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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

* Steve (ENORRSTE) Post: 2/20/11

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February 20, 2011 09:30 pm · Posted in RUMORS (Dinar Revaluation) · Comments Off Where we are as of February 20, 2011 It is finally time for me to surface again. I have reluctantly awaited this ti

I know there will be those of you that will come on here and pick apart parts of this post, people who are not Christians will think that this has no business being on a dinar forum, if you feel that

What HOGWASH !!!

ENORRSTE: Where we are as of February 20, 2011

« on: Today at 10:06:59 PM »

Where we are as of February 20, 2011

It is finally time for me to surface again. I have reluctantly awaited this time, hoping that our blessing would precede what I see is occurring.

However, as is often the case in Iraq, they follow a different clock than we do.

Unfortunately Glen Beck is right on. If you have not been watching him, then you do yourself a disservice.

I have told you, months ago, that our “window” would be short. Then, more recently, I stated that it would be even shorter than I had suspected.

Now I will place in front of you a fact. Actually I will place in front of you a few facts. As I do so you will see that what is happening now, first in Egypt and then throughout the Middle East, and now in Wisconsin, is, not surprisingly, the result of a very well conceived plan.

What I am going to say is neither an endorsement nor a denial of the information that Rodney has presented. As we have told you before, we come to this issue from different points of view.

I am interested in the Middle East, and more particularly, Iraq, and most particularly the revaluation of their currency. I have no other focus. Therefore, what I have to offer is going to be directed to this particular issue: the RV of the IQD.

During the Bush administration there was a certain level of control over the Middle East. We may not have liked the alliances that existed, but they did exist, and, for the eight years of the Bush administration, they worked.

Something changed within the last two years, with the advent of a new administration. I am not a political scientist, but I know that when a President of the United States apologizes for its actions in the Middle East, problems may occur.

We are now seeing the result of the current administration’s policy. The entire Middle East is now coming into turmoil.

I have no desire to place blame at this point. What has happened has happened. We must now live with the results.

In the case of Egypt, fortunately, which is, to some degree at least, a secular country, there is an enormous army that has the ability and the goal of protecting whatever they view as the future of Egypt. I have no idea as to what they think the future of Egypt will be, but I believe that the army is our best hope that it “may” be somewhat democratic. However, having said that, I have never seen evidence that military juntas have brought about truly democratic governments.

Let’s move to Bahrain, where there is a similar push from what we may believe to be the “people” for a regime change. Whether in fact this is a revolt of the “people” is open to question, just as it was in the case of Egypt. In fact, in the case of Egypt I’ve been told that the entire 3 week demonstration was pre-ordained and totally controlled in an attempt to turn Egypt into a democracy just as we have attempted to do the same thing in Iraq.

Who knows? I certainly don’t. I am not a guru. But there is a more important point, now. That point is this: regardless how what happened in Egypt happened, it got out of control. Or did it?

So we now come to Bahrain. The local regime militia decided or was ordered to bring their social unrest under control. Lives were lost and people were wounded. However, it did not, and has not stopped the problem.

Now, here is the difference between Bahrain and Egypt. Bahrain has no army!

I could move to Libya, Tunisia, Jordan, or Syria. The story is the same. No army, or at least not a substantial army.

We now move to Iran, which seems to have “caught on fire” just as the other countries have. In this case, we are clearly dealing with a religious regime rather than a so-called secular regime as existed in Egypt. Therefore the problem could be exponentially larger. However, they have an army. Will that solve the problem? I doubt it.

The fact is that the leader of Iran wants chaos in order to introduce the 12th Imam. If you doubt this, I suggest you do your homework. Glen Beck has clearly defined the 12th Imam as the Anti-Christ. You may or may not believe him. It has no bearing on my point, yet to be made.

I will now move to America where we are seeing near riots occurring in Wisconsin! Beck not only predicted this: I suspect that he was surprised that it is occurring literally just after he stated that it would occur.

