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Iraq delay in naming ministers hampers U.S.

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Excellent post. They're not kidding when they say hampering. It's becoming more and more obvious in the U.S. and probably in other nations of the world that something needs to happen in Iraq and soon. I realize that they work slowly, but their people aren't going to put up with it for very much longer and, in essence, the world is looking at them. It's a question of, "What are they going to do next?"

Again, excellent post and great find, Skelton. :)

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I read something similar to this but I read so much I don't remember where I saw it. This is a better article in clarity. This is further testimony to how inept Obama is as a leader. The head of the free-world & hostage to the actions of a two-bit tyrant that refuses to chose a security minister because it defines delination of authority and his loss of influence as a dictator. Obama could change the complexity of our countrys' economic and philosophical divide but he's too busy filling out the March Madness bracketing and playing his role as "Cool Hand Luke". His next syndicted role is Part II The Lyin King "Return to 2012"...

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