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Just read where there was a ruckus in front of a bank today in Bagdad. The people are getting restless

They want their money promised for grants

Iraq cant keep putting this off.


I heard it was because YOU were thinking about making your way to Baghdad to help with the RV. They seem to think you resemble Saddam !!

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Well it seems as though the Locals are getting restless and they want their money NOW> sooner rather than later ......... I can't believe the powers that be in Iraq can keep putting this off and holding the local people hostage from raising their standard of living. If CBI/GOI don't get this done soon, we will see some very unhappy people want to do a run on the banks....Especially since their neighbors are already cashin-in..Let's get with the program or " THE PLAN ". Can we have our ice cream & cake now... Go RV !!!

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