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freaky frank

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Lets see what some people are saying here, and Ill add my own perspective, based on some news articles Ive read. 1st off I read a post that states that there are many new oil revenues beginning to transpire in Iraq with new contracts for drilling and such by private sector contract from world wide companies, this is all great and does prove that Iraq will have improved oil revenues in the future but it certainly does not say RV, a lot of speculators are saying that Iraq is setting these new contracts up with big oil companies in lue of a potential RV, but the bottom line is that the contracts will provide millions of dollars for private investors even at Iraqs current dinar value. Don't get me wrong I am invested just like you but like the man said I am trying to keep grounded... 2nd off the GOI is not fully formed, we need to wait for the official announcement of there gov and I would stress letting at least five or more articles concur this because due to the translation problem there seems to be quite a difference from reality to fantasy of speculators. also lets look at what just transpired with Biden letting Iraq out of all the US sanctions from Chapter 7, this was just made formal a couple of weeks ago with his visit to Iraq, This was a done deal back in mid Dec, 2010 when congress voted to have it done, it was just made official in Iraq this week, these are all real news articles that you can all read. I am not really sure when an Rv will Occure but I do know that it will happen, because they do need a tradable currency and it appears soon, but also remember that Iraq is still in chapter 7, in fact the only thing left is sanctions between Iraq and Kuwait. this seems like it is a small thing to lift chapter 7 but the reality is that at the beginning of 2010 there were some 65 sanctions between Iraq and Kuwait that needed to be addressed, and today we are down to I believe around 20 plus or minus a few, also remember that Iraq has got to pay Kuwait 5 % of its oil reserves until mid June 2011, If they RV now thats a lot more money to Kuwait. after June Iraq has full control of there own oil. I hope all this means nothing because I am ready for this RV happen today, but my gut feeling is we might have to wait a little longer..............Just Sayin

Sorry,,, my post stated that Biden made lifting ch 7 sanctions official a few weeks ago, but I meant to say A COUPLE OF DAYS AGO

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