If you have not seen the connection between these disparate actions I will make it quite clear for you, after which I will bring this home, namely to our investment.

I say this with a great deal of reluctance, because I love America. However, what I see is that the current president of the United States is backing the wrong horse. I have a right to this opinion, and I respectfully say to you that it is mine and mine alone. You make up your own minds.

However, Glen Beck has rightly stated that what is happening in the Middle East is going to come to America. The vehicle, however, will be different. In the case of the people of the Middle East they want food, freedom, democracy, or something. Who knows? They are sheep being driven.

In America we are largely not hungry. We generally have freedom. We believe we are in a democracy. But what we have been forced into is a war, irrespective of all of the problems around the world. And we will participate, leading to chaos.

In our case the war will occur over a simple term: entitlements. We see this in Wisconsin, which is just the first volley, after which it will wave across America. Teachers, illegally, took sick days off to protest. But even worse, they took their students with them! Let me ask you this simple question: Am I the only one who sees a correlation in this action with the way that the radical Islamists take children to do their dastardly deeds?

Sure, today, no child is strapping on a bomb in Wisconsin. But let’s look at this from a more sentient point of view. As a taxpayer, paying my property taxes, I have a right to expect that my money will be used to teach the next generation, right? Yet if that generation is standing on the steps of a capital building in Madison, Wisconsin, defending their teacher’s job, is that education? Here is the bottom line: this is the first step leading to our own “Egypt.” You do the math. If you don’t get it, then I am sorry for your ignorance.

Hunger is not the issue. The issue is entitlements. They have to go, but in taking them away we will have Egyptian style protests. The current actions make my case. Illegal activity has been accepted at the judicial level! Think about it. On this I am right.

Now, let’s get to our investment, finally.

We have in Prime Minister Maliki either a truly shrewd politican or an imbecile. For some reason I do not believe that Maliki is an idiot. He has played the world, the entire world, like a fiddle for about 11 months now. He stole the election from the winner, for heaven’s sake! He has abrogated the constitution of the country not just once but twice, that we are aware of. His latest abrogation is that he was supposed to form a government within 30 days of his “approval” as the Prime Minister. How long ago was that? 90 days? We lost count!

So, where are we? What can we reasonably expect? Can we expect anything?

Fortunately, even though the clock in Iraq runs much slower than it does in the rest of the world, still it grinds along, as we have seen. Ever so slowly we see the puzzle pieces fall into place, one or two a week, at best.

Web sites have been built on this silly process. Every one of them has been made out as foolish, having reached out for this ring or that on the merry-go-round called Iraq. Our own site probably holds the record for predictions failed, not because we believed the predictions, but because we were consistent in the presentation of the intel. We have stated many times that we are conduits of intel, not the sources of the same.

Of course other sites love to berate us, but I’ve been around long enough and on enough sites to know that Medic, Adam, Sonny, and many others have been caught in the very same noose, although admittedly earlier. So what? What does it mean? I will tell you exactly what it means: no one, not one person on this side of the planet has enough information to tell you either the rate or the date.

Therefore, I suggest that if you elect to join our call you see it as entertainment first, and entertainment last.

One thing I do know, however. We do not do BS. We give the straight intel without qualification either way, either positively, as if we believe it, or negatively, as if we think it is baloney.

What does that mean? I will tell you what it means. It is as if you are receiving the “stream of consciousness” of Dinar intel. There is no interpretation. There is no salesmanship. There is just the presentation of what is received. Al, TerryK, Okie, Rodney, Blaino, and yes, even I, on the off chance that I get a call, give what we have. That’s it.

Now, on some other sites we are now aware that they have set a higher standard, and for that I applaud them. From my knowledge only don't promote other sites and the Midnight Think Tank have attempted to reach for this higher standard. They actually are trying to verify by not only two sources but by REAL sources that what they present is true. To the extent that they succeed, I congratulate them. Incidentally, Blaino, Okie, TerryK, and I have all been on their sites. Why would that happen? Think about that.

