to bypass the shortterm gains if they are supposed to be assessed

Adam Montana: when you cash in the Dinar even a year orten later they will say where did you get it?

Adam Montana: then

Adam Montana: you either need to prove you had it longerthan a year

TruthSeeker2: So it's not the length of time we hold priorto cash's the time we had before the RV?

Adam Montana: or the gains are assessed in the year theyare made... which is when the RV occurred

Adam Montana: if you made gains a decade ago and didn'treport it.... lol

Adam Montana: you know what that means

Adam Montana: penalty penalty penalty

Adam Montana: TruthSeeker2 i don't know if you're VIP ornot

TruthSeeker2: no - I wanted to know more about ourrequirements prior to joining.

Adam Montana: but I would strongly encourage you to readthat thread in the Opinion section - it's pinned and will let you know how theVIP members feel about the benefit they get

Adam Montana: this issue right here is a MAJORbenefit

Adam Montana: you will learn a lot

Adam Montana: thanks for the question

S2_D2: Adam I greatly appreciate your site and themoderators efforts plus the majority of the the vets that post here Thank youone and all as I am a lifetime member and am very proud of being a paticipantin this venture best regards S2

S2_D2: sorry

S2_D2: accideny

Adam Montana: last question please then we'll do out open floor where too manyquestions will be asked and I'll have to try to gracefully leave lol

Capital stack: dng4462 you are next and open floor for a few minutes with Adamafter dng4462 so have your hands up sohe can answer any questions expeditiously

dng4462: do we have a different option than sendingdinar

Adam Montana: Capital stack you're too good :D

dng4462: In mail

Adam Montana: dng4462 thanks

TruthSeeker2: Thaks for your help. ;-)

Adam Montana: whooooooooooaaa is that an OGITquestion?

dafloman: Im a lifer it is wild the amount of info andhelpful info and you get Adam i always get return messages when i leave him onei don't know where he finds the time

Capital stack: ok let dng4462's question answer first


Adam Montana: dng4462 if that's an OGIT question pleasepost it in the OSI section I will lookfor it later or in the morning

dng4462: ok thanks

Adam Montana: you're welcome!

Just-Waitin: I heard ….What is an estimate of what the spread will be like? Im not looking forexact just new and was looking forballpark. Thanks

Adam Montana: Just-Waitin holy cow....

stevewatts: later adam thanks

Adam Montana: that's an open ended question

Just-Waitin: LOL

Adam Montana: seriously it could be anywhere they want itto be

Adam Montana: when it first comes out the CBI controlsALL of it.... including the spread

Adam Montana: they could buy it for 25 and sell it for25

Adam Montana: I know that sounds harsh but it's TRUE

behaviorkat: Can I invest in the Iraqi stock exchange(mentioned in your book) post Rv when I have $$? Will it still be a goodinvestment? thanks Adam!

jon29: iraqi stock exchange? nice.

Adam Montana: behaviorkat good questino

4dinarnow: Adam MontanaThank You for all the info and theBook. Look forward to the next Chat. I will refrain from asking questions untilI have read the book. My answers mioght be in there no need to bother you with redundency. ThankYou again

Adam Montana: thanks all

Adam Montana: thank you MODS!!!!!!!

Adam Montana: to answer the ISX question

Adam Montana: I don't think the return will be asHUGE but I am positive there will be biggains to be made in the ISX after the RV

behaviorkat: Adam Montana ok thanks

jon29: thank you adam.

Adam Montana: I have several exclusive deals that theVIPs will get to invest in that are designed around the ISX in fact ….

(bathroom break for Mr Montana….)


Adam Montana: all

Toddph: gnite

Adam Montana: it is late

Adam Montana: and I just realized how tired i am

Adam Montana: thanks for making this post,chat chat worthdoing

Adam Montana: thank you all of you members who took the time to tell a

SailorDave: Adam Thanks for hanging with us and helping withbasics

Adam Montana: and get other people in here

redbaron: Take care and good night

Adam Montana: this is a good thing we are involvedint

visitor: Adam Montana thank you

rmac1966: Good Night Adam!

Adam Montana: and tonight we were all part of giving topeople who need it

Adam Montana: I will pray for them

Adam Montana: and for all of us

glo: Adam Montana we love you and thank you platinum life time !!!!:} :} :}

Adam Montana: thanks friends!

linda55: Adam goodnight to ya !!!

Adam Montana: Adam Montana..... ------------>!!!!

DGracie: Thanks andwe can help more after RV!!!

behaviorkat: Adam Montana thanks! :)

jon29: best to you and the family.

Lots2Learn: thx and goodnight :)

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Looks like I missed a good chat!

If Billy Goat is right, when the RV occurs, I'll have a double-smile on my face. (Vikings fan) haha

I agree with Adam, I think we're looking at the end of "NEXT" week for a completion of the Govt. And it could be delayed from there.

I've come to learn that the GOI is really slow at completing things. I would think a snail would make more progress.

