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In honor of March Madness and filling out the college basketball brackets I'm sure we can come up with at least a top sixteen man GURU Bracket with a few possible at large play in seeds....

In the South Bracket Okie the Oil Man gets the top #1 seed.

In the West Bracket...TerryK gets the top #1 seed.

Who would get the #1 seeds in the East and North Brackets?

Then go from there.

2 thru 4 in each area.

Then according to reptutation of being wrong and history of rate and date rumors, etc.... The final two GURU's would meet for the Championship of all time DINAR GURU BSers.....

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I don't know where they are all from since I don't follow them but I like your idea. biggrin.gif

You don't have to know where they are from, just name your number 1 - 4 seeds and place them in any brackets you want.

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