Clearly someone is convinced that this thing is close. People’s Dinar actually ended their conference calls because they were so certain that this was a done dea. Unfortunately that same site has, according to my understanding, begun again to have calls. This does not concern me in any way whatsoever. What it does is show that even CEO’s don’t know the final scenario.

I myself have no intel. I have stated this numerous times. But I can read the signs. I began this reading with some scary statements. The revolution is spreading. The attempt to create chaos in the entire world has begun. If you think that this will cease, even with the RV, you are mistaken.

Therefore, as I warned you 6 months ago, or so, our window of opportunity will be short.

This is the point of this reading. Have no illusions that you will “quietly go into the night.” God doesn’t work that way. With every single gift will come an expectation. You will either see it clearly or ignore it. I suggest that you take the former option.

I have known Him a long time. I have awaited this opportunity to serve Him an equally long time. I have believed that I am a part of that strange generation for a long time. I can say this: I hope not to blow it. I trust that you have that same sense of trepidation!

Don’t think that I do this lightly. News is literally overtaking me. I am hardly able to keep up. If you miss the signs of the times, then I suggest you get back to a good Bible church. It won’t get much more clear than it is now.

Please, listen and look. Then act in the narrow window, appropriately. If you do, you will be rewarded. Of that I know I am not wrong.

So, finally, here is where I see the situation as of this moment. Within Iraq we have the following issues that have come forward in the last 48 hours. Apparently the final reading of the final budget has been read today and approved. This, to me, is a sign that the Maliki administration, as well as Talibani and Allawi, recognize the seriousness of the external influences that are quickly coming to their borders.

However, there are still the 4 remaining cabinet positions to be filled. Again, not surprisingly, Maliki has come out and said that he himself will announce persons if an agreement cannot be reached by Sunday. He will ask the parliament to approve them on Sunday. Presumably if they aren’t the best choices he will be willing to negotiate, soon.

In addition, it is now obvious that Maliki is very concerned. He has offered to pay all electric and water bills for every citizen indefinitely, starting March 1. What does that tell you?

It tells you two things: first, he is scared to death of the wave of protestation going across the entire Middle East. He is throwing out carrots as best he can. However, there is a second thing this tells you, if you think about it. That second thing is that he is playing a very serious game of chess. He is betting that the UN will buckle and release his country entirely from Chapter 7, and that they will do so first. I say the word “first” because he won’t do the “second” until they do the first. He is on record. You give me release, and I will give you the RV.

Therefore, I expect an announcement of the final release on Chapter 7 to occur prior to the RV announcement. I also expect it to occur before the 25th, when the country of Iraq will be the culmination of the protests in the Middle East, prior to Saudi Arabia, the protector of the functioning of America because of its oil.

I will go farther, however, in that I expect that whatever the UN decides or doesn’t decide to do, Maliki will take action at least 2 days prior to the 25th and pull the trigger on the RV. I say this because, logically, his position is now no longer dependent upon supposed democratic principles of winning the election, which he didn’t. Instead, he will now act out of fear of the people.

In any case, I see the long road coming to a close within the next few days. If it does not, then I suspect our investment will disappear before our eyes, literally.

Who would have thought that a single individual would have so much power, and still be so powerless? The answer, my friends, is clear. There is a much higher Power behind the events unfolding across the Middle East.

Ask yourselves this simple question and you will see how obvious this is: Is it an accident that Iraq is the last country in the Middle East to be affected by this overwhelming wave of protestation?

Then ask yourself this next question, and it will all come together for you: does this last country have anything to offer that might, for the time being, solve the crisis in the Middle East as well as around the world?

God does not do coincidences. What He does is His will. It may appear, to those who do not know Him, that events come together coincidentally. But we know better.

