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Lets compare gas prices a-cross the US

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Last week.. I filled my tank at $2.94

This week I filled my tank at $3.44

I witnessed a $0.50 increase within 7 days. Surprisingly, this isn't something to popular over the news media. We're obviously already groomed for high gas prices and the volatility that follows it. I knew to expect higher prices to come as we near the Summer & demand for crude rises as it is a popular driving season.

I did read somewhere an article that reflected how much we see in a chance in the price at the pump in comparisson to the change in the barrel of crude.

I want to say it was like $0.13 per $1 on the barrel. (Those figures could easily be completely wrong)

if they near $4.00/gallon again, I believe it'll start stressing the economy and people will tigthen their spending again. (Not a good thing IMO)

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I filled up on 3/4/11 for $3.25. I'd bet though that it is higher now. Why are no politicians screaming for O to start allowing oil drilling in the Gulf. Why is there no outrage for this country continuing to NOT drill for our own oil. The one argument that always pisses off is "Even if we did, it would not be online for years" Well hey STUPID, YEARS have now passed. We are going to have to raise the pressure on all our politicians. This is F*****g ridiculous. Call, write, email. Do it now and do it often. These idiots don't pay their own fuel bills. They either don't understand or the don't care. I am writing all of them today. Both state and national. Please JOIN me.

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Ripon, CA is $3.79 for reg. Diesel is $4.03. The diesel price is the one to worry about, that will raise the price of everything that is transported by truck. Try to think of something that isn't transported by truck.

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Here in Italy it reached EUR 1.55 per liter (4th part of a gallon) so that would translate in $8.68 per gallon........Think about it and just feel good and pity us........


I hope all we have to do is pity you. If this president has his way, hell, we'll be joining you.

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