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Jaafar Al Sadr submits resignation From House Of Representatives

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Jaafar Al Sadr to submit استقالتة from the membership of the House of Representatives

The date of publishing 17/02/2011 08:32 AM

Baghdad (بابنيوز), introduced the rule of law, a deputy from al-sadr jaafar his resignation from the House of Representatives today. Al-Sadr's Resignation came in protest against the deterioration of services and the government is unable to provide any anything for the people, as well as in solidarity with the demonstrators who are demanding to face corruption and unemployment.

The presidency is currently before parliament is to resign before taking action. Jaafar Al Sadr is the son of the founder of the Islamic Dawa Party, the late Ayatollah Mohammad Baqer Al-Hakim, al-sadr, who executed Saddam in 1982 with his sister bint Al-Huda.

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