What we are seeing is God acting in history. If I live long enough to write a book about this, I will prove it, conclusively.

Therefore, my dear friends, I suggest that you all sit back, relax, and watch the power of God. Nothing that you can do, or say, or think, or pray, at this point, will change His mind. He made up His mind on this before we were conceived. This is His plan, given in secret over 2000 years ago in cryptic writings that go back even another 2000 years, at least. He isn’t changing His plan. He is executing His plan.

So, as I just said, sit back, relax, and enjoy watching Him do His thing.

I finished my second book on the Patriarchs and have some members on our site proofreading it for me as we speak.

I am well into my third book, and this book will deal specifically with just how God places people in exactly the right place at the right time to affect His will. This book will deal with the two generations before Jesus and proceed to the second generation after Jesus. I will have more on this later.

I will also make my second book available shortly after the proofreading is completed.

You may all rest assured. This will happen and it will happen soon. God has a lot more options than Maliki, or Kadafi, or the King of Jordan, or the Saudi Royals. He will keep squeezing with just exactly the amount of pressure to show the Muslim world, in His time, just how He has managed to allow THEM to pay for our security.

You may now relax and know that everything is under control. Patience, trust, hope, and faith will get you through this. Dance inside, but be calm on the outside. Just KNOW that this is going exactly according to plan.

I don’t think I could state this more clearly.

Actually, I have more to add, but I think I may have overstayed my welcome. But if you all care to hear what I have to say, then here it is.

What is happening in the Middle East will happen across our own country, in every state that is in trouble. For America, however, this will be a financial crisis, rather than a quest for freedom or for food.

The reality is that the forces of evil, and I use that term advisedly, have set up a scenario in which, somehow, one crisis will lead to another crisis. These people are shrewd, to say the least.

We heard on Beck that he has not only proven the fact but that the parties are proud of the fact that Google had a significant part in creating the downfall of the Egyptian government.

Respectfully, I would ask you all to step back a few paces and ask yourself this simple question: since when does a Website overtake a country?

It gets worse. The problem with the power of the internet is really just this simple: it is open to all. Google has unleashed the Leviathan that I referred to in a reading many weeks ago. Google’s problem is that it is not in control of the monster that it has released.

I hope you are all following me here, because what I am about to say, again, affects our investment, ultimately.

Here is the reality of our future, stated so clearly that it should scare you: a company, any company, with enough resources, can change the world through the internet.

If you are all here still, then you will know for a fact that we have entered a new world. I am inclined to call it the “last days.” I may be wrong on this, but at this point I seriously doubt it.

I want you all to understand how profound this is, so I ask you to think about this: If Google is proud that it has caused a revolution, bloodless or not, in Egypt, imagine for just a moment what Jeffrey Imelt of General Electric might have in mind. Have I lost you? I doubt it.

My point is this: we have entered a new world, leading to a singular world, and ultimately to one world. The internet has made it possible for this to happen. Egypt is the first foray into that world, and it appears to have worked. Google. Who would have thought?

We must now act quickly, quietly, and with a clear focus. It will not go well for us if we do not. The window is not only shortened. It is closing as I write this.

There is a part of me that doesn’t enjoy being right. That is why I have always ended my “spiritual writings,” which is what they are, with the caveat that I might be wrong.

Unfortunately, I’ve known all along that I am not wrong.

Take care, be well, and be ready.


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The Post Should Be Credited to Steve Enorste from the GET Team. It was his reading on tonights conference call

You are correct, I made the title adjustment!! I was thinking that at first they were talking about SteveI until I realized it was ENORRSTE - Steve

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This is the last days and you are right God has all of this under control.

Thank you for reminding me that its all in His hands I've been a little anxious

and I really needed to be calmed about this investment.

I've felt for a while that all of this has been signs of the times.

This is not rumor this is not hogwash this is God moving and prophecy being fulfilled.

It is well beyond our control those that know the truth can be still and know

that God's plan is unshakable be ready and watching.

