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I listened to the GET Team CC the other day and after hearing TerryK and his conviction that the RV has happened everywhere but the US I decided to take matters into my own hands as to not loose out on this investment. I took a shower and loaded my Dinar into my money belt and headed to the back to my local bank to cash in. Remembering what happened then last time (prior Intel post) I entered quietly and placed my dinar on the counter. The teller, remembering me from the last time, hit the silent alarm. In a matter of minutes the bank was surrounded. Not wanting to go back to jail or get "black jacked again, I escaped through the ventilation system.

I told myself - how could this be - TerryK said it happened and people were cashing in so why could I not get my 6 to 1....SO I went to plan “BRAVO” ....I made my way back to the safe house and contacted my "source" in the military and told him I needed to get to Beijing ASAP and he told me that he would fired up his F/A 18 Hornet and he would get me there in 4 hours since it has a top speed of Mach 1.8 ( almost twice the speed of sound or 1379 MPH). We set out on our 5137 mile journey knowing I had to be there when the banks opened.

As we entered China airspace 6 miles above the ground I told my "source" to do a 39 degree roll so I could pull my ejection seat and using my sky diving skills, travel to the ground. I did not want to be picked up on their radar so I conducted what is called a "HALO" maneuver (pulling my chute 200 feet above the ground). Now I have to let you know as a disclaimer - DO NOT TRY THIS WITHOUT PROPER TRAINING - THESE 2 MANUVERS WOULD KILL A MERE MORTAL MAN.

I landed safely on the roof of the World Bank headquarters in Beijing at 7:42 am China time – 1 hour and 18 minutes before they opened… PERFECT TIMING…. I discarded my parachute, oxygen tanks, and jumpsuit as to my get arrested as a spy. I headed over to my favorite café for some tea and breakfast since I had time to kill (I have been here before but that is another classified story). I finished my breakfast and headed over to the bank to be the first in line.

I was greeted by a lovely lady and told her I was here to cash in some international currency and asked if she could point me in the right direction. She asked me what currency I was exchanging and I told her the Iraqi Dinar. She asked me to hold on a minute as she made a call. I took a seat in the lobby and 1 minute turned into 10. I noticed a military convoy surrounding the World Bank and having my covert operational skills kick in I told myself that something was wrong. I told the girl that I needed to use the restroom and I would be right back. I saw the look in her eyes, the look of nervousness. I headed to the restroom and once out of site I made my way to the elevator to work my way back to the roof where I had hid my parachute know I am going to need it. As I was ascending to the roof the elevators stopped. I popped the escape hatch and climbed the elevator cables the remaining 18 stories to the roof. As I look down I see the “Chinese Liberation Army – their special forces” covering a 3 block radius.

This is where I stand as of now. I just wanted to bring you the latest Intel. Provided I do not get captured I will update you shortly. Stay tuned. “Same BAT channel, same BAT time.”


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