It seems they don't have the urgency to get this done. But they're looking at it as importatn issues to move forward. Remember how the budget went down?

It dragged out forever..... We thought December, it was finished towards teh end of February. -- But, IMO, that was a more complex issues with more variables and it didn't help when Crude shot-up.

Ch. 7..... It looks more and more like it should be fully lifted... I think they're sitting good for all the requirements necessary to get them signed off on their release.

interesting article about how Biden believes that the GOI has enough Security that the US forces are not necessary. Stability!!!

They've also managed to put up with peaceful demonstrations on more than 1 occasion.

I still view this whole scenario as if........ Someone has their foot on a water hose and the pressure is building up.

Look at the how the hold-ups are just hanging their. 144 foreign companies looking to do work there (2010)? How about the Shell Company hung up on contract agreements? Hmmm..

2 out of 3 major banks agreeing on Post-RV special VIP spreads.

Hmm. - We've all heard about banks arguing it was a bad investment.

Since he mentioned 2 out of 3... I'm going to make these claims based upon speculation!

2 = Wells Fargo & Bank of America.. The ousted 3rd is likely Chase or some other major bank.

But that is my theory!! Why? Because DT is willing to do business with both... :)

I also agree with Adam again, it seems that the citizens are very very, how would I say it? weary? skeptical? of putting their $ into banks. Remember, they're used to a dictatorship. Democracy is new to them...

Even though Adam followed up with what I thought, I instantly thought that it was very INTERESTING how they had a plan to draw in big bills quickly. I bet a RV would bring those big bills in FAST!!!

haha! -- Just say'n!!

Hopefully I can make it to one of these chats and pop off a few quesitons ;)

I was busy these past two wednesdays. :(

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True to my word, as always.

Thanks again to everyone who showed up, told others, and perhaps even gave on their own. This is an amazing community and I am proud to be a member!

Wow! I commend you on your giving to the less fortunate at this time.

It seems every year there are always environmental disasters that happen around the globe, either Tsnumais, Earthquakes, and so forth.

I live in an area that has near record floods every year.

2009 - it was pretty bad.

2010 - was bad, but not as bad as 2009.

2011 - yet to be decided.

It all depends on the Spring melt.

When you live near a River that flows north, you tend to get the run-offs from the warmer south areas.. As it creeps north, it gets held up at ice-dams and so forth. It also doesn't help that the area I live in used to be a valley. I want to say the crest record for 2009 was 43 feet deep. (Major Flood Stage)... 2009 took us by surprise, 2010 we were a little more prepared, but not as scared.

2011, I think we are even more prepared, but hard to make any solid predictions. Sandbagging is a requirement here in the spring.


Back to the IQD - I should of clarified about how one thing I agreed with you. You believe that roughly 90% of people believe in their paper currency. I was agreeing that I believe many citizens are very concerned with putting their $ into banks. They don't trust them. Would you blame them?? Everything is all new to them. And the little amount of money they hold on to is most likely needed to survive day to day.

As they become more comfortable, I see them doing more business with banks. Which will include the use of debit cards and so forth.

Just my own personal prediction. They'll become more westernized and what not! :) But their trust has to increase with not only the banks, but also the Governments.

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Thanks for posting the chat. I logged off cause I thought you went and I was tired of all the bozos asking when !!!!. I'm now kickinjg myself in the backside for not staying on. The read of the chat was informative. Thanks for all the work and the donation.

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Do you offer a 1 month trial of the VIP membership or a 3 day free trial? I'm just curious as to exactly what I'd be receiving for my money before I buy. Not trying to be cheap, but just wondering.

No, sorry - I understand your reasoning but there is too much administrative overhead to mess with 1 month memberships. You can learn more about VIP at this link: and you can see what current VIPs say about VIP at this link, among many others:

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  • 2 weeks later...

I am trying to find the question in the chat of March 16th before the posted chat where Adam asked what the debt was that was being repaid. My answer was 6.2. billion. The only reason I ask is because the other night, I was watching CNN in the middle of the night, when there was a news cast of how the US Treasury paid off 6 billion in debts. That was all that was said and I never heard it again, and you know how they repeat themselves over and over. I have gone on the CNN website and can't find it anywhere. I know I didn't imagine it, but is that not the number or close enough?

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I am trying to find the question in the chat of March 16th before the posted chat where Adam asked what the debt was that was being repaid. My answer was 6.2. billion. The only reason I ask is because the other night, I was watching CNN in the middle of the night, when there was a news cast of how the US Treasury paid off 6 billion in debts. That was all that was said and I never heard it again, and you know how they repeat themselves over and over. I have gone on the CNN website and can't find it anywhere. I know I didn't imagine it, but is that not the number or close enough?

LOL You didn't imagine it.

That happened to me several times.

They often tell the wrong thing and

get a call to kill it asap. Makes you think

you got fuzzies in the brain. LOL

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