Our plans are not the important ones but Gods plan will not fail.

Thanks for opening my eyes wider to the events and the times.

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This has been one of the best, most concise, and well written posts I have EVER read on this site. Praise God that there is someone out there who has tied everything together in such a beautiful fashion, making sense of what the Bible says. I believe you, and am excited to have this come to an end.


P.S. So do you know what the rate is? :lol:

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I know there will be those of you that will come on here and pick apart parts of this post, people who are not Christians will think that this has no business being on a dinar forum, if you feel that way you are entitled to your opinion.

But alot of what Steve says in this post, I as a Christian have got to take it to heart, hear his words and realize that everything he says may be true. I am a believer that we are in the end time and this blessing from the dinar we get will do alot of good when it comes to spreading God"s word. I for one am donating at least 10% of my earnings to churches or religious organizations, not because I feel obligated to do so, but because the Lord has put it on my heart to do so.

I may take some heat for believing alot of what Steve wrote, but that is okay. The true believers on this site will know exactly where I am coming from. God bless you all in your post rv endeveours.

Not sure why you got a few (-)'s for this but I tried to even it out but I am only to give you one (+).


This has been one of the best, most concise, and well written posts I have EVER read on this site. Praise God that there is someone out there who has tied everything together in such a beautiful fashion, making sense of what the Bible says. I believe you, and am excited to have this come to an end.


P.S. So do you know what the rate is? :lol:

Steve does not belong to this site.

You will soon find that about 75% of the content is brought over from other sites so that they can read it and then bash the SHHHHH out of it.

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I wouldn't be so quick to call this garbage. I'm a Christian and also agree that some of the things Cash stated ( I'm scared to say ) may be very true. There are some incidents occuring throughout the world that are very dangerous situations.

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Interestingly enough, on DD's site this is the header for this post:

*SteveI Post: G.E.T Team 2/20/11

February 20, 2011 09:30 pm ·

I don't think Cash187 did anything wrong and just did a copy and paste!! th_smiley_two_thumbs_up.gif

I think they might have it wrong on DD by putting a 1 after Steve's name and making it look like SteveI!!

This is not how SteveI talks from what I have read of his from the past!

Plus, I think Ron just made this same post under Enorrste-Steve's name!!

Thanks Cash187 for the post!

If I am wrong please change it back for me!! smile.gif

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I don't think cash187 did anything wrong!!

I think they have it wrong on DD!!

This is not how SteveI talks from what I have read of his from the past!

Plus I think Ron just made this same post under Enorrste-Steve's name!!

Thanks Cash187 for the post!

If I am wrong Please change it back for me!! smile.gif

No you are right Bump... DD was wrong too. They made it very clear who did not write this at the "other" site.

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Albeit this may be a diatribe, much of what Steve says has merit to it. Our present administration has done more to weaken the U.S. both finacially and politically than any in the history of the country. Couple that with the recession we are in right now, which with the rising price of fuel and commodities will deepen further, especially if the dollar continues to weaken. We are now getting the right mix to stir up unrest and upheavel. It will take people of great moral strength and intestinal fortitude to hold the coming beast at bay. Should the dinar revalue it would be a great shot in the arm for our country, for I believe the U.S. is one of the largest holders of dinar in the world. If you combine this with what is privately held and be put into the economy thru investing and the taxing of, it might be enough to help hold our economy together until we can get it re-aligned in an upward direction. I have nothing but great faith in our country and the wonderful people in it, together we shall weather any storm. These are just my personal feelings, u can agree with me or bash at will, that is your God given right in this country.

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If I use bing to search the web, from now on, do I single-handedly save the world,

and everyone's dinar?

I can only assume from you question there was something about google in the preceding diatribe. Personally I could not read the whole thing. I got through 12 painful mini-paragraphs and had to cut it off. I love to read , as long as the writing is good ;)

Search as you will :D

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