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    Full endorsement on this opportunity - but it's limited, so get in while you can!

Introduce yourself here!

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>>A site for free thinkers.

>>A forum for open, mature, and respectful discussion.

>>Different viewpoints are okay.

>>Wow a normal forum for free thought in the Dinar Spec world.

>>No God complexes either.

>>This is to good to be true.

Hello all and cheers to the admin for an intellectuals site, Boo to the sheep.


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thank you for letting me be a part of this site. i am stoked about my first venture in investments and i have faith that this will pay off. ty medic for going out of your way to help me with my venture. i know i will need all of the help and info. i can grasp. right now , i work as a corrections officer and have for 12 years. i have been looking for a little financial freedom to be w/ my family since i work 16 hrs. a day most of the time. it will be a dream come true to finally help my friends and family. ty you to all of you who provide me w/ info. about this investment. i will work hard to do the same!

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Hi, my name is Jake and my wife is Cameron. We live in East Tennessee. We have a 4-month-old daughter named Elena. We and my parents just very recently got on board and have invested a small amount in the IQD. This is our first investment. We hope that it works out and revalues soon because although we are o.k. right now, a little bit of financial stability would make our lives so much easier. I currently work about 60 hours a week, and if the dinar revalues I'm looking forward to working less and getting to spend more time with my wife & daughter, and hopefully a couple more children to come!

Keeping our fingers crossed!!!

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