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Iraq: Biden will intervene directly in the file security ministries

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Iraq: Biden will intervene directly in the file security ministries13/01/2011jamal_al_bateekh_12112010.jpgBAGHDAD (Rn) - According to a member of the Iraqi List, Thursday, to be U.S. Vice President Joseph Biden "will intervene directly" in the file security ministries vacant during his stay in Baghdad today.

The MP said the beauty of watermelon to Kurdistan News Agency (Rn) "The Investigation of U.S. Vice-President will be concentrated in Baghdad with senior government officials about the delay in naming ministers of security, which is a top priority."

The National Alliance has failed to nominate candidates for the ministries of Interior and National Security after the submission of Nuri al-Maliki, his cabinet to the House of Representatives since last month and filled himself three security ministries of defense, interior and national security to the masses while providing candidates obtain the latest conviction.

He noted that "Biden will intervene in this matter being the person responsible for the file of the Iraqi government and will ask those responsible for the recent lag in the formation of the government."

The melon that "Biden also will discuss Council policies and strategic reasons for the delay composition leaders urged for an end to this file to start its operations in the Iraqi state."

The Vice President Joseph Biden, arrived late last night to Baghdad, is the first visit to a U.S. official in Iraq after the formation of the new government.

He said government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh told a press conference held in Baghdad after meeting Biden Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, the Iraqi government agreed with the U.S. administration on the activation of the Strategic Framework Agreement by selecting the start date for Joint Committee meetings.

Iraq has seen after the formation of new government action, international diplomat representing the visit of the foreign ministers of Syria and the Iranian and Jordanian Prime Minister and the Secretary General of the League of Arab States and finally Prime Minister of Kuwait.

As announced a number of international officials are ready to visit Iraq from Turkey's leaders, and a number of Arab and foreign officials.

Biden's visit is this which was started yesterday in Islamabad since the seventh month of January 2009.

The last visit to Biden in the month of September during the talks on forming the government, during which he met with leaders of the leaders of political blocs.

Biden is the official file of the Iraqi administration and March, played down his contacts intensified during the formation of the government of the agreement between the political blocs.

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That's the most blatent "lost in translation" phrase I have ever seen?

"The beauty of watermelon will be instrumental throughout this whole pro-longed process" said the highest ranking member involved in the whole pro-longed process. "We must keep our eyes focused on what is important, such as the æsthetics of certain bulbous & juicy fruits common to the American south".

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