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Would You Rather  

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  1. 1. If you could know only one, which would it be? Would you rather know...

    • The Date
    • The Rate

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Who cares what the rate is. We already know it has to go up.

If I knew the date I would reserve 100 million

Agreed. This is a no-brainer. If I knew it was for sure happenning on a certain date, I could save up AND get a maximum loan AND pull money from everyone I know and then reserve as much dinar as I can possibly secure a few days before RV. Just sayin' that's as low-risk as it gets. GO RV!!!

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Knowing the rate does no good if you don't know if you are going to live that old enough to enjoy any rate change. :lol: Knowing the date will also calm the nerves and stress down causing less anxiety.

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Knowing the rate is IRRELAVANT! need I remind you, the entire Country is located over the easiest to get OIL in the world.

Which buy the way the entire planet needs.

The rate will speek for it's self. To low and the Billion aire speculators buy up GAZILLIONS and that wont happen. They will not just give away their country the second they RV.

To high and they can not back it up and sustain it.

So who cares you have no control over that anyway RIGHT

Now what is in your control ?If you knew the DATE you could beg,borrow,steel,sell,refi you name it to buy every single dinar you could get my hands on.

Do you all have any idea what an advantage that would be.

OK lets use an analogy: The movie - Back to the Future,with Michael J. Fox & Christopher Lloyd

What if you knew what team was going to win the game? FORESURE

Would you care what the score was ( I think NOT )

Or would you bet every single dime you had, knowing who was going to win FORSURE

Knowing the DATE is knowing forsure!

You will not loose no matter what GO ALL IN BABY

If nothing else listen to DOC !

Rabbit is Good Rabbit is Wise

Go RV / RI and give me the date PLEASE

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Ok...let's look at it logically.

We all THINK that we will hit it big with a large rate...but how realistic is that? The answer....not one of us's a crap shoot.

If I do know the rate; however, I will not give up on this investment...frustrated, heck yes, but at least I know somewhere at somepoint, my Dinar are winning lotto tickets. I could even leverage that in the banking industry. For example people that are assured a trust later in life (i.e when grandpa dies), can take the documentation (i.e. trust) in to the bank and take out a loan against the trust....I use to see it all the time when I worked at a large bank. So you put your Dinar up as collateral...and start the good life now...and yes I know that the bank will have to evaluate the risk of it being a 100 yrs from now.

If nothing else, think...which one of the two offers the bigger dose of hope? If I know the rate and its low, I can get on with my life. But if its BIG I'm staying engaged. Each day, I jump out of bed and think...COME TO MOMMA. ha ha

But if I only know the date, I'm stuck between the two outcomes until that date happens...kind of like we are now.

That's my :twocents: ...and that is all that it is. ha ha :P

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Rate for sure. If we KNOW it will be 1:1 or $2:1D, then I'm not even going to worry about other investments... regardless of the length of time. I would highly doubt it will be 100 years from now. And if it was... well then my grandchildren would prosper.

If I knew it was $.01, then I'd have to make sure to stock up on many, many more millions of Dinar.

Keep in mind that if for whatever reason it simply wasnt going to happen, the rate would be listed as $0... so you'd get the definate "no" vs a date which would simply not exist... then you'd question what that means.

If for what ever reason Did you hear yourself? Why are you in this Speculation? If for what ever reason

Like Aliens make Iraq disappear or the planet explodes which who would care at all then.

Or maybe all the OIL disappears and all they can sell now is WIGGETS which no one wants.

I guess I am just speculating why you would answer like that If for what ever reason

I need to quit beating around the bush ARE YOU INSANE just kidding maybe you had not had your coffee yet.

Go RV / RI

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At lunch today with my friend we were talking about the forum and we got to wondering...if people could know only one thing about the RV, and they could only pick one but it would be the truth, would it be the rate or the date?

Remember, this is just a game and for fun, don't take it to seriously!

Definately the date. Then I would know exactly when to go out and buy a boatload more!tongue.gif

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