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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

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It's evident that the level of frustration/desperation is growing in general and on this site because of the projected deadlines never fulfilled.

BUT, it is also evident that the loudest voices on this site that decry the 'rumors' and false 'intel' are very hypocritical. If you really are fed up and convinced that each and every rumor posted is BS, then you would 1) sell your dinar for $1K per million (if your currency is uncirculated). This is about 95+% of what most of us paid for our Iraqi currency; or, 2) Just quit reading this site and receive the information about an RV when it occurs from an SMS or email -- save yourself the aggravation. Take a stand, follow through with some real action that would really make an impression. Adam is on record with an ongoing offer to buy dinar.

Yes, it gets a bit tiring, but I'm still here ... and I (like most of us) am at about break-even with this investment. Love it to happen tomorrow the 14th. OR, 2015 for that matter. Hard to imagine that it will never happen but it is definitely possible.

There's a difference between and skeptic and a cynic. Please just hold your tongue (your fingers).

The combined loss of productivity because of the time spent on this site probably equals or exceeds Iraq's current GDP ;-)


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