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Frank26: KTFM Conference Call - Thursday 2/17/2011


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Frank26: KTFM Conference Call - Thursday 2/17/2011

Part 1

Studying the events in Iraq and the PM's statements today.

Oil started going down from the low 90's - but oil is used as a barometer bobbing up and down looking at Iraq and its GOI seating and Budget and RV - with it going so high last week we thought the RV was nigh but no - Oil didn't do anything but go down - Notice the info/intel was low last week - not much to discuss - same thing with oil industry knows that - Oil today is $86.42. It goes up and down like an escalator when things are going on in Iraq. Check out the Oil Saturday and see what happens.

If we have an announcement on Sunday you will see it go up...if not it will flounder again.

The Emir of Kuwait on January came to visit Maliki of Iraq. The UN takes care of Kuwait through Iraq - no need to danger himself to come over since they treated him so badly for so long -why did he come to visit Iraq? Maybe it was none of our business to know why he came to visit Maliki... No articles said why he went or what was said.

We look at the TV there in Iraq to tell us as the GOV tells the citizens what the GOV is doing.

It was a shock to see the Emir come and go- then 30 days later we see Maliki visit the Emir of Kuwait YESTERDAY 2-16-11. He landed went in closed the door, met and flies home....

Yesterday Shabibi was in Kuwait and he was on TV.

Darline has the article that proves Maliki is going to cease charging electricity, traffic tickets etc to the people...

Darline says - BUT - Maliki had a delegation and the Emir did not... if we find out the MOF and US Treasury went over there to - then WOW were they a part of this delegation - did they go - thats a pattern when they visit one another -

THese two meetings were laser targeted missions - they were for a would make sense if they went to sign documents - JUST SIGN HERE meeting... Get the agreements done meeting... THIS WAS A GIGANTIC MISSION HISTORICAL as Maliki's last mission to Kuwait was in 1991 - our Investment started in 1991 in Kuwait and it will end this year God willing in Kuwait.... The reason to go over there is to get the Keys to his Shackles - No one said they lifted Chapter 7 - They only lifted parts of Chapter 7 from Iraq - there is ONLY one banana peel left and Kuwait has that peel - they are in control...

Darline states Best friends with Kuwait behind this whole deal is the Authors of the Plan... We helped them and took over to rebuild their country... Kuwait was insulted back then - they were raped in front of the world and 10s of thousands were gassed and then they buried then - it was sickening...Sadam was the destructor....

These 2 meetings of the Emir and Maliki is very important - and Maliki shows up yesterday with his crew - and what Maliki wanted to report was that he completed what the Emir requested- and in Jan the Emir took 20% of the budget and gave it to his people - The Emir asked M to raise the budget so he could take 20% and give to his people and pay for their food for a year... this COULD be what he told him - it would be nice but we are not sure...

When they signed papers, maybe, and said OK I did what you asked, Maliki sees whats going on in the ME and he needs to buy time - the infection of rioting is entering Iraq and I have some laws to pass and summits to prepare for - so they ask the US to PAY THEM FOR DESTROYING THE COUNTRY - and then they tell the people you don't have to pay for the electricity or the water or traffic tickets - that is only those that can afford it - and watch for more to unfold to the people as the citizens are still planning a march on the 25th of Feb... the rioting is starting to spread as they were once told their currency was going up in value and THERE IS NO EVIDENCE OF IT YET... they call M a liar.... they are mad no 300k jobs manifested yet - need to do something to impress the arab summit meeting... AND The EMIR Of Kuwait needs to tell the UN that Maliki did make all the restitution to have the Charter 7 removed...

Did Iraq pay Kuwait yesterday... is there any evidence that it happened... Darline found a speech article M is promising to get the elec finished and help his contracts be done and he is sorry they have suffered shortage of electricity and the ration cards he will finish it... Delta did see this on Iraq TV to confirm

The keys to their shackles is it possible that the Emir of Kuwait is about to tell the UN that they have done all they asked? They had a special session at the UN today on International items yesterday - YES.... When the Emir and M met seems to be evidence that they DID WORK THINGS OUT and the UN had a meeting today with NO MEDIA - a CLOSED SESSION... the media links intel so it was closed... very news worthy...

