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Democrats Leave State in Protest

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Budget Battle: Democrats Who Left State are Located

By The WTMJ News Team

MADISON - Democratic State Senators who protested the budget repair bill by leaving the state have been found.

The lawmakers are in the Best Western Clock Tower in Rockford Illinois.

Law enforcement officials have been looking for at least one Democratic senator to bring in for a quorum required for a fiscal measure, but Democratic Senator Jon Erpenbach confirmed to Newsradio 620 WTMJ that he and all of his Democratic colleagues boarded a bus and left the state.

"We're not in Wisconsin right now," Erpenbach said. "The reason why we're doing this is because there are some jurisdictional issues that we'd be dealing with."

The Senate's Sergeant at Arms cannot compel Senators' attendance in an open session if they are outside of state lines.

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Someone must have turned the lights on.....look at them all scurry! :lol:

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Yeah those darn liberals, I think they learned to do that from the republicans though :blink:

Republicans, Liberals....Tomatoes, Tomotoes....either way you look at it they are the same...........POLITICANS.

Either way, they only care about winning and not what's really best for the people. <_<

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I remember the last gov shutdown in 1995. Remember how the dems were screaming and crying about how kids were going to starve because they couldn't get their breakfast and lunch from school. Now here they are, shutting down schools with their strike. Democrats are starving our kids! Their parents don't know how to feed them! Please big gov. Save them!

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