Part 2 - see post #6 below

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Part 2

Short special parliament meeting tomorrow on Friday their Holy Day... Frank says that impossible unless they are going to raise their currency tomorrow - they can't do that on a holy day.....

Import Export tarrif taxes - today article says they demanded Baghdad to freeze taxes for 10 years and review all economic laws - all states that adopted a marketed economy does not charge customers but reflected a rise in goods in the market...

My pilot that is with the Supreme Court Judge of the parliament - he said look at this harbor - everything they have unloaded we are needing these contracts and if M didn't do the GOI they would do a vote of confidence and but there was none since M handed over the documents and

maybe this coming SUNDAY since they showed the documents to the Kuwait people and he does how the remaining cabinet members...

Pilot calls today and says - M is still here and He is mad and he knows what is going to happen Sunday and if M does not do it all but his Sunday they will do the no confidence vote and they ARE meeting on Friday - for approve the contracts also.

Darline - Completed Federal Budget that is DONE - will pass this on Sunday is what is reported now ... UNSC meeting has happened today as Kuwait needed to report that Iraq did what they did...

Articles Darline Found:

1-Maliki will Present Candidates for security ministries to parliament

2-Baghdad city hall wants $1B in US damages - M is using that to stall by asking for more money - how dare they ask that says Frank as we have been there repairing and protecting you all these years

3- Hours of Reps completed discussion of the FEDERAL Budget for 2011 voted on Sunday

4- Maliki vows to end electricity crisis in 15 months ad distribute the material needed - Frank says it will not take 15 months

5-Shistani host the Dep of Oil and Gas parliament

6-Finance committee expects to vote in parliament on Sunday

Lots of protesters and today one article says employees are asking for a higher salary

Frank is concerned about the violence in the Iraq - we are trying to build and this could destroy the buildings and the unity and not sure if this would *********** or delay the RV but seems this would expedite the RV faster -

If this Sunday he says we have a full GOI and have the GOI vote and pass the budget and the release the rate - what happens if its 1170?

Darline found article that said - Maliki and the Deputy spoke today that Implementation of Article of 140 has helped get through this crisis - the Kurds are in charge says Frank... Is the 4th part of the HCL completed - no not until we have the RI ....but its all laid out to take place. They means its a reform for their monetary policy- its a map to the economic reform. 300,000 jobs according to the CBI web site they show how much money they have... and Maliki showed us from march of last year they had retrieved 70% of the 3 zeros.... The Auctions today were to be changed at 11am this morning to give 3% every 3 months interest on their CBI type T-Bills... CBI announced today they are putting out a currency Bill or Bond type T-Bill -

300,000 jobs and only 15% of their currency is out there only... how can you pay anyone with no cant pay then at 1170 or Maliki is lying to us and he is NOT going to have NO 300K jobs - BUT he said he would have them on the 1st of March... that's a lot of people to be working... if they don't do something they can maybe create hyper inflation which they lowered ....they did it through their auctions that stopped 2 years ago and inflation went up the first time LAST MONTH IN 2 YEARS!

So sit your GOI and raise your currency to fix your inflation

Frank says he has a feeling we will see the GOI sit and the increase in their currency could come Monday... on teh 24th of Feb they Kuwait citizens will be paid each month 1000 dinar and the Amir is doing this and he go this money to pay them and he is taking it from his budget and if Kuwait does this theywould be crippled UNLESS THE RV PAUSE FOR THIS

Budet release on Sudnay with an 1170 rate - do we panic? No - there are many things that require a good handful of 10 days time to get the ball rolling in their Gov. The approve of the increase of the currency is needed and I think the paperwork id done - Darline says that the 1170 means squat for them to come back into the world market they have to reinstate at the same amount we took then currency in the early 90's - so if they put this down and vote and go immediately into the RV - and could come out at a high rate and I am afraid they will once again lower it... and get in and get out quick - it may go down and sling shot back up...

Darline is concerned that they Presidential Order is set to expire on May 21st - 90 days from the 23rd of Feb is May 23rd... and Frank says we are guided on my team by some brilliant minds and Darline your synopsis is brilliant...

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